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1432727994002.png (592 kb, 700x1115)
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Microsoft Japan has announced the next Windows 10 along with the appearance of "OS-tan" moe mascot.

Voiced by Nonaka Ai, this Windows 10 mascot still didn't given a name, to make it interesting, Microsoft Japan currently doing a contest to let people suggest a suitable and interesting name for her and the winner, along with her suggested name will be announced on June 19th. The winner will receive the full illustration of Windows 10-chan with Nonaka Ai's exclusive autograph.

Windows 10-chan is depicted as a 17 years old girl from 100 years in the future. She is quite energetic and very knowledgeable about technology, she is very fond of online games and currently working as part-timer at Microsoft Japan's branch in Akiba.


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1445780133117.jpg (442 kb, 600x800)


It seems that both the themepacks and the information itself about Touko is hard to find, even if they've been out for almost two months...

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1445780414884.jpg (1927 kb, 1920x1080)

... fortunately, it seems that at least this official wallpaper image has been released. Kind of more risqué than the others, but hey, one of Nanami's final images showed what's up her skirt.

Enjoy. And if you happen to have or know who has the themepack, share it, please.

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1445781202015.jpg (247 kb, 1920x1080)

And now, on to non-official wallpapers.

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1445781247720.jpg (777 kb, 1500x1061)
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1445781269571.jpg (934 kb, 1920x1200)
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I've been looking around but I don't think it's even actually out. Sorry.

1388629236511.jpg (509 kb, 1440x900)
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1388629304851.jpg (262 kb, 761x512)
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1388629334374.jpg (335 kb, 720x920)
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1388629410497.jpg (21 kb, 321x400)

As a Linux user, it makes me sad that there is not more art of her out there.

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Never seen a good explanation for the spear.. The Trident is a BSD UNIX thing-- which Linux doesn't borrow (much) from. Beastie's Trident was a pun on the fork() system call.

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Maybe it refers to cutting edge software and how Linux is spearheading OS development.

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1416892457455.jpg (354 kb, 648x732)

this her?

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1416892497895.jpg (203 kb, 406x732)


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Those are for specific distros, no Linux as a whole.
First one is Arch, second is Fedora.

1372551459858.png (1461 kb, 1500x2027)
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1435654562802.png (2.3 kb, 80x110)
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1435654579602.png (601 kb, 884x1579)
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1435654592260.png (174 kb, 576x700)
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1435654604643.png (913 kb, 1337x1905)
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1435654627372.png (837 kb, 1280x1280)

1396446855410.png (427 kb, 603x768)
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as of april 8 microsoft will no longer be providing surport for the XP operating system. do we XP users really have to worry about hackers waiting for the deadline so they can exploit the xp systems to bring them down all over the world or is that just paranoia? and if not xp then what is the best os for a pc to play games on?

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I'm still running XP on my laptop. No updates since SP3, works just fine. Just put panties on (firewall) and don't be stupid while online.

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1396772737919.jpg (42 kb, 1024x768)
>just paranoia?

Zero-days won't stop being discovered..

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it looks like i'll be upgrading to windows 7 weather i want to or not since my old PC with XP croaked on me. what bitter irony...

  No.54755   Report                

I love you, XP.
Thanks to today's computer power, I have virtual computers work for XP smoothly.

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So windows has always been about giving you a really nice atmosphere at all costs. A very charming interface with lots of character and lots of pretty colours, and so many processes and dependencies running all the time to be accessed whenever they may have a use, making everything so swift and plug and play and instant installations and etc. Basically Windows lets anyone be able to just do lots of things by simple button clicking and stuff. This gives many many loopholes and really straightforward attacks from malicious software and people with bad intentions. We can't fix said problems completely fundamentally. We can turn off unnecessary features and get protection though.

The security updates of the actual operating system don't have to matter too much. You can benefit from disabling things in services.msc, which means many techniques and loopholes that are programmed into malware to attack your system will be reduced. See: http://www.blackviper.com/service-configurations/black-vipers-windows-xp-x86-32-bit-service-pack-3-service-configurations/

Another very important thing is to have an anti-virus, and you want a really proper one, or else its kind of pointless. You want really thorough protection from companies like Kaspersky and Eset. I think the software package Kaspersky Internet Security is best.

Also regarding browsers, these days, browsers just accept cookies from everywhere without asking you, and expose themselves to all scripts like javascript and flash. Cookies can cause privacy problems and scripts can directly impose malicious activity to your system. Browsers aren't stupid these days, well a bit, but the point is they regularly update to check for bad things like bad cookies and bad scripts and sort of hand pick the evils of the internet. Basically, its a blacklist approach that may as well be a whitelist approach. People choosing to enable scripts themselves and enable cookies themselves is a very small inconvenience and can be gotten used to very quickly, and that can be benefited from greatly. Things like noscript and cookie controller for Firefox make these things possible.

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1404677338107.jpg (1049 kb, 350x6521)
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1405623106782.jpg (71 kb, 800x700)

whadya mean ya aren't gonna surport me anymore?!?

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That's sad.

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>end of support
>implying i, or any user ever needed support for XP after a decade of usage.

1390690533794.png (239 kb, 809x1000)
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1384287564291.jpg (445 kb, 1920x1080)
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every browser need it own cute anime chick!

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1403792398007.jpg (133 kb, 930x1000)

Ahahahaha past versions of IE.

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1403792459602.jpg (133 kb, 930x1000)

DISCLAIMER: Only if you are running in 64-bit Enhanced Protected Mode. Flash and Java exploits still apply.

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1403792667851.jpg (122 kb, 780x800)

Naturally people take the chance of make fun of her anyway.

(Fact: I tried IE 11 for a bit, it's still a little slower, although faster than a 4-year-running Firefox install stuffed with lots of pinned remembered tabs and a bunch of plugins)

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1403792860812.png (135 kb, 515x548)

Fact: Anifest 2013, Singapore. Microsoft's booth for Inor was NEXT TO THE MADOKA MERCH BOOTH.

Cue the jokes about how Inori made a Contract with Kyubey.

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1403792989332.jpg (342 kb, 1024x1448)

Labelling that part of her costume design "Quick Access Belt" just lends itself to lewd jokes.

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is it possible to install ie8 without having to uninstall my current version in windows 7? unfortunately the sudoku program i downloaded needs ie to run, but it doesn't recognize ie11

1403751212556.jpg (328 kb, 1020x516)
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1403751227275.jpg (16 kb, 276x276)
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Future Update フューチャーアップデート.MP3 (9302 kb)

1350091746469.jpg (307 kb, 850x400)
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"Retail listings for the Japanese Delivery Service Partner edition of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 operating system have revealed two new moe mascot characters. The DSP edition of Windows 8 Pro 64bit will be available on October 26 in a launch pack with two character versions: Madobe Yū and Madobe Ai. Both versions will include theme pack wallpaper, event sounds in the respective character's voice, and a Microsoft Wedge touch Mouse with the Windows 8 logo. The packs will retail at 19,980 yen (about US$255) each."

-AnimeNewsNetwork http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-10-11/microsoft-windows-8-2-new-japanese-moe-mascots-revealed

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1387503892515.jpg (324 kb, 970x730)
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1388167244602.jpg (2007 kb, 4000x3000)

On the second day of Christmas, Commanderraf brought to you:

The Windows 8.1 promotional DVD!

It contains the Madobe Yuu and Ai wallpapers and themepacks released until now, as well as two Madobe Family wallapers (the one with the C83 girl and another of Nanami, Yuu, Ai, Claudia and that girl watching some fireworks) and a song sung by both Ai and Yuu.

You can download it at http:// d e p o s i t f i l e s . c o m/files/vghx456x4

Hope you enjoy it!


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1388629183725.bmp.unknown (548 kb)
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1394036857857.jpg (371 kb, 970x620)
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These official mascots have no /Soul/... -_-

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1402111354708.jpg (60 kb, 702x526)

Poor,Ai & Yuu to see that Everyone Hates Windows 8

1359173932958.jpg (469 kb, 1280x800)
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Since the other thread (>>52837) is autosaging, it's time to create another OS-tan thread!

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1373055430115.jpg (289 kb, 864x1223)
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1373055467724.jpg (18 kb, 200x160)
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1373055511845.jpg (146 kb, 633x572)
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1373055607487.jpg (105 kb, 640x640)
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1400557912581.jpg (195 kb, 1024x768)

1395903757102.jpg (302 kb, 1920x1080)
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Someone snuck in some NetBSDたん fanart into the Feb28 RaspberryPi release image...

The origin was found to be at http://www.yagoto-urayama.jp/~oshimaya/netbsd/Proudly/

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1395903997933.jpg (341 kb, 600x2344)
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1395947606856.png (582 kb, 600x400)
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1395947645095.jpg (82 kb, 1024x640)
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1395947773761.jpg (41 kb, 640x480)
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1398139079318.png (250 kb, 640x480)

Channeling my inner Toshiaki...

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