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1407022229588.jpg (27 kb, 743x481)
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ok what if Rin's dad hid Gil's catalyst in the Zelretch chest and Rin summoned another Gil in the fifth war. I wonder how the two Gils would interact.

It's obvious that Rin's Gil would be stronger because she's a better magus than Kotomine, and he's already balancing both Gil and Lancer. And I read in one of the material books that Rin and Gil have the better master-servant compatibility of all masters and servants.

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I like Gil and Luvia possibslity better. They look perfect together.

  No.150997   Report                

Gil and Luvia...omfg its so disgusting.

  No.150998   Report                

The way Rin is, the Grail War would be over in two days.

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In the UBW anime doesnt Rin find the snake's shed skin somewhere? I wonder why she didnt use it.

  No.151640   Report                

She did found it but decided to not use it.

probably thinks that any Servant used by her father is not up to par due to her father being killed.

  No.151643   Report                

Well, he died due to being a condescending and boring asshole, not because Gil was weak.

Also, Fate/side material's Encyclopedia says:

>Gold-glitter [Others]
>The name Rin called Gilgamesh when she saw him.
>Gil was called "golden" not only because of his armour when he was fully armed, but also the fact that his soul glowed golden.
>The wealthiest character in this story, our Gil.
>His compatibility with large-spender Rin was the greatest, but that was the secret just between you and me.

So unlike Tokiomi and Gil, Rin and Gil would make a good team. But the coolest thing would see how the two Gils would interact.

  No.151648   Report                
>Well, he died due to being a condescending and boring asshole, not because Gil was weak.

But she didn't know how he died. She didn't even know anything about Gil, I can't even remember if she met him in fighting gear or even at all back then.

1386242311126.png (502 kb, 727x1201)
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guys i have an epic idea

lets make more fate & saber

send it to typemom!!1 xD

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The last time Nasu wrote a story featuring Arturia was in 2005. Nasu has only written four Fate stories (F/SN, F/HA, F/E, F/E:CCC). Comparatively, Nasu has written way more Tsukihime stories (Tsuki, KT, and like three different full story modes for MB games, and now a Tsuki remake). His last story, Mahoyo, was neither Tsuki or Fate.

People need to stop acting like all the spin-offs and adaptations OTHER people make are actually because of Type-Moon or Nasu. He mostly let go of it back in 2005, and only revisited it 5-6 years later for Extra. He has also been very clear that Extra CCC is his final Fate story, as he no longer feels there is anything he can do with it.

Nasu's problem isn't dwelling on Fate, it's being a lazy fuck who takes 5 years to write a story.

  No.150088   Report                

The fact that he canonized utter shit Fate/Extra which is hardly even relevant to the original Nasuverse is overwriting your arguments about 2005 year, etc.

They did NOTHING but Fate after FSN release.
Mahoyo? It's like they dropped that shit on a plate "look it's not Fate" and then completely forgot about it. It was not promoted, no one talks about it. Fate/Extra shit and Apocrypha were way more popular.

  No.150090   Report                
>They did NOTHING but Fate after FSN release.
>It was not promoted, no one talks about it. Fate/Extra shit and Apocrypha were way more popular.

Blame the fandom??
TM did Mahoyo, other people did EXTRA and Apocrypha. Those other people are much better than TM at advertising and keeping interest. Other people being better isn't TM's fault, TM's problem is only that they have bad communication skills, but that was the case for all of their games, not just Mahoyo.

  No.150091   Report                

They've made Mahoyo but it looks like nothing important to TM and they don't give a fuck about it. And if a studio doesn't give a fuck, then the crowd will not give a fuck as well.

At the same time TM is fully supporting their Fate/Shit and even unrelated Fate/Shit like Apocrypha. Basically claiming some weird fanon crap as canon and part of Nasuverse.

  No.150092   Report                
>They've made Mahoyo but it looks like nothing important to TM and they don't give a fuck about it. And if a studio doesn't give a fuck, then the crowd will not give a fuck as well.

You're full of shit. It broke many restrictions VNs have and they're making, what, 3 VNs for it ? Wait for the sequels.

The only thing you're talking about is the fact that anime studios and manga editors didn't pick it up like they did FSN, that's what you call "no one pays attention to it" because they're the ones who do all the advertising you're calling "attention." Well, maybe you should wait for the sequel to come out before wondering why no anime studio is picking it up.

  No.150094   Report                


Haha, don't act like you didn't get into TM after F/SN. You clearly have no idea how TM operates, this is normal. Go back to bed, kid.


>anime studios and manga editors didn't pick it up like they did FSN

also note that f/sn anime came out 2 years after f/sn. nothing is made right away.

  No.150096   Report                

0/10, neo-tm-scum.

And it didn't stop them to make absolutely horrible Tsukihime and Fate anime with no connection to VNs.

  No.150097   Report                


you are really boring

  No.150098   Report                


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1350278680532.jpg (32 kb, 300x300)
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Fate/stay night manga 77, 78, 79, 80.
Source: http://raw-hunters.com/raw-scan/shonen-ace/

77 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-9b655a72.html
78 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-f9c191e6.html
79 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-a9f77ec9.html
80 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-044cf60e.html

77 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/91faafa838/
78 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/cd1ff2f51e/
79 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/3fac997dca/
80 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/8e3bc790ef/

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1429117244234.jpg (550 kb, 1154x2002)
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1429117283877.jpg (930 kb, 1161x2064)
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1429117309368.jpg (666 kb, 1151x1725)
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1429204681537.jpg (484 kb, 1389x2031)

Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] COMIC à la carte

Language: Japanese





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1429246260959.jpg (1801 kb, 4994x2161)

Language: Chinese

Fate∕Zero 短篇漫畫精選集 群雄篇

Fate∕Zero 短篇漫畫精選集 開戰篇

Fate∕Zero 短篇漫畫精選集 亂雲篇

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1429246320436.jpg (2027 kb, 4990x2161)


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1429246367764.jpg (1808 kb, 4966x2161)


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1430748226673.jpg (728 kb, 900x1304)

Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] コミックアラカルト
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] COMIC à la carte

Language: Chinese




  No.151641   Report                

Fate/hollow ataraxia: あるいは怪物という名の食卓


  No.151646   Report                
1432217110658.jpg (66 kb, 333x383)



Koha-Ace EX:

Koha-Ace Collection:

1313877794516.jpg (59 kb, 400x250)
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Perfect time to iniciate a brand new version of this thread, for those who don't remember: http://www.mediafire.com/?edhbbhp1gb0aagh
Most of its links still work except for 2
And that brings me to the second matter of this thread, my external hdd crashed so in order to get my collection back I need your help (I don't have access to my desktop right now, and that's why I am asking for help)

My eternal gratitude for those who can provide me with these especifics albums:

-Jill's Project / -MELTY BLOOD Hard Rock Arrange Mini Album- Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition- 2005

-Jill's Project / Bloody Chronicle -append disc:01- 2006

-Jill's Project / -MELTY BLOOD Hard Rock Arrange Mini Album- Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition- 2005

-Jill's Project / -Jill's Project "Jill's Project -the expansion-" Memorial Campaign Single MELTY BLOOD (Organ Solo Version)- 2007

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  No.150371   Report                

Keep dreaming. We blame you, this is your fault. Go back to 4chan.

  No.150372   Report                

I blame Nasus lazy ass..

  No.150478   Report                
1389722055317.jpg (118 kb, 713x716)


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Magnet Link:


Copy and paste the magnet link into your bittorrent client:

BitTorrent -> File -> Add Torrent from URL... -> OK -> OK
Deluge -> File -> Add Torrent -> URL -> OK -> Add
qBittorrent -> File -> Add link to torrent... -> Download -> OK
Tixati -> Add -> Open Magnet-Link -> Open -> Start
Transmission-Qt -> File -> Open URL... -> Open
uTorrent -> File -> Add Torrent from URL... -> OK -> OK

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(the_antichrist_song).mp3 (1662 kb)

Most Americans Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

None of the 19 'suspects' are from Afghanistan, nor of
al-Qeada you crooked pack of satanic ungodly bushite
obamanoids warring Johnny and God for the final escape
of Condi, Bush and Cheney, and of course, Ozolek, the
mastermind of the terror attack (unified vision (Red Ex))
involving the sacrifice of thousands of innocent Americans
for further stolen gains by simply closing investigations
without near a word from the unfair as 'willing' losers all
the way around. Not in King Johnny's world does the
crooked liar escape a sound bible thumpin' on God willing
Justice always, as then that way, near everyone wins but
the unfair as proven. It's called 'The Golden Rule'.

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Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] OST I (Hideyuki Fukasawa)

Torrent: http://www.spu.xyz/?page=download&tid=668530

DDL : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTFuGBl Password : heft

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Lamplight.mp3 (2173 kb)
  No.151645   Report                
1432136166136.jpg (31 kb, 800x600)
>Fate/Zero - Anthology Drama CD: 間桐家の試練 (Ordeal of Makiri / Makiri's Ordeal)


Anyone know where to find this in FLAC?

1384118164269.jpg (285 kb, 850x759)
291377 No.150000   [Reply]   Report  

2014 better breathe some more life into this place. Hopefully Type-Moon things will actually to start happening to attract people that care again.

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  No.150009   Report                


Only reason I posted it, tbh

  No.150010   Report                

And I hope Commie finishes MahouTsukai, even though >commie.

Also we might get Ataraxia. [spoiler];_;[/spoiler]

  No.150015   Report                



it'll never happen

also fuck commie, i'd rather not read mahoyo than read their butchered shit. i hate translators that think they can change and add shit all the time to make the product "better".

  No.150066   Report                

For future reference, those are called "Editors".

  No.150067   Report                


Are you an idiot? I think you're an idiot. Changing an already published work while translating it to a new language is not being an "editor", it's being annoying. I don't go to fansubs for them to edit and change my anime, I go to have it translated. Be what was originally said good or bad, just fucking translate it correctly. Nobody wants commie to "edit" Mahoyo, we want them to translate it. But they're going to add a bunch of stupid american memes and slang to the mix and change words just for the sake of it.

commie is cancer

  No.150074   Report                

Maybe you are the cancer. It's shit like this that makes no translator want to touch the TM fandom with a ten feet pole

  No.150082   Report                


If I'm keeping shitty ""translators"" like commie away from TM then I'm doing a good job. I'd rather have no Mahoyo than a Mahoyo by someone as shit as commie or gg. I'll take it by mirror moon or even those Beast Lair guys doing Hollow Ataraxia. They are way better choices than commiecancer.

  No.150083   Report                

It's a shame UTW doesn't do visual novels. Their Fate/Zero subs rocked my fucking socks. I wish they translated everything Type-Moon possible. Anyone who watched commieshit over UTW doesn't deserve to watch anime at all.

  No.150084   Report                
>defending commie shit
  No.151644   Report                


1390313803588.jpg (163 kb, 1920x1080)
167109 No.150488   [Reply]   Report  

Why is Tohno Shiki so much better than a shitty Emiya Shero?

16 posts and 5 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.150505   Report                

Shiki != SHIKI

  No.150506   Report                


>Shiki is badass assassin who's killing dead apostles with his knife seeing their lines and shit, raping maids and his step-sister.
>Shiki...raping...his step-sister.
>If I'm not mistaken Akiha is raped by SHIKI in her route.
>...Akiha is raped by SHIKI...
  No.150507   Report                

Where is it implied she was raped?

  No.150508   Report                

So many newfriends here...
Sexual act in Japan is rape. No exceptions.

  No.150509   Report                
1390442582746.jpg (24 kb, 640x368)

Yeah Shero, die and you'll understand death 100%.

  No.150510   Report                

It's implied in the final confrontation with SHIKI before the final battle. Shiki finds mindbroken Akiha with very satisfied-looking SHIKI in secluded room. From SHIKI's words then with little consideration you can easily understand what he had done to her.

  No.150511   Report                

2006 jokes never get old.

  No.150512   Report                

Wasn't that just the inversion? The game obviously doesn't skirt around rape, so I would think it would be more implicit if Nasu wanted that kind of impact.

  No.150514   Report                

Well, basically although it's not stated directly there are many hints. Personally I think that Nasu don't stated it directly because he did not want Shiki's motivation in final battle to be revenge, but keep readers in disgust towards SHIKI's actions.

  No.151639   Report                


1386347292013.jpg (152 kb, 479x350)
155265 No.150093   [Reply]   Report  


  No.151635   Report                


  No.151636   Report                

What is Fire Girl?

1418408596621.jpg (274 kb, 1024x1453)
280153 No.151424   [Reply]   Report  


First volume will release on next year 2015 January 10.

The plot centers around a Grail War faultily copied from the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki. After the end of the third Grail War, an organization from the United States that has magi separate from the London based Mage Association as members took data from Fuyuki's Grail War and planned their own ritual. After seventy years, they used the city Snowfield as the Sacred Land for their own Grail War. They were unable to successfully copy every aspect of the ritual, which lead to it acting only as an imitation that has lost the Saber class and allowed for the summoning of strange Servants due to the definition of a "hero" being blurred.

The Mage's Association has sent Rohngall and his pupil, Faldeus, to investigate the city and the status of the war. Faldeus, a spy from the US organization, has Rohngall sniped upon arrival, despite knowing that Rohngall was simply a puppet. He announces that their Holy Grail War has been in development and that it is real, which causes an uproar at the Clock Tower, and wishes to "advertise" the project to the Association.

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  No.151625   Report                
1431379579270.png (1490 kb, 1024x1478)


  No.151626   Report                
1431379610020.png (1498 kb, 1024x1583)


  No.151627   Report                
1431379663289.png (1564 kb, 1024x1484)


  No.151628   Report                
1431379709466.png (1708 kb, 1024x1503)


  No.151629   Report                
1431379756014.png (78 kb, 1024x1618)


  No.151630   Report                
1431379810819.png (1949 kb, 1024x1494)


  No.151631   Report                
1431379885163.png (1646 kb, 1024x1511)


  No.151632   Report                
1431379924780.png (939 kb, 1024x1494)


  No.151633   Report                
1431379961397.png (1776 kb, 1024x1516)


  No.151634   Report                
1431379987907.png (802 kb, 1024x1512)


1368181865686.png (1851 kb, 3081x1700)
1895393 No.148745   [Reply]   Report  


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  No.151582   Report                
1431108984530.jpg (646 kb, 1965x1148)


  No.151583   Report                

Did that guy stop updating that? And where did he pick up fake Moses stats?

  No.151584   Report                

Did they give new stats for Rider of Black after he took Sieg as master? Also, Ruler Shirou looks pretty weak to be someone who defeated all the other Servants in the 3rd war.

  No.151585   Report                

Shirou is like Archer in that he fights with skill rather than raw power. He also had his Ruler Command Spells to take advantage of.

  No.151586   Report                


Where is Karna?

  No.151587   Report                


Any servant that appears in across franchise is classified in the first Fate they appear in

Example: Saber appear in FSN and FZ but her charts for both are in FSN

In Karna's case he's in CCC

  No.151588   Report                


eh, I skipped the Extra column altogether ..

L-launcher?? wtf..

Figure apocrypha Vlad is Romania boosted..

  No.151589   Report                

Yeah but besides the fake Noble Phantasm made by Caster, Shirou doesn't have any weapons.

His arms let him make any type of magecraft, but that's almost useless against Saber and Lancer-class. His right hand gives him somewhat precognitive powers, and left hand gives him the power of eternal youth.

He has basically no offensive powers.

  No.151590   Report                

Caster didn't make the katana. He just made Shirou's katana into a NP. Shirou has that, some equivalent to true eye of the mind from his arms, and he had 12 or 14 Command Spells to use. He just fought smart.

>The summoned Amakusa Shirou was neither outstanding in combat nor proficient in thaumaturgy to the level of a Caster-class Servant, but he continued to win, and survive, in the Third Holy Grail War. He was ever heedful and never gambled, fulfilling his duties even as he thoroughly cemented his defenses.
  No.151591   Report                

That katana was a normal one, and Caster enchanted it, so basically Caster "made" a Noble Phantasm.

Even if Shirou used his Command Spells to say "suicide" to every Servant, their Master could just use a Command Spell of their own to make them ignore the order.
You have to admit that he has no offensive powers, so it's hard to imagine how he defeated the other Servants.

He only won against the fused Dracula/Darnic because vampires are weak against holy things, but if Vlad were in his normal state, he would defeat Shirou easily.

1391542619051.jpg (45 kb, 269x380)
46402 No.150567   [Reply]   Report  

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is coming to PSVita. I don't have one so I'll only vaguely care about it enough to know if it has new material or if they're just making it all-age by removing the sex scenes, but at the very least I'm perfectly happy knowing that the "fate/shit" guy is going to get royally pissed.

10 posts and 1 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.150578   Report                

Do you even realize that your post above is illogical ape shit and you are brain damaged imbecile?

  No.150580   Report                

The same goes for you if you didn't understand it, or if you thought >>150574 was clever and good.

  No.150581   Report                


>he's not Shirou at all

Actually, he is Shirou, at least physically. Nasu confirmed that Avenger possessed Shirou's body in Hollow Ataraxia.

  No.150582   Report                

No it's not goes for me, you fucking mongoloid.
Holy shit, you are dumb.

  No.150584   Report                

Is that you, fate/shit guy? Are you angry? Are you MAD AND SEETHING WITH RAGE that Nasu will be writing some more for Fate? Good, I'm pleased!

  No.150586   Report                

all i want to know is if there will be new art of glorious karen

  No.150613   Report                

I never knew he confirmed it.
So are the sex scenes other than Karen actually canon though?

Was Shirou in control during the sex scenes or Avenger (other than the Karen one). If so that is some serious NTR fuel right there.

  No.150614   Report                

Thanks to Apocrypha we now know that any servant if is in critical condition can possess the human body, but it's rare. Nasu confirmed that first known servant who did ​​this was Avenger who control Shirou's body and mind in Hollow Ataraxia since he has no body but just void form.

Other sex scenes than that Karen's one, are just unlockable bonus "Eclipse" scenes which are mostly unrelated to the main story. For example Sakura's "Eclipse" scene takes place during the spring and Rin's "Eclipse" scene takes place sometime after UBW scenario. Avenger is present just in the main story.

  No.151573   Report                

What now?

  No.151577   Report                


We see the aftermath or prelude of Rin fucking as part of Avenger's self insert fanfic. At least Rin was fucked by Avenger.

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