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1327877055978.jpg (21 kb, 240x300)
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Let's talk about Tsukihime for now /tm/.

Let us all remember all the feelings we had after finishing a route and hearing this play in the title screen.


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Where is the boundary between "Classic Type Moon" and "Neo Type Moon"?

Is it Fate?

It seems people are implying it is Fate and Hollow Ataraxia.

But then you have to consider the mess that is Melty Blood.

Some "Classic Type Moon" expert care to elaborate?

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FSN is acceptable, but not all further shitty garbage clones like Apocrypha and Extra.
And by acceptable I'm not saying it's good.

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So, classic type-moon is rubbish and neo type-moon is quality material.

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1370551279783.jpg (14 kb, 480x360)

KnK, Tsukihime, Mahoyo, DDD, Notes, F/Z and F/SN - it's like animu version of "World of Darkness".
MB, Extra, Apocrypha - kawaii gurls, sabur clones, powah lolis, shotas, traps, whores, dragon ball, humba-umba, retardism.

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So, classic type-moon is rubbish and neo type-moon is quality material.

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1370615299875.jpg (20 kb, 275x340)

Only if you're otaku boy.

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1398301129045.jpg (573 kb, 900x1257)

Soo... Were there ever scans for this that came out? Say what you will about TM COMPLEX X, I love CCC's stuff in general because they remember Tsukihime like no one else does.

1350278680532.jpg (32 kb, 300x300)
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Fate/stay night manga 77, 78, 79, 80.
Source: http://raw-hunters.com/raw-scan/shonen-ace/

77 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-9b655a72.html
78 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-f9c191e6.html
79 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-a9f77ec9.html
80 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-044cf60e.html

77 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/91faafa838/
78 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/cd1ff2f51e/
79 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/3fac997dca/
80 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/8e3bc790ef/

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1395990032825.jpg (698 kb, 1350x2039)

Fate/hollow ataraxia manga chapter 08:

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Anyone know if the Canaan databook or any of the Prisma BD booklets got scanned at all?

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1396722116384.jpg (610 kb, 1360x2052)

Fate/Zero manga chapter 40:

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1396739992029.jpg (494 kb, 1363x2053)

So green haired Enkidu is cannon Enkidu?

  No.150767   Report                

Yeah, pretty sure Nasu helped come up with it in the first place, and it was confirmed in CCC.

  No.150770   Report                
1396782049426.png (160 kb, 448x215)


Well it doesnt realy matter since Enkidu is a Clay/shapeshifting/androgynous thing so it can change into the brown form.

  No.150771   Report                

What brown form?

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1398178128400.jpg (1376 kb, 4522x3030)


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1398300254804.jpg (2066 kb, 3331x2993)


3 parts:
Format: FLAC

Format: Opus

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1398300979868.jpg (2274 kb, 3316x2983)


1397579472125.jpg (12 kb, 301x320)
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Everyday you like it, I'm going to post this.

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I've got something better right here that this board will really love.

grabs dick

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I'm surprised you could manage that without resorting to tweezers.

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1397640829891.jpg (306 kb, 1268x2020)

I want to grab Rin-chan's delicious golden juice with my mouth.

1397344547775.jpg (184 kb, 800x600)
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What's your favorite takara-gu?

  No.150798   Report                

What's takara-gu?

1397088540960.jpg (763 kb, 2570x1840)
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can someone translate the questions and answers of mirai fukuin ??

  No.150790   Report                
1397088620016.jpg (369 kb, 1451x1044)
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have you tried stroking the cock of ppl in Fag Lair? They may do it if you do a good enough job.

  No.150796   Report                

How about I stroke yours candyboy?

  No.150797   Report                

i am pretty good with google translate and babble fish.

1396988535773.png (40 kb, 480x544)
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Why saber more saber

1- Saber is so much hot than sakura who have worms to be slut.
2- Sakura use the worms because is a fucking whore.
3- Sakura got rape so easy, and you can give the saber to ur gil chew and it ll still suck cock.
4- slut is MORE whore than no slut.
5- saber have internal dragon because more evolved
6- Your cousin will not want to stay on your house to fuck sakura.
7- If you trow the saber on the cock, the cock will go up.
8- Trow both on semen and watch which will come up first.
over 9000- saber at mate will make a slimecord. The sakura will show dribble.
10- Saber are hermaphrodite. Sakura is too but because faget
11 - Saber is the name of a sword. Sakura means it is whore.
12 - Saber will eat anything, saber dont give a fuck
13- saber didn’t needed an upgrade. Saber is perfect

  No.150786   Report                

XD omg lel 10/10 5 star post would upvote again

  No.150787   Report                


>inb4 I'm a saberfag
  No.150788   Report                

I'm so hard right now, I want to fuck OP.

  No.150792   Report                

Red Saber, the Ultimate Whore Queen of Slutness and Disgust.
No competition here. Sakura is a pure virgin compared to that piece of dirt with Saber design.

  No.150793   Report                

Red Saber is into young children, but she is able to hold it in her pants for five minutes during the Grail War.

Sakura is all about bestiality, and she can't even handle not getting any for a day. Sakura = biggest slut.

1341519943388.jpg (565 kb, 1152x864)
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Patch Rev 1.4.0 Crackead and with keyboard:


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He writes the story for them, and the story is the last thing French Bread needs to finally start working on it. They want to do it but they got nothing from Nasu.

  No.146727   Report                


This hand of mine glows with a--


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  No.149164   Report                

Does anyone have a voice rip of all the characters? Or at least a program that can unpack the gamefiles?

  No.149280   Report                

mbaacc .p files extractor + trainers: http://www.mediafire.com/?p23hfvayiovghbg

  No.149302   Report                
1375480426865.jpg (628 kb, 2676x2007)
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Necro-bump after 2 years.
Just found a workaround on MirrorMoon's patch on GameFAQs.
Open the patcher on 7Zip, copy all folders except the $ folder, and paste them to your MBAACC folder. Then install the font in $FONTS.

  No.150470   Report                

Is anyone willing to share an extractor for mbac ver.b pc?

  No.150710   Report                

link: https://www.mediafire.com/?nvzzdf9ppx7qsbr

Special Mod for play MBAACC Ver. 1.07 Rev. 1.4.0 for PC like the Arcade/PS2 version of MBAA in some parts of the visual graph of the game (the character selection screen), restored some parts of speech that were not present or were deleted in the final version of each game MBAA (Sion Tatari, Warachia, Arcueid, Kohaku & Hisui, etc ...) and also added some files along with a trainer to be able to play with the Eclipse Style versions of most characters (including Boss Rush Warachia, Miyako, White Len versions, Aoko, Koha & Mech, Akiha and Shiki Ryougi) and final bosses Dust of Osiris and G-Akiha, just simply select Style Eclipse after selecting the character.

PS: You need to extract the files to an uncompressed format 000x.p, make a backup of these files 000x.p, and use the unzipped files to run the game before using this mod.

Link to the decompressor 000x.p files: http://www.mediafire.com/?p23hfvayiovghbg

  No.150791   Report                

Arcade Edition Mod + Boss Rush Story Mode Mod Full and Finished (incluide cgs, data, story, bgm, se, trainers, cheat engine + cheat list)!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/79i9gi3a1iwnoev/mbaacc+pc+-+arcade+edition+mod+%2B+boss+rush+story+mode+mod.zip

1364749121713.jpg (106 kb, 800x600)
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TM's april fools thing! gets updated hourly (i hope...)

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  No.150775   Report                

She looks like some back alley trash slut, too.

  No.150776   Report                
1396840559397.jpg (57 kb, 712x476)
  No.150777   Report                
1396840582743.jpg (38 kb, 387x558)
  No.150778   Report                

Why does everyone draw her with black hair?

  No.150779   Report                

Plus Period dictionary:

9/Altrouge Brunestud
The owner of Primate Murder. The vampire princess of the Dead Apostles. A mix of a True Ancestor and a Dead Apostle. Black. The lord of blood and contract.

  No.150780   Report                

Does the Japanese somehow imply hair color?

  No.150782   Report                

It just drops "黒。" between two unrelated sentences.

Make of that what you will.

  No.150783   Report                

..maybe she is Afro-American..

  No.150784   Report                

Why not just African, full stop?

  No.150785   Report                


>Altorouge Brunestud

1396613469299.jpg (74 kb, 800x600)
75540 No.150754   [Reply]   Report  

Would you suck her dick?

  No.150772   Report                

Looks like a castrato with a chancre.

  No.150774   Report                
1396800059365.jpg (269 kb, 1200x678)

I like her more like that.

1396545067928.png (581 kb, 1700x1500)
595428 No.150742   [Reply]   Report  

Destined to suffering!

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  No.150744   Report                

You should read Apocrypha Vol. 2 again, Vlad wasn't just betrayed, but also mindraped and utterly humiliated. Before his death he almost cried.

  No.150745   Report                


now I dont read Apocrypha, but Diarmuid did cry tears of blood.. was it worse than that?


also that little girl is supposed to be Elizabeth Bathory? ..thats bad..

  No.150746   Report                

Vlad's wish was erase legend of "Count Dracula" and restore his name's honor from humiliating untrue legend. In the end he was forcibly turned into vampire and eventually exorcised as mere whining beast.

  No.150747   Report                


that must have sucked..

at least was he a sadistic bastard impaling people and shit or was that part of the legend false as well?

its kind of disappointing he wasnt the real deal cause a true vampire, like a dead apostle who turned into an anti hero heroic spirit would have been interesting.

  No.150748   Report                

Zero Lancer was an idiot through and through, and the way he was portrayed didn't even corelate to the truth.

  No.150749   Report                

Vlad in Apocrypha is described as a real person on which is whole bloody legend just based.
This Vlad is basically real historical ruler of Wallachia and national hero of Romania. In the story, he admits some horrible things that he did during life like a war that he led against Turks, but he has no regrets about it because everything he did for love to his nation and can't stand the existence of legend that smeared his name with blood and accuses him from things that he never did.

His Noble Phantasm basically turns into a vampire from his legend and although he isn't true Dead Apostle he possesses all of their abilities and has enough strength to fight equally with six servants at once, but eventually he succumbed to one priest.

  No.150750   Report                

So Vlad from Extra and Vlad from Apocrypha wishes are the same?

  No.150751   Report                

No, because Vlad in Extra is more classic Dracula. Thus he has nothing to be ashamed of.

  No.150752   Report                

Being Berserker makes a world of difference, guys.

I laugh about Enkidu Lancer though. His personal level of suffering may be low, but the EX rank mainpain in Gilgamesh he caused to create the biggest douchebag we've come to know!

  No.150753   Report                


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