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For images of women engaged in happy sex. No rape, bondage, or rough sex; just enjoyment.
Due to recent behaviour there are now certain rules in place: no image macros, no spam, don't be
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Otherwise, this board is what you make it. If you like it, please post an image every now and then.

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1409170568298.jpg (151 kb, 558x418)
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new video update 28/08

1298342788658.jpg (224 kb, 1400x562)
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So your thoughts?

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1403719099807.gif (580 kb, 450x450)
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1408192598993.jpg (871 kb, 1200x1600)
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1408901579348.jpg (852 kb, 1475x730)

Come on OP, why didn't you post the whole thing?

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1408901640218.jpg (893 kb, 1475x730)


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1408901685305.jpg (867 kb, 1475x730)


1407584368073.jpg (732 kb, 1402x2000)
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Since the old Sweet Thread (http://www.wakachan.org/happy/res/7098.html) is probably reaching its post limit soon, here's a new one!

I Want To Have Lewd Sex With Nibutani-san - Kikurage-ya

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1407584835184.png (1464 kb, 1544x2200)

Private Chat - Pyon-Kti

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1408192979312.jpg (420 kb, 1042x1500)

The Tasks of a Zoo - Kumano Tooru

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1408799802130.jpg (430 kb, 1141x1600)

The Girl with Downcast Eyes / Fushimegachina kanojo - Aoki Kanji

1191606541655.jpg (335 kb, 900x1289)
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http://rapidsearch.yi.org/ + Manga name or Author's name = find what you're looking for.

Confession warning (from Happiness!) - Amatarou

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1403540690031.png (422 kb, 1090x1600)

Love rabbits-Halloween raid - Shuuichi Ogura

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1404689378917.jpg (292 kb, 831x1200)

Level C - seto yuuki

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Found that story on Fakku.net
Name: In Season / Japanese and English

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1405955616985.png (1129 kb, 1712x2500)

Yuri suki kanojo ha yuri kanojo ga dekinai - Maruta

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1406471144126.jpg (489 kb, 1073x1600)

The galaxy in the sheets - Key

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1407510287385.jpg (968 kb, 1393x2000)

Sanvitalia - Otsuka Kotora

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Continued on in this thread: http://www.wakachan.org/happy/res/22548.html

1288220713582.jpg (36 kb, 640x450)
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because random part 5 is too full

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1402544797281.png (911 kb, 600x800)
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1404487956877.jpg (241 kb, 730x800)
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1404582016428.png (1863 kb, 2079x2953)
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1404689076528.png (449 kb, 550x682)
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1404791236449.jpg (133 kb, 670x948)

1316298305469.jpg (73 kb, 800x600)
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Because three can be better than two. And four can be better than three. And five can be better than...well, you get the point. Post pictures of happy group sex.

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1323722972197.png (722 kb, 850x640)
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1324347109083.jpg (136 kb, 1200x914)

Bigger version

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1324966316072.jpg (710 kb, 800x909)

While I am at it,a new link for the slightly updated Asuka/Rei/Shinji threesome images that includes the images I just posted.


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1324966421488.jpg (126 kb, 640x452)
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>>18927 A piece of Eternal Arcadia/Skies Of Arcadia porn that I didn't already have? You, sir or madam, deserve a digital high five.

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1325347603710.jpg (49 kb, 400x520)

1269603654492.jpg (143 kb, 537x850)
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This may sound odd, but I'm looking for bondage pictures where the one being tied up looks like they're enjoying themselves. Not sure if this should go in the fetish thread or not... >.>;

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1339972387237.jpg (97 kb, 600x847)

>>18396 I too would be okay with it, provided both the boys getting tied up and the girls doing the dominating seem to enjoy it.

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1340137711427.jpg (706 kb, 800x857)

Nothing makes Ayase from Gintama happier than getting tied up. Seriously, it's canon.

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1340138033198.jpg (156 kb, 500x740)
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1341726089108.jpg (370 kb, 700x1100)
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1361647600905.jpg (185 kb, 1041x768)

1308089232499.png (733 kb, 600x800)
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Blonde thread anyone?

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1319659127723.jpg (75 kb, 768x1086)
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1353504656506.jpg (287 kb, 2392x2704)
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1355030085161.jpg (793 kb, 1026x767)
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1375359761287.jpg (41 kb, 340x556)

Yuri is fine too?

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1375359865012.jpg (264 kb, 526x910)

1373848915116.png (291 kb, 1023x721)
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Series: Discode 1-2-3 (3 ep) First 20 screenshots from ep1, Yuri with minor futa. Last 10 from ep 2, group 3 guys on 1 girl. Credit: http://uncensoredhentai.net/series/discode-1-2-3

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1373851722484.png (315 kb, 1012x721)
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1373851734071.png (202 kb, 1021x722)
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1373851750597.png (342 kb, 1019x720)
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1373851763256.png (282 kb, 1018x723)
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1373851778774.png (332 kb, 1023x725)

1312129391221.jpg (469 kb, 849x1200)
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Ladies and gentlemen, guess who started making manga again? Also, the artist apparantly had his first book published, congrats.

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1338682127905.png (100 kb, 600x263)

Scanlations here: http://prettyanon.wordpress.com/

They've introduced Harpy and Centaur looks to be next

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1340626226671.jpg (393 kb, 729x1073)

Yup, Centorea the centaur has joined the gang now. While she isn't the same centaur as in the LWMG comics, she's practically identical: the design is pretty much the same and she's just as proud (and tsundere!).
Enjoying this manga this far. Not just the abundant fanservice (although it is nice) but the author has a nice quirky sense of humour.

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1340626325557.jpg (345 kb, 728x1036)

Oh, and Ms. Smith really should stop masturbating on the phone. It's kinda rude.

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1343153086968.jpg (464 kb, 895x1294)

FYI Okayado, the author of "Monster Musume", made a one-shot called "Deadline Summonnr"

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1360894002378.jpg (424 kb, 728x1070)

News update: Publisher Seven Seas has picked up the Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou manga (the current one, not the original strips) and will be releasing it in English this fall together with two other monster-girl manga; Centaur's Worries (which is good, but only slightly ecchi) and Jigokuren - Love in the Hell (which I haven't read).


So if you want to pay back the author for providing us with high quality monster girl porn, it will soon be your chance.

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