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1303059312223.jpg (216 kb, 969x646)
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Reporter going full-out on the Fukushima drama & fear crank; forgets that there was a tsunami. But it makes for good photos.


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1303059351222.jpg (96 kb, 969x646)
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1303059394298.jpg (166 kb, 969x646)

Akitas are so beautiful

1300228718195.jpg (77 kb, 651x300)
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This may sound dumb, but last week I cried tears of sorrow about what the japanese people are going through right now.

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1301002526567.jpg (81 kb, 634x386)

I was pretty down myself.

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1301096866752.jpg (66 kb, 640x360)
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1301097809371.jpg (42 kb, 735x490)


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1301097877243.jpg (92 kb, 735x490)
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1301097916724.jpg (136 kb, 735x490)
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1301098047324.jpg (29 kb, 735x490)

There was also an eartqhuake in Burma today?

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When you undertake the grim thought of disaster photos as art it opens up a lot of emotions that artists can't touch. There's something poetic about a few of these images that isn't in a lot of the stuff on scenic. I can't quite express what it is though... something along the lines of the ancient holy structures standing tall in the wake of the modern crumbling buildings. It's a thought provoking sentiment:
"How many times has this happened in thousands of years?"
"Did the ancients know?"
"Is this a sign of divine protection or divine wrath?"

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1302472514662.jpg (101 kb, 450x486)

The unfortunately banal truth is, shinto gates have no complex structure - they keep standing.

Related under "yep, good thinking, ancestors"

"Modern sea walls failed to protect coastal towns from Japan's destructive tsunami last month. But in the hamlet of Aneyoshi, a single centuries-old tablet saved the day.

"High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants," the stone slab reads. "Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes below this point."

It was advice the dozen or so households of Aneyoshi heeded, and their homes emerged unscathed from a disaster that flattened low-lying communities elsewhere and killed thousands along Japan's northeastern shore."

1301142738378.jpg (3749 kb, 2816x2112)
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Ferry terminal, Queenscliff, Victoria

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1301142841864.jpg (4057 kb, 2671x2003)

golf course, Rosebud, Victoria

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1301142899963.jpg (5027 kb, 2692x2019)
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1301142979438.jpg (5293 kb, 2478x1848)
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1301143034188.jpg (4899 kb, 2758x2068)
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1301143145360.jpg (949 kb, 1920x1200)
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1301143217584.jpg (154 kb, 1024x768)

these last three autumn scenes are bumped - the others taken by me last January

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1301143258774.jpg (504 kb, 1600x1200)
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"Why don't you have a seat? Right over there."
"Why thank you, Mr Hanson! It's absolutely lovely <3"

1300228650065.jpg (290 kb, 1280x960)
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Church of Elijah in Chernobyl by Gerard Colombat

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1302286608482.jpg (418 kb, 1024x733)


1302191804185.jpg (139 kb, 600x800)
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Not bad. Some pretty good stuff we got here:


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1302193632167.jpg (165 kb, 640x427)

1301712917121.jpg (89 kb, 800x600)
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1301142608902.jpg (4680 kb, 2002x2750)
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Take a load off Fanny. Some nice places to let life pass you by

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1301194904443.jpg (659 kb, 1024x768)


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1301194950372.jpg (142 kb, 1196x958)


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1301194992484.jpg (146 kb, 1202x963)

I drive a

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1301195121219.jpg (925 kb, 900x1131)


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1301195177118.jpg (401 kb, 1800x1196)

Movie theatre

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1301230024891.jpg (230 kb, 1600x1200)

Nice ones. Interiors can take us new journeys, for sure. The image I posted here actually belongs with the others further below, but I screwed up the upload. I was trying to do a 'nice places to sit' theme. Anyway, here are a few more interiors I like.

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1301230082847.jpg (564 kb, 4200x2494)
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1301230129493.jpg (172 kb, 1600x1067)
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Sling shii an email and he can probably fix the threads so that your original 'places to sit' thread has the original OP post and this thread continues on as an interiors thread.

[email protected]

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good idea - thanks, I'll do that

1298808705256.jpg (218 kb, 1350x577)
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I looked and couldn't find a thread with a similar subject.

How about we post links to clips that are atmospheric or artistic/relevant to the board, either visually or thematically?

The visual style in this little clip is amazing.


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1298820349011.jpg (391 kb, 1600x747)

I found this awhile back, the visual style of this clip is stunning for its elegant CG.

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This isn't scenic, but it has an interesting style and a kind of atmospheric subject. Dark and twisted.


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This is a promo video for a GMod RP server. The map they use in this video, rp_apocalypse, looks rather scenic in the vid, especially at 1:57 and 2:31.

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Slow motion bullet impacts. A chance to appreciate the smaller things in the world. Unfortunately the music for this video sucks and Tubedubber currently isn't working.


So I recommend muting the music in that, and then playing this in the background:


You can substitute the Mansell for music of your choice.

1290759264024.jpg (2511 kb, 2650x1600)
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So, I'm thinking of redesigning my room to look like a sort of enchanted forest thing. I need some pictures to get some good ideas on what to paint. Fairies, mushrooms, gnomes and trees will be included. Please and thank you.

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1290804680024.jpg (329 kb, 960x1344)

The Pixiv threads on this board may be of help.

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1290804723828.jpg (624 kb, 1677x1025)

How fantastic do you want your trees?

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1290804964787.jpg (175 kb, 987x722)

From pics not on this board, Skuld in a fairy-esque moment.

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1290805064572.jpg (69 kb, 500x293)

The artist Arthur Rackham did one of the most famous collections of fairies and gnomes. Searching on his name may give you many examples and ideas.

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1290899587922.jpg (1304 kb, 1500x950)

Please post pictures of your room here when you're done!

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That looks familiar. As a child the family had many picture/illustrated story books. Some were quite old, second hand picked up from various places.

Sometimes now, years later I remember the art in them, being something I could still appreciate now.
Unfortunately most have been given away to other people.

1282694410914.jpg (411 kb, 804x675)
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Just some things I have.

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1282694617201.jpg (453 kb, 1024x768)


what a cute captcha

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1282694711861.jpg (92 kb, 595x596)
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1282694749411.jpg (1066 kb, 1024x782)
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1282694772466.jpg (72 kb, 732x401)
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1282694796206.jpg (63 kb, 704x384)
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1282694833682.jpg (331 kb, 800x896)
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1282694880393.jpg (493 kb, 1280x960)
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1282694923488.jpg (222 kb, 1024x639)
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thank you for sharing with us

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Love nature tunnels. They're just so magical.

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