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Someone snuck in some NetBSDたん fanart into the Feb28 RaspberryPi release image...

The origin was found to be at http://www.yagoto-urayama.jp/~oshimaya/netbsd/Proudly/

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1398139079318.png (250 kb, 640x480)

Channeling my inner Toshiaki...

1396446855410.png (427 kb, 603x768)
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as of april 8 microsoft will no longer be providing surport for the XP operating system. do we XP users really have to worry about hackers waiting for the deadline so they can exploit the xp systems to bring them down all over the world or is that just paranoia? and if not xp then what is the best os for a pc to play games on?

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I'm still running XP on my laptop. No updates since SP3, works just fine. Just put panties on (firewall) and don't be stupid while online.

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1396772737919.jpg (42 kb, 1024x768)
>just paranoia?

Zero-days won't stop being discovered..

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it looks like i'll be upgrading to windows 7 weather i want to or not since my old PC with XP croaked on me. what bitter irony...

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1396902082427.jpg (84 kb, 730x465)


1350091746469.jpg (307 kb, 850x400)
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"Retail listings for the Japanese Delivery Service Partner edition of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 operating system have revealed two new moe mascot characters. The DSP edition of Windows 8 Pro 64bit will be available on October 26 in a launch pack with two character versions: Madobe Yū and Madobe Ai. Both versions will include theme pack wallpaper, event sounds in the respective character's voice, and a Microsoft Wedge touch Mouse with the Windows 8 logo. The packs will retail at 19,980 yen (about US$255) each."

-AnimeNewsNetwork http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-10-11/microsoft-windows-8-2-new-japanese-moe-mascots-revealed

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1385822527192.jpg (1600 kb, 1920x1080)
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1387503892515.jpg (324 kb, 970x730)
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1388167244602.jpg (2007 kb, 4000x3000)

On the second day of Christmas, Commanderraf brought to you:

The Windows 8.1 promotional DVD!

It contains the Madobe Yuu and Ai wallpapers and themepacks released until now, as well as two Madobe Family wallapers (the one with the C83 girl and another of Nanami, Yuu, Ai, Claudia and that girl watching some fireworks) and a song sung by both Ai and Yuu.

You can download it at http:// d e p o s i t f i l e s . c o m/files/vghx456x4

Hope you enjoy it!


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1388629183725.bmp.unknown (548 kb)
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1394036857857.jpg (371 kb, 970x620)
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These official mascots have no /Soul/... -_-

1364591004513.png (431 kb, 1280x1024)
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I recently added an Apple Newton MessagePad 110 to my collection of old mobile devices. Anyone knows if there are more images of Newton-tan around? (She seems to be the pixie/fairy resting on the hammer at the right of this image).


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1368804232128.jpg (14 kb, 120x120)
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1368804373944.jpg (14 kb, 120x120)
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1368804414141.jpg (15 kb, 120x120)

Well, these are all the Newton-tan images I have. Anyone else who isn't a whinny bitch has more and is willing to share them?

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1391053004397.gif (74 kb, 218x283)

Browsing the Newton-tan images..
...none of them make a point about her being dyslexic.


>why do all the self-declared os-tan artists suck?
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1391875570718.jpg (16 kb, 512x384)


1388629236511.jpg (509 kb, 1440x900)
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1388629304851.jpg (262 kb, 761x512)
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1388629334374.jpg (335 kb, 720x920)
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1388629410497.jpg (21 kb, 321x400)

As a Linux user, it makes me sad that there is not more art of her out there.

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Never seen a good explanation for the spear.. The Trident is a BSD UNIX thing-- which Linux doesn't borrow (much) from. Beastie's Trident was a pun on the fork() system call.

1390690533794.png (239 kb, 809x1000)
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1384287564291.jpg (445 kb, 1920x1080)
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every browser need it own cute anime chick!

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Not accepted everywhere:


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1384777740215.jpg (347 kb, 1920x1080)
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1388777417495.jpg (458 kb, 1920x1080)

1384780915395.jpg (1438 kb, 1920x1080)
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1388629494403.jpg (693 kb, 1920x1080)

1386332271476.jpg (910 kb, 1920x1080)
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