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1372595531826.jpg (77 kb, 1280x1024)

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1351124162315.jpg (92 kb, 1024x768)

alternative panther-tan

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1352688410941.gif (8.8 kb, 277x555)

Why are the Mac Tans always portrayed with such harsh or confrontational tones? (Particularly OS X) Aren't these supposed to represent the personallities of the OSes?

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1352784457444.jpg (6.3 kb, 259x194)
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Why do Mac OSes, particularly OS-X, have the names of predatory species?

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They're named after cats, and cats happen to be predators.

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Cats are predators. News At Eleven.

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Yes, I already said that.
Perhaps you misunderstood my post: Mac OSes aren't named after predators in general, they are named after cats specifically. There is no MAC os named after a non-cat predator. There's no Mac OS named after bears, hawks, snakes, sharks, etc, etc. Only cats. Not predators in general. Just cats.

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Nope. I was being sarcastic. As you said, cats are a predatory species, so my claim was correct if perhaps unnecessarily broad. My intended point was, as no-one noticed, that the MacOS-tans were likely drawn belligerent because of the names and how people see them (the names, that is).

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I'll try to post well made OS-tan videos in here.

This first one: on April 25th, 2012, as the intro to the Windows Developer Days in Japan, this video was displayed. Made by famed artists MasatakaP and Electrocutica, it features Madobe Claudia singing and two brief cameos by Madobe Nanami and Madobe Yuu's silhouette.

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troubled_windows.swf (7681 kb)

The one that started it all. The original "What if 'Trouble Windows' was a TV show?" flash... video? that popularized the OS-tan.

I don't call it a video because you can click or move your mouse around to do several things, and each time it seems that the images of the OS-tan are different.

Remember to open this file with your browser, not with your media player.

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1363359553774.mp4.unknown (11395 kb)

One of those videos I seldom see mentioned. What if the IdolM@aster series had an OS-tan version? Although it makes it obvious that most OS-tan images are fanmade by different artists it's a good video with a fun concept.

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1363982376563.flv.unknown (12978 kb)

I know, I know... Silverlight is not an OS, but this was too good to pass up (and it is made by Microsoft itself).

Hikaru -one of Microsoft Taiwan mascot for Silverlight- gives a quick tour on what is Silverlight and what it can do for you.

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1364590740305.mp4.unknown (34024 kb)

The same video as >>53818, but now focusing on Windows Azure and featuring only Madobe Claudia.

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OSPittan334.swf (2364 kb)

The credits for one of the imagined version of the OS-tan anime. Since it changes images everytime it is played, I suppose it was created by the same people who created >>53930

1363393886078.jpg (183 kb, 1920x1200)
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love the windows 7 net character and hope that japan can pleas keep doing the os-tan and keep Madobe Nanami os-tan alive love the net characters

1363164978182.jpg (156 kb, 745x715)
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Ever heard of this site?

says... if you're a wizard, warrior or rogue. It's actually a neat site with good articles.


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1357774295719.jpg (177 kb, 500x725)
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They did their own version of Windows 7-tan too. She's looking much cuter, in my opinion.

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1360637498799.jpg (99 kb, 480x480)
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1360724658872.jpg (87 kb, 480x480)
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And I just discovered >>53808 is the last image of the Futaba 7-tan I have.

1341865777727.png (293 kb, 585x805)
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1359050555765.jpg (208 kb, 900x800)

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After four years of using a Palm Treo 755p I finally upgraded to a more modern cellphone, to a Nokia Lumia 710 which runs Windows Phone 7.5.

Obviously my interest in Windows CE was a factor in deciding what new cellphone I was going to get, Windows Phone being a direct descendant of CE (and, according to some reports, still using some elements of Windows CE's Kernel).

But I disgress. My post in here is to know if there has been a Windows Phone 7-tan. I've searched in Google, but I haven't found anything. Maybe someone in this board (most surely Sling, but maybe someone else) knows more on the issue and can help me out.



Pic possibly, but not definitely, unrelated.

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1355045338095.png (328 kb, 600x835)

I only know of the one Motohiron designed.

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Thanks for the information and the image. The artist even created a representation of my phone series!

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