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1409607031455.jpg (151 kb, 600x600)
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1409607126753.png (1097 kb, 1000x1000)
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1409607196969.jpg (54 kb, 516x727)
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1409607261194.png (532 kb, 1846x1738)
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what's the source on this and what do they say

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1409639366367.jpg (356 kb, 1300x1842)



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Is it bad that I ship Sion and Wallachia? I mean, geesh, look at them together...

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1416463283703.png (877 bytes, 64x64)

King of Earth was here.

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You are a horrible human being. They are grandfather and granddaughter, after all.

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1416628937189.jpg (407 kb, 576x450)

vc: path

1350278680532.jpg (32 kb, 300x300)
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Fate/stay night manga 77, 78, 79, 80.
Source: http://raw-hunters.com/raw-scan/shonen-ace/

77 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-9b655a72.html
78 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-f9c191e6.html
79 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-a9f77ec9.html
80 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-044cf60e.html

77 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/91faafa838/
78 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/cd1ff2f51e/
79 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/3fac997dca/
80 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/8e3bc790ef/

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Fate/Apocrypha volume 3 (japanese)


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Still too much traffic. Sigh... =_=

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can someone please reupload these? pretty please? TT_TT

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How possibly I can get the hands on this ? Unfortunately it's only in japan, but I hope someone can grab this online

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That game can only be played at Japan.
You need to go at specific places in Japan to continue the story.
Perfect bait for luring a hikikomori to go out and about.

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1415908931765.jpg (79 kb, 485x700)


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1415909032071.png (2082 kb, 1907x985)
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1416360599459.jpg (487 kb, 1089x1536)
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any scans or news for chibichuki aside from the ones on bosel's blog?

1327877055978.jpg (21 kb, 240x300)
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Let's talk about Tsukihime for now /tm/.

Let us all remember all the feelings we had after finishing a route and hearing this play in the title screen.


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>implying Akiha has a good ending
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That was my point, both her endings got me hard on my feelings. Both are in their own ways depressing and by that, extremely emotional for me.

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Disregard this, I got what you were trying to say.

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1410136855294.jpg (585 kb, 676x1000)


You have pretty good taste. Even as someone who likes Ciel a lot, her endings were terrible and lackluster. The bit about original Roa was a nice touch that tends to easily get overlooked. Far Side routes are consistently good and powerful, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Near Side will get touched up in the remake.

What did you think of Akiha's "good" end in Kagetsu Tohya, by the way?

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Ah, thanks man. It's just like you said, Ciel's ending felt extremely lackluster compared to the others, albeit her True Ending had that one good scene in which Shiki saw his younger self. I think that was one of the reasons why I thought of her True Ending slightly higher than that of Arcueid. I hope the same thing. If they manage to add more backstory to Ciel as Elesia (Roa's host), I think her route will become even better. But man, I still cant get over all these redesigns, especially Arcueid's redesign.

If you refer to Akiha's "good end" in Kagetsu Tohya by the side story, "A Story for the Evening", I thought it was quite nice that they added some more information on Akiha and Shikis whereabouts. It felt like it gave some great closure to her True Ending.

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1412319985773.jpg (123 kb, 640x480)
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1412319999902.jpg (70 kb, 864x633)
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1412320341356.jpg (112 kb, 640x480)
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1415898685968.png (327 kb, 640x480)

1416095138900.png (2707 kb, 1278x2000)
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1358770527626.jpg (121 kb, 1200x834)
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To those that can't read moon runes


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I need this in my life

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Me too ;_;

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1398404663874.jpg (214 kb, 900x1292)

(C85)[Crazy Clover Club] T-MOON COMPLEX X09:

Chinese translation

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It was great!

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1398444686437.jpg (233 kb, 1366x1000)
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are there any translations for volume 8 already?

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T-Moon Complex X 1-9 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj0drnnh2t2r251/T-Moon%20Complex%20X.zip?dl=0

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You sir, are a savior. But the dropbox link is supended. Can you upload it somewhere else?

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It's nothing new: 1-7 are in English, 8-9 in Chinese.

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1351265796091.jpg (65 kb, 561x477)
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"Hana no miyako" spin-off manga by Kirishima Takeru
Might be cool

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Chapter 2

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Bump. Might use this thread later.

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Chapter 3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1j5jujbic0zuus7/Let%27s_begin_with_being_friends.zip
Chapter 4: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tbjnlnsd1rwua8l/The_circumstances_of_Arima-san.zip
Chapter 5: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jz5dh5czssd8qdd/Chase_after_a_harmonious_spirit.zip

Actual translation of >>148280 This is a page originally included in chapter four.
3./ - Kuzuki Ami -葛水 亜魅
4./ Maria E Sokaris -マリア・E・ソカリス
8./ Kugamine Kunitsuna -久我峰 国綱
9./ Due to the loss of a Golden Badge, this position is vacant
10./ Mitsuzuri Minoru -美綴 稔
15./ Asagami Fujiya -浅 藤耶
21./ Sagara Kazuki -相良 和樹
997./ Akasa Maki -朱紗 慎妓
1666./ Fudou Akira -不動 晶
2001./ Nagare Ryouko -漆 亮子

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Chapter 6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1108yr71rpa0owc/Maria%27s_Trap-1.zip

The quality of chapter seven should be greater than this since I translated it a few weeks ago, unlike five and six, which were translated months ago. All I did was edit them because I'm a lazy faggot.

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Chapter 7:

  No.149555   Report                

thanks for new chapter.

miyako ftw

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Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:

  No.149841   Report                

Chapter 10: http://www.mediafire.com/?2rft1kx861nr11c

First Arc over.

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Semi-complete: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3106-Hana-No-Miyako?p=1637263&viewfull=1#post1637263

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1313877794516.jpg (59 kb, 400x250)
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Perfect time to iniciate a brand new version of this thread, for those who don't remember: http://www.mediafire.com/?edhbbhp1gb0aagh
Most of its links still work except for 2
And that brings me to the second matter of this thread, my external hdd crashed so in order to get my collection back I need your help (I don't have access to my desktop right now, and that's why I am asking for help)

My eternal gratitude for those who can provide me with these especifics albums:

-Jill's Project / -MELTY BLOOD Hard Rock Arrange Mini Album- Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition- 2005

-Jill's Project / Bloody Chronicle -append disc:01- 2006

-Jill's Project / -MELTY BLOOD Hard Rock Arrange Mini Album- Bloody Chronicle -experiment edition- 2005

-Jill's Project / -Jill's Project "Jill's Project -the expansion-" Memorial Campaign Single MELTY BLOOD (Organ Solo Version)- 2007

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My bad. The latest thread wasn't the oldest.

  No.150369   Report                

Back then when this board was good. Before 4chan arrived to shitpost.


  No.150370   Report                
1388862728265.jpg (100 kb, 640x360)


>Before 4chan arrived to shitpost.

Except Type-Moon threads on 4chan were always better, you fucking retard.
Blame yourself and your shitty forums.

  No.150371   Report                

Keep dreaming. We blame you, this is your fault. Go back to 4chan.

  No.150372   Report                

I blame Nasus lazy ass..

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1389722055317.jpg (118 kb, 713x716)


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Magnet Link:


Copy and paste the magnet link into your bittorrent client:

BitTorrent -> File -> Add Torrent from URL... -> OK -> OK
Deluge -> File -> Add Torrent -> URL -> OK -> Add
qBittorrent -> File -> Add link to torrent... -> Download -> OK
Tixati -> Add -> Open Magnet-Link -> Open -> Start
Transmission-Qt -> File -> Open URL... -> Open
uTorrent -> File -> Add Torrent from URL... -> OK -> OK

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(the_antichrist_song).mp3 (1662 kb)

Most Americans Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

None of the 19 'suspects' are from Afghanistan, nor of
al-Qeada you crooked pack of satanic ungodly bushite
obamanoids warring Johnny and God for the final escape
of Condi, Bush and Cheney, and of course, Ozolek, the
mastermind of the terror attack (unified vision (Red Ex))
involving the sacrifice of thousands of innocent Americans
for further stolen gains by simply closing investigations
without near a word from the unfair as 'willing' losers all
the way around. Not in King Johnny's world does the
crooked liar escape a sound bible thumpin' on God willing
Justice always, as then that way, near everyone wins but
the unfair as proven. It's called 'The Golden Rule'.

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1341519943388.jpg (565 kb, 1152x864)
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Patch Rev 1.4.0 Crackead and with keyboard:


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This hand of mine glows with a--


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Does anyone have a voice rip of all the characters? Or at least a program that can unpack the gamefiles?

  No.149280   Report                

mbaacc .p files extractor + trainers: http://www.mediafire.com/?p23hfvayiovghbg

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1375480426865.jpg (628 kb, 2676x2007)
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Necro-bump after 2 years.
Just found a workaround on MirrorMoon's patch on GameFAQs.
Open the patcher on 7Zip, copy all folders except the $ folder, and paste them to your MBAACC folder. Then install the font in $FONTS.

  No.150470   Report                

Is anyone willing to share an extractor for mbac ver.b pc?

  No.150710   Report                

link: https://www.mediafire.com/?nvzzdf9ppx7qsbr

Special Mod for play MBAACC Ver. 1.07 Rev. 1.4.0 for PC like the Arcade/PS2 version of MBAA in some parts of the visual graph of the game (the character selection screen), restored some parts of speech that were not present or were deleted in the final version of each game MBAA (Sion Tatari, Warachia, Arcueid, Kohaku & Hisui, etc ...) and also added some files along with a trainer to be able to play with the Eclipse Style versions of most characters (including Boss Rush Warachia, Miyako, White Len versions, Aoko, Koha & Mech, Akiha and Shiki Ryougi) and final bosses Dust of Osiris and G-Akiha, just simply select Style Eclipse after selecting the character.

PS: You need to extract the files to an uncompressed format 000x.p, make a backup of these files 000x.p, and use the unzipped files to run the game before using this mod.

Link to the decompressor 000x.p files: http://www.mediafire.com/?p23hfvayiovghbg

  No.150791   Report                

Arcade Edition Mod + Boss Rush Story Mode Mod Full and Finished (incluide cgs, data, story, bgm, se, trainers, cheat engine + cheat list)!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/79i9gi3a1iwnoev/mbaacc+pc+-+arcade+edition+mod+%2B+boss+rush+story+mode+mod.zip

  No.151353   Report                


1374539985107.jpg (197 kb, 728x1099)
201622 No.149273   [Reply]   Report  

Two trainers for rev. 1.4.0 + .p files extractor (finally)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/?p23hfvayiovghbg

  No.149274   Report                

links for all for all the contents of files in *.p unpacked and unmodified:


PS: PS: Do not forget to make a backup of all files in format *.p to a folder. After this, just replace this files for these and play the game normally. Good to try to make some mods and translate the game themselves.

  No.149279   Report                

My first mod to leave the game like the arcade version and also in some parts of some characters of the story mode. To use it, you must first unzip the files. P to function and the instructions are in Portuguese (It is necessary to translate the text into English).


  No.149762   Report                

Cool stuff! kudos omega sonic

Does anyone have similar tools for MBAC ver.B? I've been looking for them for some time, without luck

  No.151352   Report                


1355392692389.jpg (58 kb, 600x468)
59497 No.147175   [Reply]   Report  

I don't like it.

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1393976422736.png (867 kb, 655x2728)
  No.150649   Report                
1393982511170.png (17 kb, 137x122)

I like it.

  No.150661   Report                

Granny dress Arc had her charm. It emphasized how out of place she is in modern society.
Now Arc kind of looks like a college girl.

  No.150662   Report                

Except her granny dress looked completely natural in that time when Tsukihime happened, dumbass.

  No.150663   Report                

Obviously you are still in your dad's balls at that time, because no one in the 90's dress that way except your grandma.

  No.150666   Report                

I dressed your mom in that granny skirt if you know what I mean, son.

  No.150674   Report                


I don't know what you meant, but your mom seems to know because she's doing the spreading eagle.

  No.150675   Report                

You tried to make a decent comeback in 4 days?

Still failed sadly.

  No.150676   Report                

I tried as fast as I could, but your mom won't let me leave the bed and she's too heavy to push off of me.

  No.151350   Report                


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