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For images of women engaged in happy sex. No rape, bondage, or rough sex; just enjoyment.
Due to recent behaviour there are now certain rules in place: no image macros, no spam, don't be
excessively abusive, keep to theme, and nothing illegal. Please keep trolling to a minimum.

Otherwise, this board is what you make it. If you like it, please post an image every now and then.

NEW RULE: no requests for CG sets unless image poster indicates otherwise.

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Since the old Sweet Thread (http://www.wakachan.org/happy/res/7098.html) is probably reaching its post limit soon, here's a new one!

I Want To Have Lewd Sex With Nibutani-san - Kikurage-ya

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1436095864051.jpg (994 kb, 1100x1602)

Harpy school, noisy class - Horitomo

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1437366995023.jpg (651 kb, 1100x1615)

Itadakimasu - Uekan

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1438428161301.png (715 kb, 1400x2000)

Natsudere - Maban

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1439301454410.png (1090 kb, 1260x1835)

Shisen de eye shiteru - MGMEE

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1440423233574.jpg (667 kb, 1100x1599)

Candy drop - Hamao

1269603654492.jpg (143 kb, 537x850)
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This may sound odd, but I'm looking for bondage pictures where the one being tied up looks like they're enjoying themselves. Not sure if this should go in the fetish thread or not... >.>;

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1431203443686.jpg (429 kb, 1200x900)
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1431203491352.jpg (447 kb, 1200x900)
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1431676511933.jpg (330 kb, 1284x992)

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Alas, my lastest sourse for downloading hentai has died. I am once again in the market for a traslation archive site.

I'm asking here because I prefer Happy Sex to the other fetishes here.

Pic semi-related.

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It's a bit sad that happy sex qualifies as a fetish and "special interest", isn't it?

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>I prefer Happy Sex to the other fetishes here.

Hentairules.net: most of the stuff is consensual/happy sex and at least you get a warning when it's not.


Not that sad when you think about what kind of people usually surf the Internet.

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Not OP here. Anything in the video department?

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● 15 beautiful girls adrift
● Akiba girls
● Anejiru
● Angels in the court
● Angels in the court 2
● Can Can Bunny Extra
● Canvas
● Class reunion
● Class reunion again
● Darling
● Doukyuusei - End of Summer
● Dvine Luv
● Endless serenade
● Fault!!

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On the topic of happy sex counting as a fetish, I read in a science magazine today that according to an experiment, men are generally turned off by women's tears. It has something to do with pheromones; the female's tears apparantly release pheromones that slow down the mans heartbeat and so on, and are supposed to make the male less interested in sex and more in protecting the female. In other words, the human species might have evolved to instinctively value happy sex, and not just for procreation. I like that thought.

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Everyone seemed pretty happy in:
Okusama wa Moto Yariman
bonus: non incest and everyone seemed to be adults. Though the male is early 20s and the ladies mid/late 30s.

1298342788658.jpg (224 kb, 1400x562)
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So your thoughts?

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1408901579348.jpg (852 kb, 1475x730)

Come on OP, why didn't you post the whole thing?

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1408901640218.jpg (893 kb, 1475x730)


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1408901685305.jpg (867 kb, 1475x730)


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1426272403908.jpg (420 kb, 1120x1600)
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That was really cute.

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1426705663392.jpg (84 kb, 637x933)

>>24053 You know it's a good story when the artist manages to portray a faceless, voiceless tentacle monster as a likable character.

1283308588835.jpg (89 kb, 800x600)
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Everyone knows the rules, I presume?

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1421929408593.jpg (29 kb, 455x640)

Blue bed.

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1422831219845.png (7548 kb, 2050x3000)

boob grab

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1423518161479.jpg (913 kb, 1300x1100)


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1424505828509.jpg (384 kb, 680x960)

Hand gesture.

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1424955744637.jpg (500 kb, 1200x1200)

Dark-skinned male

1422463833055.gif (6904 kb, 598x448)
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1422463896368.gif (7748 kb, 598x448)
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1422463943977.gif (7780 kb, 598x448)
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1422463963540.gif (6972 kb, 598x448)

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because random part 5 is too full

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1414865787213.jpg (494 kb, 1280x897)
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1414867384099.png (131 kb, 500x564)
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1415836073103.jpg (157 kb, 500x736)
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1419520837014.jpg (103 kb, 800x600)
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1420172782902.jpg (592 kb, 1032x1400)

1373848915116.png (291 kb, 1023x721)
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Series: Discode 1-2-3 (3 ep) First 20 screenshots from ep1, Yuri with minor futa. Last 10 from ep 2, group 3 guys on 1 girl. Credit: http://uncensoredhentai.net/series/discode-1-2-3

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1373851722484.png (315 kb, 1012x721)
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1373851734071.png (202 kb, 1021x722)
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1373851750597.png (342 kb, 1019x720)
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1373851763256.png (282 kb, 1018x723)
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1373851778774.png (332 kb, 1023x725)

1308089232499.png (733 kb, 600x800)
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Blonde thread anyone?

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1355030085161.jpg (793 kb, 1026x767)
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1375359761287.jpg (41 kb, 340x556)

Yuri is fine too?

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1375359865012.jpg (264 kb, 526x910)
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1411406276106.jpg (136 kb, 800x600)
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1418999796706.jpg (368 kb, 1148x2210)

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