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1413522905450.gif (664 kb, 617x540)
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1413522937704.gif (1219 kb, 862x754)
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1413609095021.gif (1366 kb, 1274x1080)

1350278680532.jpg (32 kb, 300x300)
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Fate/stay night manga 77, 78, 79, 80.
Source: http://raw-hunters.com/raw-scan/shonen-ace/

77 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-9b655a72.html
78 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-f9c191e6.html
79 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-a9f77ec9.html
80 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-044cf60e.html

77 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/91faafa838/
78 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/cd1ff2f51e/
79 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/3fac997dca/
80 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/8e3bc790ef/

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1398404474033.jpg (234 kb, 1000x1366)

(C85)[Crazy Clover Club] T-MOON COMPLEX X09:

Chinese translation

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1404196738143.jpg (45 kb, 384x381)

Glove on Fight:

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Guys, guys, what happened to the Fate/Zero manga? I can't find new chapters on the internets!

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The source website is down.

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What a waste.


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Anyone know where to get the japanese raw for T-Moon Complex 8, 9 & APO?

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1412699836764.jpg (419 kb, 800x776)

All-Around Type-Moon (English) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/es40qhk9lgyvh5c/All%20Around%20Type-Moon%20Complete.zip?dl=0

TAKE MOON (English) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3je4vvy2w48x11n/TAKE%20MOON.zip?dl=0

Fate Fan Books (doujins) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6k7oyolk0iw817k/Fate%20Fan%20Books.zip?dl=0

One Day! V1-16 (English) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/af542eiw25rr6vz/FHA%20One%20Day%21%20Vol.%2001-16.zip?dl=0

T-Moon Complex X 1-9 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj0drnnh2t2r251/T-Moon%20Complex%20X.zip?dl=0

Fate/Zero Cafe - https://www.dropbox.com/s/1htuhqg3rl12zy9/Fate%20Zero%20Cafe.zip?dl=0

Extra CCC Fox Tail V1 (English) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdfy48njx1fcc0q/Fate%20Extra%20CCC%20Fox%20Tail%20Vol.%201.zip?dl=0

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1412701891103.png (233 kb, 762x900)

Fate/Zero Translated Special Drama CDs 1-3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ofam4vpbjmlald/Fate%20Zero%20Special%20Drama%20CD%201-3.zip?dl=0
(Subbed tracks as MKV. Extract and play, it's that easy.)

Fate/Zero Servant Stats English (Powerlevels): https://www.dropbox.com/s/0d9y53e18a6yabc/Fate%20Zero%20-%20Servant%20Status.zip?dl=0

FSN XTRA Chapters (From manga, both FSN and FZ. In English): https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmjc3bbqegjj5p1/Fate%20Stay%20Night%20-%20XTRA.zip?dl=0

Tsukihime VN (higher quality music, 320 mp3): https://www.dropbox.com/s/w99wjxvlgd93y2g/Tsukihime.zip?dl=0

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>>151114 >>151119

Too much traffic. Down. LOL

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Fate/Apocrypha volume 3 (japanese)


1413152013281.png (413 kb, 798x455)
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I just noticed that the main TM sequels usually have some kind of temporal looping. If they make a Mahoyo sequel it'll probably be about the Fifth Magic backfiring and Aoko getting trapped in a loop.

1407420647532.jpg (151 kb, 730x862)
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So who's the girl on the left

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The stray Servant was called "Servant of the shield" and Rho Aias was a remnant from the plot line she was in, so the stray Servant must have been Ajax, unless it was greatly changed by the time it appeared in UBW. And when that Servant was made, maybe the class system was different, so it wasn't a Lancer but just a shield-wielding Servant.
The girl up here is probably not the same Ajax unless explicitly stated, so there's no reason to relate the stray Servant with the Lancer class.

  No.151013   Report                


but I wonder how can a shield wielding servant win the war... she must have some offensive weapon, and wouldnt a lance be logical if she is Ajax? or she is supposed to smash the other servants with the shield?

  No.151014   Report                

She can just shield herself until everyone kills themselves and then win.

  No.151015   Report                


meh, I guess... unless the opponents kill her master or have a strong enough attack she cannot defend against.

  No.151016   Report                

Do you realize you're talking about a plotline that was abandoned? Maybe there's a reason it was abandoned.

  No.151017   Report                


and there must be a reason its rebooted.

not to mention I doubt they abandoned it cause they realized their shield wielding servant has no mean to attack at the middle and said "ah, screw it".

  No.151018   Report                
>and there must be a reason its rebooted.

What is rebooted?

  No.151025   Report                

Fate/Grand Order

Any speculations?

Saw the video, the only thing I understood is "online", "reboot" and "iOS and Android"

  No.151026   Report                

Wow, they chose Maaya Sakamoto to voice Jeanne d'Arc, huh.

Looks like the game will take place in past holy grail wars. "A story about taking back the future."

  No.151123   Report                

So yeah, Shielder - http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/934/934051/

1358770527626.jpg (121 kb, 1200x834)
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To those that can't read moon runes


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1394475800697.jpg (42 kb, 600x450)
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I need this in my life

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Me too ;_;

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1398404663874.jpg (214 kb, 900x1292)

(C85)[Crazy Clover Club] T-MOON COMPLEX X09:

Chinese translation

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It was great!

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1398444686437.jpg (233 kb, 1366x1000)
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are there any translations for volume 8 already?

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T-Moon Complex X 1-9 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj0drnnh2t2r251/T-Moon%20Complex%20X.zip?dl=0

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You sir, are a savior. But the dropbox link is supended. Can you upload it somewhere else?

  No.151122   Report                

It's nothing new: 1-7 are in English, 8-9 in Chinese.

1398605705972.jpg (250 kb, 850x1397)
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This world needs more Akiha

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1412701499477.png (954 kb, 700x990)
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1412701570288.jpg (1879 kb, 1003x1475)
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1412701619639.jpg (1313 kb, 700x1200)

1399114337911.jpg (169 kb, 343x500)
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Fate/Apocrypha expanded to five volumes.
Fourth volume will be released on May 30.

  No.150828   Report                

I can't see the entire final battle lasting two volumes, so maybe Kairi's speculation about Belfaban trying to hijack it after everyone is almost dead will come true. Depending on how quickly the next volume goes the fifth could be something like the remains of both groups vs five more Servants brought in from one of the minor Grail Wars to showcase the cut Servants. That would probably be too clustered with characters to work out well.

It could also be that Shirou's "salvation" includes manifesting a god for the final battle to give Karna something worthy to kill with his spear.

  No.151115   Report                

Fate/Apocrypha translation.

Volume 1 - https://canonrap.wordpress.com

Volume 2 - https://fateapocryphathetranslation.wordpress.com

Volume 3 - https://canonrap.wordpress.com

1412495938581.jpg (28 kb, 187x269)
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Ok guys, I really hope you can (or will, rather) help me out, I've really been getting into the fate VNs and I'm trying to download the F/HA vn right now. Downloading and using the F/SN VN but apparently my knowledge of how to run these things is about that of a retard. Can you guys please lend a hand to a lowly anon who's desperately trying get this shitstorm situated? Please? A step by step guide with links would be ideal, but I'll take whatever you guys will offer

  No.151110   Report                

Not really understanding the question. Instruction for?

  No.151111   Report                


  No.151112   Report                

You don't need F/sn to run F/ha.

1327877055978.jpg (21 kb, 240x300)
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Let's talk about Tsukihime for now /tm/.

Let us all remember all the feelings we had after finishing a route and hearing this play in the title screen.


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remake when?

  No.151081   Report                
1410037347685.jpg (2457 kb, 2500x1758)

I started replaying Tsukihime again. Back in 08', I made a list of my personal favourite endings:

9. Ciel Good Ending
8. Arcueid Good Ending
7. Ciel True Ending
6. Arcueid True Ending
5. Hisui True Ending
4. Hisui Good Ending
3. Kohaku True Ending
2. Akiha Good Ending

  1. Akiha True Ending

Make note that those were taken on an emotional basis, rather than on their quality basis. As far as the routes itself go, Ciel's and Kohaku's Route are among my favourites for their depth in characterizing both Roa and SHIKI.

  No.151082   Report                


>implying Akiha has a good ending
  No.151083   Report                

That was my point, both her endings got me hard on my feelings. Both are in their own ways depressing and by that, extremely emotional for me.

  No.151084   Report                

Disregard this, I got what you were trying to say.

  No.151085   Report                
1410136855294.jpg (585 kb, 676x1000)


You have pretty good taste. Even as someone who likes Ciel a lot, her endings were terrible and lackluster. The bit about original Roa was a nice touch that tends to easily get overlooked. Far Side routes are consistently good and powerful, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Near Side will get touched up in the remake.

What did you think of Akiha's "good" end in Kagetsu Tohya, by the way?

  No.151087   Report                

Ah, thanks man. It's just like you said, Ciel's ending felt extremely lackluster compared to the others, albeit her True Ending had that one good scene in which Shiki saw his younger self. I think that was one of the reasons why I thought of her True Ending slightly higher than that of Arcueid. I hope the same thing. If they manage to add more backstory to Ciel as Elesia (Roa's host), I think her route will become even better. But man, I still cant get over all these redesigns, especially Arcueid's redesign.

If you refer to Akiha's "good end" in Kagetsu Tohya by the side story, "A Story for the Evening", I thought it was quite nice that they added some more information on Akiha and Shikis whereabouts. It felt like it gave some great closure to her True Ending.

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1412319985773.jpg (123 kb, 640x480)
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1412319999902.jpg (70 kb, 864x633)
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1412320341356.jpg (112 kb, 640x480)

1410256370266.jpg (393 kb, 1488x1753)
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Happy Birthday, Len!

  No.151105   Report                
1412296481094.png (428 kb, 1003x1069)

Len had a good birthday this year.

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