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I recently added an Apple Newton MessagePad 110 to my collection of old mobile devices. Anyone knows if there are more images of Newton-tan around? (She seems to be the pixie/fairy resting on the hammer at the right of this image).


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1368804232128.jpg (14 kb, 120x120)
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1368804373944.jpg (14 kb, 120x120)
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1368804414141.jpg (15 kb, 120x120)

Well, these are all the Newton-tan images I have. Anyone else who isn't a whinny bitch has more and is willing to share them?

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1391053004397.gif (74 kb, 218x283)

Browsing the Newton-tan images..
...none of them make a point about her being dyslexic.


>why do all the self-declared os-tan artists suck?
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1391875570718.jpg (16 kb, 512x384)


1384780915395.jpg (1438 kb, 1920x1080)
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1388629444654.jpg (855 kb, 1920x1080)
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1388629494403.jpg (693 kb, 1920x1080)

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1373401384649.jpg (334 kb, 1164x787)
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The last (>>53658) thread is auto-sageing, so it's time to create a new one! (The first thread still exists at (>>52837).

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1379607237892.png (195 kb, 500x500)
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Looks like someone photoshopped a drawing of Nitori from Touhou.

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1385736932880.jpg (167 kb, 1920x1080)

A few 1920x1080 wallpapers I made from XP Tan (images are not mine, I took them from the web).

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1385736964210.jpg (367 kb, 1920x1080)

A few 1920x1080 wallpapers I made from XP Tan (images are not mine, I took them from the web).

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1385737003592.jpg (277 kb, 1920x1080)

A few 1920x1080 wallpapers I made from XP Tan (images are not mine, I took them from the web).

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1385737094202.jpg (218 kb, 1920x1080)

A few 1920x1080 wallpapers I made from XP Tan (images are not mine, I took them from the web). This is the last one. I think it wasn't actually XP tan, someone just photoshoped the Windows logo over a random anime-like character; her eyes were actually black, I made them blue as they are supposed to be.

1323283101772.jpg (65 kb, 500x281)
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I've returned momentarily to see if someone in this board can help me (us) out.

It seems that there are new Madobe Nanami wallpapers out there (as shown before in http://www.wakachan.org/os/res/39254.html#51341) but neither here nor at 4chan has this images been obtained/posted.

Can anyone with connections in Japan -friends, family or themselves- can post this new wallpapers in this thread?

Thanks in advance.


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1379606815913.jpg (100 kb, 1024x768)
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1379606860908.jpg (1365 kb, 2134x1200)
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1382171162052.jpg (485 kb, 1920x1080)
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1384211610433.jpg (93 kb, 825x271)
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1384779234775.jpg (162 kb, 964x1800)

1338103737379.jpg (32 kb, 283x400)
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Because why not?

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because the board is exclusive property of Sling
that's why

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1338306760173.png (264 kb, 500x700)
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1338381127909.png (457 kb, 525x1441)
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1384189858938.png (167 kb, 1024x768)

Not anymore, he's not.
I'm glad that others picked up where I left off.

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1384213225739.jpg (94 kb, 790x593)

1338208717538.jpg (404 kb, 1240x1370)
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1340714148286.jpg (117 kb, 454x653)
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1340714428289.jpg (276 kb, 1280x907)
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1340798840178.jpg (361 kb, 1000x1000)
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1341061107199.jpg (422 kb, 708x1000)
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1383697917101.jpg (1466 kb, 1026x1253)

1382760386318.jpg (11 kb, 180x400)
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Please tweet if you like it.

1379319413989.jpg (45 kb, 759x427)
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a Live2D app called "Claudia Live2D" is available in Windows8's "Windows store".

the app works on touch or mouse pointer input as long your pc running Windows8.


sample : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2vtdHoFoy8

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First of all: great find.

Second of all: I can't get to install it on my Surface with Windows RT. I'll try to install it, but I may take a few days.

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1379475810435.png (236 kb, 1366x768)

A picture of her and some headlines in Japanese

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1379475855420.png (466 kb, 1366x768)

Another one, now with Japanese headlines in English.

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1379475891870.png (527 kb, 1366x768)

And finally, just to be safe, some headlines in Spanish.

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1379476284999.png (461 kb, 1366x768)

Finally managed to install the app. I had to change both my language and location to Japanese and Japan respectively, and then followed the download link provided by >>54652 to be able to download the app. It seems to be an RSS reader with a Madobe Claudia on the left side. You can make Claudia follow your finger with her gaze across the screen, or touch her to get some kind of response (touching her face makes her ask you if you want to see a bluescreen, for example) but she does little else.

I thought that if you got an RSS feed she would read the news aloud, but this wasn't the case. Anyway, it's an amusing (and free) app. If you're running any version of Windows 8 it doesn't hurt to give it a chance.

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1379815220067.jpg (1274 kb, 1500x844)

Week bump for the Madobe Claudia app. Go and install it!

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