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1350278680532.jpg (32 kb, 300x300)
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Fate/stay night manga 77, 78, 79, 80.
Source: http://raw-hunters.com/raw-scan/shonen-ace/

77 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-9b655a72.html
78 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-f9c191e6.html
79 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-a9f77ec9.html
80 http://www.datafilehost.com/download-044cf60e.html

77 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/91faafa838/
78 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/cd1ff2f51e/
79 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/3fac997dca/
80 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/8e3bc790ef/

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Fate/hollow ataraxia: あるいは怪物という名の食卓


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1432217110658.jpg (66 kb, 333x383)



Koha-Ace EX:

Koha-Ace Collection:

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after about a year of not visiting this site, has there been any new translated non-h TM doujins as of late?

Also, has there been a translation of TM Complex X 9 already?

Thank you

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1434107439506.jpg (34 kb, 440x600)

Holy Grail 2.0: https://mega.co.nz/#F!BA4yHYoT!NwGVKj4q9Z1vnpKlYY-4UQ

TYPE-MOON Collection BOX: https://mega.co.nz/#F!Og0BUa6Q!sKC7Z_KCijqmPEaonHteBw

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>Also, has there been a translation of TM Complex X 9 already?

Not yet.

  No.151673   Report                

What happened to Fate/Hollow Ataraxia?

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Fate EXTRA CCC • 1.01. Sakura Meikyuu (Short ver.).mp3 (4496 kb)



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1435864571253.jpg (671 kb, 900x1297)

Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] コミックアラカルト
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] COMIC à la carte

Language: Chinese



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1435899402903.jpg (1396 kb, 1776x2500)


Language: Japanese


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Has this volume of the Illya manga finished?

1435699195950.jpg (655 kb, 1520x1080)
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[About the keyword of the project - 新生 - rebirth/second birth]

>They want to reintroduce Tsukihime to player and they thought about what to do.
>Kinoko Nasu feels lot like when the worked on Mahoyo. Making graphics better, taking the scenartio to another level, but the base stays the same.
>They want to make the player think "nostalgic but fresh" about some things they see in the game, move his feelings by some things, surprise him, and to give it all Type-Moon has.

[About the setting change]

>The setting now change from a city that resembled "vaguely Tokyo suburbs" to pretty clearly "Tokyo metropolitan area". The scale of the incidents doesn't change, but the new scale of the setting might affect the story in some way, please look forward to it.
>Long talk about how different settings might feel. Original Tsukihime and Mahoyo are kinda like "what if something happened here" to new "big cities are scary, isn't it, things like this happen in big cities".
>Takeuchi says a big city is more fit for modern vampire stories.
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1435904669840.jpg (1242 kb, 1771x2500)


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1435911989813.jpg (101 kb, 500x281)

This is disgusting. They destroyed everything I loved.

The designs are really generic, they lack the personality the old designs had.

Type-Moon is dead.

  No.151751   Report                

Would you explain why?

  No.151752   Report                


>The designs are really generic, they lack the personality the old designs had.

If you disagree with that, just agree that you have a different opinion instead of asking him to write a thesis or something.

  No.151753   Report                


I'm not that anon, but I agree in that I prefer most aspects of the old character designs. The new ones feel much too same-face with previous works. Plus things like Arc's old outfit being quirky and feeling 'out-of-time', rather than the new sexualized clothes.

  No.151758   Report                
1436020493234.png (57 kb, 369x405)

Dunno about you guys but my hype for the Remake is 0 right now. It's like they're sabotaging the project on purpose so it bombs and they can keep shitting out more Fate garbage.

  No.151759   Report                

Modernized designs doesn't mean sabotaging, an neither does you not liking said modernized designs for whichever reason you like.

  No.151761   Report                

The desings themselves look way better than the original ones, Arcueird dressed like a grandma when the stoy is supposed to take place in 2000 or something, but Shiki's glasses look really fucking dumb and he's pretty much Shirou wearing glasses with some hair.

  No.151762   Report                
1436163642074.jpg (291 kb, 527x2496)
  No.151763   Report                
>Arcueird dressed like a grandma when the stoy is supposed to take place in 2000 or something

No shit, that's the point.

1351265796091.jpg (65 kb, 561x477)
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"Hana no miyako" spin-off manga by Kirishima Takeru
Might be cool

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Chapter 6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1108yr71rpa0owc/Maria%27s_Trap-1.zip

The quality of chapter seven should be greater than this since I translated it a few weeks ago, unlike five and six, which were translated months ago. All I did was edit them because I'm a lazy faggot.

  No.149551   Report                

Chapter 7:

  No.149555   Report                

thanks for new chapter.

miyako ftw

  No.149621   Report                

Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:

  No.149841   Report                

Chapter 10: http://www.mediafire.com/?2rft1kx861nr11c

First Arc over.

  No.151049   Report                

Semi-complete: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3106-Hana-No-Miyako?p=1637263&viewfull=1#post1637263

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1418628280511.jpg (159 kb, 600x845)

Well, turns out this has become a doujin manga now. Guess a good place to follow it would be Kirishima's blog: http://kirisimatakeru.hatenablog.com/

Latest entry is a drawing of Miyako and Arturia by Takeru's wife. How cute.

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Legend prologue: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kx5jfvcw76t4ban/Hana+no+Miyako!+Legend.zip

  No.151760   Report                

The Type-Moon Ace 10 extra chapter: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kx7qwn5mm7w8413/T-AC10+At+the+beach.zip

1427677983985.jpg (224 kb, 713x1000)
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---The one who obtains the Holy Grail will have any wish come true.

The Holy Grail War.
A great ritual that materializes the greatest holy artifact, the Holy Grail.
There are two conditions to participate in this ritual.
To be a magus, and to be a "Master" chosen by the Holy Grail.
(The experience as a magus is not questioned if one has the aptitude)

There are seven chosen Masters, and seven classes of Servants.

There is only one Holy Grail.
If you wish for a miracle.
Prove that you are the strongest with your powers.

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1435547304382.jpg (54 kb, 600x424)
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1435617438323.jpg (50 kb, 600x450)
>2015/6/27: Final episode! (Kinoko Nasu)

"Wow, a new character showed up even though it's the last episode (monotone).
I wonder who she is, that beautiful, splendid, blonde drills pro wrestling rich lady!"
"Oh, she's in Prilya too. It's not that surprising."
"D A M N Y O U H I R O Y A M A H I R O S H I !"

Did you enjoy the last episode of Fate/stay night [UBW]?

Impressive, ufo managed to cram new settings and character designs into the last episode like it was nothing.

I think you'll see why the stage moved for #25: Epilogue if you watch it.
To our viewers who have followed us for two seasons, it's not because "we're shifting to the Sakura route next," but because we wanted to give you "the continuation of Unlimited Blade Works."

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  No.151706   Report                

Unlimited Blade Works will have continuation?

  No.151707   Report                


I think what he wanted to say is the last ep was the continuation of UBW..

  No.151708   Report                

Is incomplete, you missed this part:




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1435795261364.png (261 kb, 536x268)
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1435974313881.jpg (1738 kb, 2475x1912)
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1435974531538.jpg (901 kb, 2475x1912)


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1435974561440.jpg (995 kb, 2970x2295)


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1435974662369.jpg (926 kb, 2970x2295)


1327877055978.jpg (21 kb, 240x300)
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Let's talk about Tsukihime for now /tm/.

Let us all remember all the feelings we had after finishing a route and hearing this play in the title screen.


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1419457573909.png (362 kb, 640x480)

Arcueid Brunestud [Person's name • True Ancestors]
One of the heroines in Tsukihime. Probably the strongest, most incorrigible character in the story.
She is a True Ancestor, born in the 12th Century for the sole purpose of hunting those True Ancestors that had fallen and become demon lords.
After flushing out all of the Fallen Ancestors, she was commanded to start hunting Dead Apostles as well.
However, when Roa tricked her into drinking his blood, she went berserk and wiped out most of the few remaining True Ancestors, prompting her to seal herself within the reality marble known as the Millennium Castle Brunestud.
From that point on, she left the castle only to hunt down and execute Roa every time he reincarnated.
She is the princess of the True Ancestors, and used to have much longer hair than she does now. The reason for its current length is not because she cut it herself, but because it was stolen from her during a battle with the Dead Apostle Altrouge.
She was originally an existence with no use for emotions, but after meeting (being killed by) Tohno Shiki her state of mind changed dramatically. It's similar to a broken machine that just isn't quite the same when you put it back together.
As a result, the pure and noble vampire princess was, through some mistake, reborn as a carefree, airheaded funny vamp who enjoys taking spontaneous strolls around town. Of course, there are two sides to any coin, and emotion is no different – now when she gets scary, she gets really, really scary. Luckily, despite her apparent optimism, she is actually a pessimist at heart, and so very rarely gets seriously angry.

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1419458540341.jpg (409 kb, 1272x895)

Tsukihime Dokuhon PlusPeriod - TSUKIHIME Dictionary: Ciel [Person's name], p.179-180
One of the heroines in Tsukihime. A mysterious upperclassman. At the beginning of the game, she planted a suggestion in both Shiki and the players' heads that she was just an ordinary, strangely named sempai that they already knew. Also, glasses.

In truth, she is the newest member of the Church's inquisition force, the Burial Agency, and is tasked with punishing the Dead Apostle Roa. She infiltrated Shiki's school because she suspected him of being Roa's reincarnation, but in the process of observing him she ended up being charmed by him instead. It wasn't something as simple as falling in love, of course. It's just that she was moved by the fact that Shiki could lead such a carefree life despite having experienced death just like she had.

Due to a certain contradiction, she is an existence that cannot die no matter what happens. She is trying to destroy Roa in order to resolve this state of affairs. She boasts excellent reflexes, and is number seven in the Burial Agency despite her young age. She's not just skilled in martial arts, though. The knowledge of sorcery that she inherited from Roa is equivalent to that possessed by a magus of the rank of Grand – the highest rank in the Association. Even in the Church, where sorcery is officially forbidden, this is regarded as a highly useful asset. However, Ciel herself hates drawing on Roa's knowledge.

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1419482838911.jpg (2708 kb, 2500x1759)

Akiha Tohno [Person's name]
One of the heroines in Tsukihime. Shiki's younger sister, and the Tohno family's heir. She has long black hair and a dignified posture, firm speech, and an unendearing personality. On top of that, her love of strict discipline can make her somewhat hard to get along with.

Perhaps it's because she doesn't think much of the way Shiki lived doing whatever he pleased for eight years, but she lashes out at him every chance she gets. Though she is basically straightforward and honest at her core, she is also unyielding and hates losing, so her true personality rarely gets a chance to shine.

She was one of the people involved in the accident eight years ago, after which her dormant Tohno blood was awakened. Though she would have been able to suppress it if she only had to worry about herself, she was carrying the burden of two people. As a result, she started being attacked by seizures nearly every night, and at Kohaku's suggestion began drinking blood to maintain her body. …Of course, it was all just a scheme to push Akiha closer to her Tohno nature. Probably, even Akiha herself was aware of it on some level. In one of the routes, she ended up inverting and demonstrating her power to its fullest extent. That dreadful form, with its fluttering vermilion hair, is probably capable of exceeding even a rampaging Arcueid.

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1419483024346.jpg (288 kb, 800x600)

Akiha Vermillion [Person's name]
Akiha in a state close to Crimson Red Vermilion.
Through sheer willpower alone, she is able to control her rampage and avoid fully becoming a Crimson Red Vermilion. Or rather, for Akiha this form is actually what she looks like when she's conserving her strength, and her normal form is the result of her actively using her power to suppress her oni blood. It's quite similar to the situation with Arcueid and her vampiric impulse. Properly speaking, becoming a Crimson Red Vermilion means completely losing your ability to reason, but it seems even in this state Akiha still has some sanity left. This, too, is probably by virtue of her high aptitude for it.

Crimson Red Vermilion [Term]
The name for when those with inhuman heritage have drawn out their sleeping blood to the maximum possible extent. Once they reach this state, they are wreathed in a mirage-like haze and can never return to being human.

The name Crimson Red Vermilion is unique to the families ruled over by the Tohno household. Elsewhere, it is known as Ancestral Return.
As one with particularly tainted blood, the possibility that Akiha will become a Crimson Red Vermilion is high.

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  No.151472   Report                
1421728944066.jpg (90 kb, 422x600)
  No.151474   Report                

Now I wish I had bought the game in C56 in those shitty floppy disks.

  No.151520   Report                

Anyone know where to find "Colorful Moon Tsukihime - Perfect Fan Book"?

  No.151657   Report                
1433285546731.jpg (179 kb, 820x1200)
  No.151702   Report                
1435548600761.jpg (176 kb, 846x1200)
  No.151704   Report                
08 - Tsukihime.mp3 (7753 kb)

1435608869340.jpg (31 kb, 400x400)
31608 No.151703   [Reply]   Report  

What a bunch of sissy fuccbois.

1435358288215.png (1656 kb, 846x1200)
1695639 No.151689   [Reply]   Report  

The world is set in a school called Tsukumihara Academy, a fictional place existing with an artificial environment called the Moon Cell. There, the Moon Cell orchestrates a replication of the Holy Grail War using a system called Serial Phantasm or SE.RA.PH, which handles the summoning of Servants. Servant data is taken from the Automaton, a spiritual computer system built on the lunar surface by a pre-human civilization and discovered by humans in the year 2032. The Automaton has monitored and recorded all occurrences on the Earth (including the activities of human heroes) since time immemorial.

Each of the 128 participants in the war must duel the other Masters in a place called the Arena, where failure results in deletion from both the real and digital worlds. When only one remains, the "Holy Grail" shall grant the victor's wish.

Waking up in a strange virtual world with no recollection of the past, the main character finds themselves forced to fight for survival in a war they do not understand for a prize beyond value; the opportunity to have one’s wish granted. With only an enigmatic “Servant” by their side, the protagonist will have to face both friends and foes in battles to the death in order to not only gain possession of a mysterious object known as the “Holy Grail,” but also to find the answer to the most important question of all: “Who am I?”

Players are exposed to new dangers and the girls reveal a side of themselves that they have kept hidden in the first game. The person who knows the truth is Sakura, and the servant waiting to be claimed is Saber. Full of tension and seduction, this is an adventure that simply could not be missed.

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  No.151690   Report                

I wanted to play CCC, but I don't know japanese D:

I tried playing it anyway, but I got stuck in the third or fourth dungeon and had no idea what was going on.

  No.151691   Report                
Fate EXTRA CCC • 3.04. servant_extra (caster, extra life with anyone she wants).mp3 (6346 kb)

Caster route is amazing in this game. The interface is more streamlined, but the battle system is basically the same as the first game. They added a lot more fan service, especially with the "punish time" system. The new characters are hit and miss (Passion and Ginako are pretty annoying). I think the soundtrack is improved as well, and some of the tracks are pretty catchy. Feels a lot less low-budget than the first game.

Worth playing for Caster End, and Strange Tail Girl/Red Lancer.

  No.151699   Report                
1435471518390.jpg (438 kb, 1100x1600)
>Fate/EXTRA + CCC (PSP): https://mega.co.nz/#!2xVEgJbQ!HPjP4_UBnOLiIVQNvY-CjS-rJ7PX3bJglA8nJEp1rYk
>Fate/EXTRA CCC - EXTRA Garden: https://mega.co.nz/#F!kYlGADIK!ZUd5uiBm3PVwATqHLCzwSg
>Fate/EXTRA CCC FoxTail [Takenoko Seijin]: https://mega.co.nz/#!n4MRQbIK!YhvIJcj9fx4kXUOln6BUMWm5nXl2q-OWC8ZwwKe8eMg
>Fate/EXTRA material: https://mega.co.nz/#!QNcjxIDJ!eK3VYC0YVRvibqyFbWpt5Rtu5rpb8y5Gq7iGsiFeVqc
>Fate/EXTRA Visual Fanbook: https://mega.co.nz/#F!wE01SAbT!Rc0EeDRxwPNiGqmSMWf1jw
  No.151700   Report                
1435476861471.jpg (163 kb, 900x1108)

1403287270259.jpg (51 kb, 600x600)
51779 No.150871   [Reply]   Report  

Some gay nerd from homo lair leaked the 100% (non validated) patch.

Damage control everywhere.

  No.150874   Report                

Leaked? You know you could always get the contents from http://seiba.us.to/entrans/main.php, right?

  No.150875   Report                

It made Jack butthurt and he released the actual patch.

  No.150876   Report                

Wait, Jack released it? I can't find it anywhere.

  No.150877   Report                

That doesn't make sense - Jack had released a few unvalidated patches himself over the course of the thread.

Well, forum drama moves in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform. Hopefully whatshisname validates some more stuff and that other guy approves it.

  No.150878   Report                

He deleted after a few hours cause he was a bitch.

I think /a/ or /jp/ still have it

  No.150880   Report                

This? It supports English locale.


  No.150881   Report                


  No.150883   Report                

It.... can't..... be..... stopped...

  No.151681   Report                
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1387381210733.jpg (204 kb, 500x378)
208547 No.150162   [Reply]   Report  

Takeuchi revealed Sakura Saber's True Name. She is.... Okita Souji?


GODDAMMIT! Another crossbender?!

  No.150163   Report                

Welcome to three weeks ago.

  No.150164   Report                
1387384663720.png (798 kb, 1024x576)

Waito piggus u rike it?

u rike?

disgusting piggus

make sure to buy it and all other merchandize

  No.150165   Report                
1387389512963.jpg (88 kb, 606x340)
  No.150690   Report                

Could anyone translate Oda's Noble Phantasm?

JP wiki:

  No.150691   Report                

Based on Tactics from battle of Nagashino.
Shoots 3000 matchlocks in all directions.
Super strong.
Can defeat a well known Rider with an EX NP. (Not Alex, but the Japanese Rider that hasn't been released.)

  No.150700   Report                
1395932272806.jpg (182 kb, 1200x960)


Tenka Fubu
Rank: E~EX
Origins: The famous policy of Nobunaga - who dreamed about the unification of the country - and the "three lines of fire" strategy that Nobunaga is said to have employed in the Battle of Nagashino.
Countless arquebuses are deployed in her surroundings and volley fire is performed towards every direction while matching the guns she hold in both hands.
The person herself evaluates it as "a Mami-like [Arquebus-Kata] action by means of 3000 arquebuses".
In a conversation with Sakura Saber, it is learned that she was cornered to the verge of defeat by its tremendous destructive power and overwhelming fire-density, and it once defeated a quite famous Patriotic Hero* of the Rider Class that owned a EX Rank Noble Phantasm in a head-on fight.
Also, because of the anecdote of consigning the cavalry of the Takeda Army to oblivion, it displays a particularly strong effectiveness against Servants possessing aptitude as a Rider - it would kick away Medusa or Red Saber.

*Patriotic Hero is a general term used to refer to all the Japanese Heroic Spirits that appears in this spin-off.

  No.150701   Report                

Wow some irrelevant non-canon powerlevels.


  No.150702   Report                

You seem to care quite a bit.

  No.151680   Report                


1400209453059.jpg (254 kb, 1600x1067)
259889 No.150839   [Reply]   Report  
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1402784781626.jpg (214 kb, 700x1052)

cosplay thread?

  No.150863   Report                
1402784805994.jpg (304 kb, 524x740)
  No.150864   Report                
1402784824699.jpg (221 kb, 400x583)
  No.150865   Report                
1402784839957.jpg (218 kb, 400x583)
  No.150866   Report                
1402784940205.jpg (144 kb, 375x500)

any good Ciel cosplays without horrid wig?

  No.150867   Report                


Why is 3DPD so disgusting?

  No.150868   Report                
1403039246922.jpg (128 kb, 426x640)

Please satiate my appetite for moar cosplay.

  No.150924   Report                

eat my fukkin farts

  No.150927   Report                


  No.151678   Report                


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