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47384 No.151029   [Reply]   Report  

Huh. I forgot this board existed for a few years there.

Bedivere thread, my good chaps. Go.

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Suck my cock homo.

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Did you mean Suck my homo cock?

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Refresh my memory, but what's the difference between Tohno Shiki's, and Ryougi Shiki's MEoDP?

Which is stronger?

And... can it kill servants?

  No.151000   Report                

In a sense, both Eyes are identical in every way. What really makes the difference is their individual aptitude and manner of use. All in all, just keep these two points in mind:

1 - Touno (Nanaya) Shiki is burdened with the risk of frying his brain whenever he uses the Eyes. Ryougi is not.

2 - Ryougi Shiki became specialized in using the Eyes to "kill" formless concepts (such as magic and the like). Touno (Nanaya) is better when dealing with lifeforms.

3 - Yes, the Eyes can kill Servants. But whatever or not the two 'Shiki's can pull it off is another matter altogether. It is pretty certain that Touno (Nanaya) will end up frying his brain in the process, while Ryougi simply does not have the physical prowess to survive in a fight against a Servant.

  No.151001   Report                


>It is pretty certain that Touno (Nanaya) will end up frying his brain in the process

Not really, if he doesn't take too long. Tohno Shiki is agile as hell and has the equivalent of an "Instinct" servant skill.

  No.151012   Report                
>Not really, if he doesn't take too long.

He takes long enough to almost die when killing poison inside a person's body, so yes, he's always at risk.

  No.151023   Report                

Don't make shit up, it was the normal headache he always has when he removes his glasses.

Also, http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Encyclopedia/Magazines#08.2F2006

It says Shiki would defeat Shirou in a battle. Shirou defeated both Archer and Gil. By proxy, he would be able to defeat them as well, since their powers are basically the same.

  No.151024   Report                

Oooh, okay, you're' a dumb troll.

  No.151027   Report                

I'm giving sources, you're the one making shit up.

  No.151028   Report                

You're changing the meaning of a source to support some dumb shit you say, you're a troll. Or maybe you actually believe it and you're dumb and super late.

1407420647532.jpg (151 kb, 730x862)
154964 No.151002   [Reply]   Report  

So who's the girl on the left

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  No.151010   Report                

source plox

It's an online game, something like a reboot of Fate/Apocrypha's original plans.

  No.151011   Report                

The stray Servant was called "Servant of the shield" and Rho Aias was a remnant from the plot line she was in, so the stray Servant must have been Ajax, unless it was greatly changed by the time it appeared in UBW. And when that Servant was made, maybe the class system was different, so it wasn't a Lancer but just a shield-wielding Servant.
The girl up here is probably not the same Ajax unless explicitly stated, so there's no reason to relate the stray Servant with the Lancer class.

  No.151013   Report                


but I wonder how can a shield wielding servant win the war... she must have some offensive weapon, and wouldnt a lance be logical if she is Ajax? or she is supposed to smash the other servants with the shield?

  No.151014   Report                

She can just shield herself until everyone kills themselves and then win.

  No.151015   Report                


meh, I guess... unless the opponents kill her master or have a strong enough attack she cannot defend against.

  No.151016   Report                

Do you realize you're talking about a plotline that was abandoned? Maybe there's a reason it was abandoned.

  No.151017   Report                


and there must be a reason its rebooted.

not to mention I doubt they abandoned it cause they realized their shield wielding servant has no mean to attack at the middle and said "ah, screw it".

  No.151018   Report                
>and there must be a reason its rebooted.

What is rebooted?

  No.151025   Report                

Fate/Grand Order

Any speculations?

Saw the video, the only thing I understood is "online", "reboot" and "iOS and Android"

  No.151026   Report                

Wow, they chose Maaya Sakamoto to voice Jeanne d'Arc, huh.

Looks like the game will take place in past holy grail wars. "A story about taking back the future."

1407872666631.jpg (589 kb, 1000x1681)
602833 No.151021   [Reply]   Report  


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1407892359612.png (43 kb, 275x300)

1363304882123.jpg (160 kb, 612x856)
163398 No.148350   [Reply]   Report  

New art. Mikiya looks... a bit like Ciel with that hair o.O

source http://www.karanokyoukai.com/teaser_news/

  No.148351   Report                

He looks like Altria with those eyes.

  No.148352   Report                

You people look too hard into it.

  No.148353   Report                

You try too hard to complain about people.

  No.148359   Report                

I don't like Shiki's face :(. The rest is ok I guess...


What's this new art for btw ? Heard they were going to but KnK back into the theatres in 3D or something... Do we know if they will add scenes ?

  No.148360   Report                

Almost everyone has such eyes nowadays.

  No.148361   Report                


Not much of a complaint, imo. I think he's right, we tend to look way too hard into things.

  No.148365   Report                


I agree. Still. They do look like Saber eyes to me, I guess I'm just too analytical.

  No.148366   Report                

yeah its suppose to be the art for the first movie in 3d and something about the Mirai Fukuin movie tickets.

i dunno.. i just thought of ciel when i saw mikiya lol.

  No.148367   Report                

Kinda true, tbh...

1405843192212.jpg (111 kb, 667x508)
113599 No.150951   [Reply]   Report  

Ha, ha. Your Russian friends translated Garden of Oblivion.


  No.150953   Report                

Didn't you guys know? Russians are awesome.

  No.150954   Report                

I can't read russian, so lolnope

  No.150955   Report                

Luckily, I'm Russian and I've already read it. That's how awesome we are ^^

  No.150979   Report                

Russian translations are known for being shit though.

  No.150981   Report                

Yep, by those who can't understand shit in them.

  No.151019   Report                

No. Really good russian translations is only a small amount in a ocean full of shitty works. And trust me, i know what i'm say.

1407022229588.jpg (27 kb, 743x481)
27896 No.150995   [Reply]   Report  

ok what if Rin's dad hid Gil's catalyst in the Zelretch chest and Rin summoned another Gil in the fifth war. I wonder how the two Gils would interact.

It's obvious that Rin's Gil would be stronger because she's a better magus than Kotomine, and he's already balancing both Gil and Lancer. And I read in one of the material books that Rin and Gil have the better master-servant compatibility of all masters and servants.

  No.150996   Report                

I like Gil and Luvia possibslity better. They look perfect together.

  No.150997   Report                

Gil and Luvia...omfg its so disgusting.

  No.150998   Report                

The way Rin is, the Grail War would be over in two days.

1383520423946.png (104 kb, 242x251)
106998 No.149989   [Reply]   Report  

2014 is the year of fate stay night

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Hey Mongrels, My name is Gilgamesh, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, mad dogs who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass grails. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own servants, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to Rider. Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was king of Uruk, and starter on my basketball team. What countries do you rule, other than “Britain”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening. Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch

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1407006943122.png (26 kb, 336x330)

I had to bump this because I LMAO

  No.150994   Report                
1407010123609.jpg (750 kb, 1920x2160)

1406460224062.jpg (130 kb, 597x841)
133299 No.150971   [Reply]   Report  

NOOOOO!!!!! Why fucking HF?????

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  No.150976   Report                

What about the infos on Fate/strange fake? I hope it's just a short movie like Fate/Prototype, because if they try to continue the story it'll be lame.

  No.150977   Report                

It's novels. Why would it be lame? Narita only set up the most bare-bones setting elements. I'm mostly wondering what he'll do with the Player character. Scrap the Servant Command Spells entirely, give him a Servant for an entire day instead of a few minutes, or just make a different seventh class. If the chinese emperor is still part of the plot, I bet it'll get summoned mid-war as the mandatory genderbent Servant.

  No.150978   Report                

The Player is supposed to be you. You're the one who should continue the story, that's why the story ended just after introducing him.

Continuing the story in an anime would break the concept, unless they reboot the story with different backstory.

  No.150982   Report                

It looks like they're still keeping "A" going by the trailer, so he'll probably just give the "Player" a backstory and actual role. Maybe he'll fully flesh out the hollow ataraxia ghost story.

  No.150983   Report                

Ufotable is god. I'll sacrifice my firstborn to them if they ever animate Tsukihime.

  No.150984   Report                

If they invented a name for Caster's master, why didn't they give Caster's identity too?

  No.150986   Report                

Fucking great news.

  No.150987   Report                

so which Jack the Ripper is going to be canon, the Apocrypha one or Strange Fake one or neither?

and who is Caster with the domino teeth? wasnt it supposed to be Dumas or something?

  No.150989   Report                

Technically, both are. If you read strange fake, their Grail is lame and various errors occurred. Flat (Jack's master) summoned him using a toy knife. So what came was something similar to Kojirou. It's not the real thing, so it's only a "symbol of madness" and what people believed Jack to be. Since nobody knows for sure who was the real Jack, he is able to shapeshift. Apocrypha's Jack is the real one, a small girl. who'd think of that?

Regarding Caster, it was some japanese person who said Dumas, but in the novel itself they never reveal his identity.

  No.150992   Report                
1406892325402.jpg (31 kb, 336x462)

1406455787300.png (217 kb, 412x543)
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  No.150990   Report                

Can translate?

  No.150991   Report                

No señor, yo se español.

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