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1411313689336.jpg (83 kb, 556x596)
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Were they supposed to be twins, or did PP just give the wrong profile?

1406235532944.png (1833 kb, 1156x800)
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Can someone find better scans of this calendar? Content is pretty damn interesting.

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Disgusting D:

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I hope Ufo will give us more RinxSaber

  No.150969   Report                

That will depend on which route they will adapt.

  No.150972   Report                

RinxSaber hype

  No.150973   Report                

My body is ready


  No.150980   Report                

>>150965 I'm interested too, besides, DEEN>>>>>Ufotable, fact.

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Blame the troll.

1400223532499.jpg (447 kb, 778x475)
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Which Saber would you impregnate? Why and how many times?
For me all of them, Nero and Alter and Mordred especially. I'd make every Saber bare at least one child from me.

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Can I ask what the source of this is?

  No.151088   Report                

No, she wasn't.

  No.151089   Report                

Yes she was. Just look at Mordred's description at the wiki.

  No.151090   Report                

Don't trust the Wiki. Fate/Apocrypha cleared that up, there was no dickgirl.

  No.151092   Report                

No man, Fate/Apocrypha confirmed this. Merlin used magic on Arturia, she became a male and then Mordred's mother took semen from her.

  No.151093   Report                

If they changed it in Apocrypha, it was retconned/different in the AU. side material confirms Merlin did something to help her produce an heir, and Character material confirms she had a dick, so there is no possible argument there.

  No.151094   Report                

Does anyone care to give an actual quote for anything they say?

  No.151095   Report                

It's not like this stuff is hard to find.

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1410751971358.png (1645 kb, 1162x871)

I want to impregnate Nero ;_;

1410256370266.jpg (393 kb, 1488x1753)
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Happy Birthday, Len!

1327877055978.jpg (21 kb, 240x300)
21926 No.137093   [Reply]   Report  

Let's talk about Tsukihime for now /tm/.

Let us all remember all the feelings we had after finishing a route and hearing this play in the title screen.


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1405797641301.png (506 kb, 1023x577)

Who is this curry nigger?
Another pic of him from Carnival Phantasm

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Add a trigger warning next time you shitlord

  No.150950   Report                

any chance French-bread is going to add more characters from Melty Blood to Under Night In-Birth?

a crossover would be the best with all MB characters and maybe new dead apostles with nasus approval..

anyway, cant wait to get UNIB in a couple of weeks..

  No.151064   Report                

remake when?

  No.151081   Report                
1410037347685.jpg (2457 kb, 2500x1758)

I started replaying Tsukihime again. Back in 08', I made a list of my personal favourite endings:

9. Ciel Good Ending
8. Arcueid Good Ending
7. Ciel True Ending
6. Arcueid True Ending
5. Hisui True Ending
4. Hisui Good Ending
3. Kohaku True Ending
2. Akiha Good Ending

  1. Akiha True Ending

Make note that those were taken on an emotional basis, rather than on their quality basis. As far as the routes itself go, Ciel's and Kohaku's Route are among my favourites for their depth in characterizing both Roa and SHIKI.

  No.151082   Report                


>implying Akiha has a good ending
  No.151083   Report                

That was my point, both her endings got me hard on my feelings. Both are in their own ways depressing and by that, extremely emotional for me.

  No.151084   Report                

Disregard this, I got what you were trying to say.

  No.151085   Report                
1410136855294.jpg (585 kb, 676x1000)


You have pretty good taste. Even as someone who likes Ciel a lot, her endings were terrible and lackluster. The bit about original Roa was a nice touch that tends to easily get overlooked. Far Side routes are consistently good and powerful, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Near Side will get touched up in the remake.

What did you think of Akiha's "good" end in Kagetsu Tohya, by the way?

  No.151087   Report                

Ah, thanks man. It's just like you said, Ciel's ending felt extremely lackluster compared to the others, albeit her True Ending had that one good scene in which Shiki saw his younger self. I think that was one of the reasons why I thought of her True Ending slightly higher than that of Arcueid. I hope the same thing. If they manage to add more backstory to Ciel as Elesia (Roa's host), I think her route will become even better. But man, I still cant get over all these redesigns, especially Arcueid's redesign.

If you refer to Akiha's "good end" in Kagetsu Tohya by the side story, "A Story for the Evening", I thought it was quite nice that they added some more information on Akiha and Shikis whereabouts. It felt like it gave some great closure to her True Ending.

1409866587008.jpg (3315 kb, 2090x2587)
3394175 No.151077   [Reply]   Report  

Have Lancelot's Noble Phantasm descriptions been properly translated anywhere? I've only ever seen one summary of them.

  No.151078   Report                


It's probably not the exact same thing, but the general idea of how they work.

1407361052936.jpg (565 kb, 1250x842)
578783 No.150999   [Reply]   Report  

Refresh my memory, but what's the difference between Tohno Shiki's, and Ryougi Shiki's MEoDP?

Which is stronger?

And... can it kill servants?

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  No.151059   Report                
>Shirou is only human anyways. The reaction speed of a human, the movement speed of a human. Shiki can overcome those limitations, since he's trained to fight and kill demons.

You're not making any point though. Swordspam doesn't need Shirou to be human or inhuman, he just has to spam a rain of swords.

>It's not like he's facing against a machinegun.

That's right, it's worse, it's rain. Try to imagine Shiki cutting every single raindrop in a rain, even a light rain.
But even if it would be better for him, this doesn't mean he would need it. He can swordspam outside of the Reality Marble, he just has to prepare the swords in advance, then materialize and fire them all at once. That's what the swordspam is. Archer did it, Shirou did it, and there's no indication that the Reality Marble is actually needed for that. You can say that Shiki would kill the RM all you want, it's not relevant to the swordspam.

  No.151061   Report                

Yep, he doesn't need it, but what I said is it makes the swords go faster.

  No.151062   Report                

You guys make it sound like Shirou has an unlimited amount of mana to spam swords with. He only managed UBW, and swordspam with the help of Tohsaka.

Nine Lives Blade Works is another move he can't pull off by himself. He needed Archer's arm.

Shirou isn't Superman, and Nasu doesn't make him out to be one. By himself, against every single servant, or supernatural foe, he is Cannon Fodder.

At least Shiki managed to completely kill a Dead Apostle, using nothing but his own abilities.

  No.151066   Report                
>Nine Lives Blade Works is another move he can't pull off by himself. He needed Archer's arm.

He did it with Archer's arm, that's not the same. We know from the Fate route that he can look into the weapon's memory and let it move in auto-pilot, and that's exactly what he did with Nine Lives. The only thing that may change is that a human arm might turn to jello if he goes at divine speed like that, but there's nothing to say he just can't do it.
The same goes with swordspam, we know he did it when he had Rin's support, but we also do know he's capable of creating a bunch of weapons in a row. There's no reason to assume it would cost more prana to prepare them beforehand and shoot them all at once.

  No.151070   Report                

There's nothing to say he can do it without their help either.

Without Rin, he can't use Unlimited Blade Works, period as he doesn't have the mana to create it. Some swordspam might be possible, but not at the level of Archer.

And assuming Shirou can pull off Nine Lives Blade Works without Archer's arm is laughable. The only reason he could do it in the first place was because he had Archer's experience. He could look into UBW using the arm, and find the best technique to use.

Give Shirou a few decades to turn into a servant, then he can pull all those off easily.

  No.151071   Report                

Shirou =/= Archer (EMIYA).

Q: In Saber Route, Shirou did not encounter Archer's Reality Marble "Unlimited Blade Works" and certainly did not learn it. If he were to train and attempt to develop it by himself, how long would it take?

A: Ten years to master the basics, another ten years to become proficient at it.
... something like that.

Shirou&Archer can't swordspam outside of the Reality Marble like drops of rain or like a machinegun. Outside of RM, they can "create" ONE WEAPON AFTER ANOTHER AND PREPARE DOZENS TO USE LATER, in other words, is like a gun (shoot, reload, shoot, reload, shoot, reload), not dozens and dozens at the same time and firing them mercilessly like a living GoB (shootreload shootreload shootreload shootreload). The only moment that was clearly seen such move, was in Carnival Phantasm (not canon, only comedy) during the race while Archer was trying to attack Gilgamesh.

By the way, Nasu stated that Shirou and Saber only became victorious over the 5th War, because THE POWER OF LOVE, in other words, protagonism. ONLY THIS.

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  No.151072   Report                

If Shiki were to be summoned as a servant in future holy grail wars, what class would he/she most likely appear as?

  No.151073   Report                
>Shirou&Archer can't swordspam outside of the Reality Marble like drops of rain or like a machinegun.

Tell that to Caster in UBW route. Whole argument invalid.

  No.151074   Report                



No. Archer clearly declares after the talk between Caster and Souichirou:

"---------- Yes. If only you had done it a few seconds sooner."

And then comes the group of blades. Archer clearly had the time to create something that resembles his RM and creates your illusory "invalid".

2x: One after another and prepare dozens to use later.

Well, let's put more, shall we?

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  No.151076   Report                

Nothing in your quote says that he's using "something that resembles his RM." He's simply preparing his swords first, and shooting them once they are ready.
And in the first place, "something that resembles his RM" doesn't make sense: that's just plain Tracing. What he does inside and outside of the RM is the exact same thing, the only difference is that the RM helps him support a massive gatling gun-style spam. But to do a small version of the sword rain, he doesn't actually need it.

So Archer has been seen doing the rain without a need for the RM, and there's no indication about it on Shirou.
Now, note that I do understand Nasu's comment that Shirou would need 10 to 20 years to master it. But what I'm talking about here is just holding off Shiki for a couple of seconds, enough to trace Hercules' sword, and use its memory on auto-pilot.

1409673373281.jpg (57 kb, 640x480)
58633 No.151067   [Reply]   Report  

What does this stuff say?
シュメールが誇る超古代テクノロジーで作られた、全自動お料理マシーン。 ヒュドラ肉のような危険な食材でも問題なく調理し、至高の料理を作り出す高性能機械。 リミッターを外す事で性能がアップするが、そうすると何故か壊れてしまう。

幻想種である多頭蛇の生肉。 思いっ切り毒物が入っているが、念入りに血抜きをして内臓を取り除けば問題ないとの事。 調理にはシュメールの「ヒュドラ調理師免許」のテストに合格しなければならならないが、免許取得第一号であるギルガメッシュの後に続いた者は誰もいない。 また宝物庫には他人に渡せる位には予備が有るが、譲渡しても誰にも調理できない。


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  No.151068   Report                

Fully automatic cooker
Made of ultra-ancient Sumerian technology is proud, fully automatic cooking machine. High-performance machine that cooked without problems even in dangerous ingredients such as Hydra meat, creating a cuisine supreme. Performance is up by removing the limiter, but then it will break for some reason.
Greater the caster and rider acclaimed "blessing flavor of Steak Apusu of Hydra meat," which finished.
Use in "table named monster or" "hollow" drama CD.

Meat of Hydra
Raw meat of a multi-head snake is a fantastic species. Poison is on full blast, but it with no problem and take off the internal organs with the bleeding carefully. Do not have to pass the test of the Sumerian "Hydra chef license" in the cooking, but no one who has followed the Gilgamesh is a license acquisition first issue. There is also a spare in positions that can be passed to others to treasure, but can not cook to anyone even if the transfer.
Gilgamesh is the first place is to speak of an chef's license, but I'm throwing circle to fully automatic cooking cooker cooking in the play.
Use in "table named monster or" "hollow" drama CD.

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  No.151069   Report                

That's actually surprisingly coherent. It will be nice in like five or ten years when Google Translate is able to be almost fully accurate.

  No.151075   Report                

It's just Gilgamesh trying to win Saber's heart by cooking better than Shirou.

1329692029022.jpg (319 kb, 707x1000)
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1371439834655.jpg (395 kb, 600x849)
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1409606871723.jpg (808 kb, 858x1200)
  No.151051   Report                
1409606938171.jpg (273 kb, 600x600)
  No.151052   Report                
1409606991549.jpg (293 kb, 720x560)
  No.151053   Report                
1409607031455.jpg (151 kb, 600x600)
  No.151054   Report                
1409607126753.png (1097 kb, 1000x1000)
  No.151055   Report                
1409607196969.jpg (54 kb, 516x727)
  No.151056   Report                
1409607261194.png (532 kb, 1846x1738)
  No.151060   Report                

what's the source on this and what do they say

  No.151065   Report                
1409639366367.jpg (356 kb, 1300x1842)



1313877794516.jpg (59 kb, 400x250)
60367 No.127298   [Reply]   Report  

Perfect time to iniciate a brand new version of this thread, for those who don't remember: http://www.mediafire.com/?edhbbhp1gb0aagh
Most of its links still work except for 2
And that brings me to the second matter of this thread, my external hdd crashed so in order to get my collection back I need your help (I don't have access to my desktop right now, and that's why I am asking for help)

My eternal gratitude for those who can provide me with these especifics albums:

-Jill's Project / -MELTY BLOOD Hard Rock Arrange Mini Album- Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition- 2005

-Jill's Project / Bloody Chronicle -append disc:01- 2006

-Jill's Project / -MELTY BLOOD Hard Rock Arrange Mini Album- Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition- 2005

-Jill's Project / -Jill's Project "Jill's Project -the expansion-" Memorial Campaign Single MELTY BLOOD (Organ Solo Version)- 2007

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1377499656445.jpg (171 kb, 1200x900)

Starlit Marmalade Drama CD


Here you go, Lobo.

  No.150361   Report                

My bad. The latest thread wasn't the oldest.

  No.150369   Report                

Back then when this board was good. Before 4chan arrived to shitpost.


  No.150370   Report                
1388862728265.jpg (100 kb, 640x360)


>Before 4chan arrived to shitpost.

Except Type-Moon threads on 4chan were always better, you fucking retard.
Blame yourself and your shitty forums.

  No.150371   Report                

Keep dreaming. We blame you, this is your fault. Go back to 4chan.

  No.150372   Report                

I blame Nasus lazy ass..

  No.150478   Report                
1389722055317.jpg (118 kb, 713x716)


  No.150481   Report                

Magnet Link:


Copy and paste the magnet link into your bittorrent client:

BitTorrent -> File -> Add Torrent from URL... -> OK -> OK
Deluge -> File -> Add Torrent -> URL -> OK -> Add
qBittorrent -> File -> Add link to torrent... -> Download -> OK
Tixati -> Add -> Open Magnet-Link -> Open -> Start
Transmission-Qt -> File -> Open URL... -> Open
uTorrent -> File -> Add Torrent from URL... -> OK -> OK

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  No.150515   Report                
(the_antichrist_song).mp3 (1662 kb)

Most Americans Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

None of the 19 'suspects' are from Afghanistan, nor of
al-Qeada you crooked pack of satanic ungodly bushite
obamanoids warring Johnny and God for the final escape
of Condi, Bush and Cheney, and of course, Ozolek, the
mastermind of the terror attack (unified vision (Red Ex))
involving the sacrifice of thousands of innocent Americans
for further stolen gains by simply closing investigations
without near a word from the unfair as 'willing' losers all
the way around. Not in King Johnny's world does the
crooked liar escape a sound bible thumpin' on God willing
Justice always, as then that way, near everyone wins but
the unfair as proven. It's called 'The Golden Rule'.

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