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1406090935093.jpg (58 kb, 533x800)
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New Yotsuba action figure by Kotobukiya. Based on their model kit. Standard release in December, 4800 yen.

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Ha, so her camera did end up being green...

I remember Azuma tweeting a while back (I just looked it up, it was right at two years ago) saying he hadn't decided on the color yet.

The color of Yotsuba's toy camera is... the truth is, I haven't decided yet. I may decide after this, but for now, please leave it to your imagination. RT @Asuka_h8s_negi Does Yotsuba's toy camera happen to be a shade of lime?
9:35 PM Jul 29th via web

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Just preordered. It's non-scale, but at 135mm it'd be about 1:8.
Slightly larger than the revoltech, but not as big as Big Size Yotsuba:

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1406109606164.jpg (433 kb, 902x797)

Same size as the model kit.

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1406109682099.jpg (458 kb, 700x1003)
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1406109719160.jpg (398 kb, 723x848)
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1406109852165.jpg (661 kb, 800x1233)

1385095389374.png (195 kb, 600x863)
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I think my chapter spamming killed the old Osaka thread...

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1395146777042.png (1820 kb, 1350x1800)
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Kill all horsefuckers.

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1395207275885.png (336 kb, 540x1465)
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Osaka: "I just realized..."

Osaka: "If I got smashed up, my pieces would go flyin'"
Sakaki: "Yeah..."

Osaka: "But yer so big, Sakaki-chan, if you got smashed up, yer pieces would really go flyin'."

Osaka: "Right?"
Sakaki: "Um... Maybe..."

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1395265357354.png (198 kb, 400x594)

>>227683 Thanks!

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1395897133042.jpg (28 kb, 1280x720)

An escalator can not be broken

An escalator can only be stairs



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1401127373284.jpg (290 kb, 600x800)
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1401754159237.png (355 kb, 900x900)
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1402155526947.jpg (229 kb, 900x627)
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1406075014659.png (519 kb, 700x700)

1403717338955.png (104 kb, 450x289)
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exciting news, isn't it?

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quick, someone grab yotusba.moe and answer all of the people missing the recent chapters prayers.

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1403986971632.jpg (51 kb, 431x425)


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1404003406413.png (19 kb, 120x120)

That looks like the Department of Transportation logo...

  No.228216   Report                

I wonder how logo of Department of deportation would look like then.

  No.228217   Report                
1404052671058.png (53 kb, 600x600)

Game of associations:
ΤΑΙCΗ — «тайси» (from http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Авары)
Picture from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T'ai_chi_ch'uan

  No.228358   Report                
1405474215525.png (42 kb, 170x150)

"Yotsuba and Department of Transportation (and festivals, chapter 54)"

  No.228405   Report                


>quick, someone grab yotusba.moe


>and answer all of the people missing the recent chapters prayers

Can't help you there, sorry.

  No.228406   Report                



Well, I got yotsuba.moe instead. But due to the vc:klowssness of the spelling, I understood what you meant.

1403977981325.png (466 kb, 960x720)
477418 No.228204   [Reply]   Report  

the title says it all

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Soundtrack for >>228254

  No.228391   Report                

Regarding first Youtube link of >>228390
Find 5 differences:
Matt Jones (principal of Logansport High School, IN) on the left - unknown SS officer on the right

  No.228392   Report                
1405904647367.png (391 kb, 739x607)

And missing picture :)

  No.228393   Report                
1405905359370.png (96 kb, 379x265)

And another joke.

  No.228397   Report                

Original for all of those

  No.228398   Report                

Plus "Willie's Lady" (child ballad #220 in "Roud Folk Song Index")

  No.228399   Report                

Opinion about this song being Luftwaffe SS hymn is wrong (at least it seems so), because before 1976 when Bots made it Zeven dagen lang song existed only in breton version.

  No.228400   Report                
1405986664613.png (100 kb, 227x448)

This one /azu/ regulars probably know, and Azuma knows for sure as he's Japanese.
I'd say with many bricks kids would build complex structures.
But Yotsuba's habit of building brick towers (it was more than in one chapter, pic taken from chapter 60) reminds following element of buddhism.

Sai no Kawara (Riverbed of the Netherworld, Japanese Limbo for Children)
"The legend of Sai no Kawara is attributed to the Jōdo Pure Land Sect from around the 14th or 15th century AD. According to the legend, children who die prematurely are sent to the underworld as punishment for causing great sorrow to their parents. They are sent to Sai no Kawara, the riverbed of souls in purgatory, where they pray for salvation by building small stone towers, piling pebble upon pebble, in the hopes of climbing out of limbo into paradise. But hell demons, answering to the command of the old hag Shozuka no Baba (also called Datsueba, or Jigoku no Baba), soon arrive and scatter their stones and beat them with iron clubs."
(quote and all info from http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/sai-no-kawara.html )
In my opinion, concept of Ten Judges of Hell has flaw, which is in question "Who will judge the judges?".
It must be such a pleasure to sit in Hell eternally! Yes? No? There's saying which means something like prisoner and his warder are almost in the same situation.

  No.228403   Report                
1406050274958.jpg (192 kb, 800x1130)

Who is who (products and origin). Image is badly composed mix of panels from chapters 56 and 60.
Danish "gavn" is synonym of "tarv", which means "bull" (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gavn and http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tarv )
It has the same root (is related to) as Danish "gavne" (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gavne).
"Gavne" in it's turn seems to come from the Old Norse "gagna" - "to serve" (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gagna), which is related to French "gagner" - "to win" (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gagner )
If you remember Tarvos Trigaranus and start to click links from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/trigaran to http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/trigar , you'll find out it means "to be late" (this one looks more of a joke).
Sorry for the following examples being a bit rusty, but it can't be helped, it's the way languages mutated.
"Говно" ("govno", means "poop") in Russian comes from the same root as these words like "gavn" meaning "bull" (http://ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/говно#.D0.AD.D1.82.D0.B8.D0.BC.D0.BE.D0.BB.D0.BE.D0.B3.D0.B8.D1.8F )
"Говядина" ("beef") too.
Any other synonyms and related meanings (like "steer”, "need", Ancient Greek one) you can find by clicking links in articles (if you want).

Click here to view the full comment.
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wow fascinating

1383325664611.jpg (43 kb, 490x245)
44134 No.226644   [Reply]   Report  

Azuma Tweets Part 4.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 archived below.

I'm running out of good pictures to use for the OP of these threads. I may have to switch back to just using Azuma's twitter image.

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  No.228355   Report                
1405431688967.jpg (77 kb, 1000x715)

Because of the t-shirt I wore today, every time my assistants walked behind me they would murmur "I'll kill you," "I'll kill you," which made me nervous.
9:04 PM Jul 15th

Azuma's shirt appears to read コロス (korosu = "I'll kill you") but the first character is flipped. I can't tell if it's supposed to actually say something else, or if the point is just to get people behind to you to try to read it out loud and make you feel nervous, like Azuma's assistants did.

This manufacturer has an... interesting array of products.

Also, Azuma totally ripped off their logo and style for the Kodomo Usagi shirt that Yotsuba wears.

  No.228380   Report                

It almost looks like it says COX.

Checking in at the Kuricorder concert.
6:27 PM Jul 19th

  No.228383   Report                

Now I'm imaging Yotsuba saying that to Ena or Fuuka.

  No.228384   Report                
1405864696960.jpg (87 kb, 1000x1000)

My newly-arrived Maschinen Danbo and pilot plus 1, soon to go on deployment. The one being marketed at the event I mentioned earlier is a limited edition version of this one, with this one being the regular version. They're currently in training. Their date of deployment is TBD.
11:18 AM Jul 20th

  No.228385   Report                
1405864708301.jpg (109 kb, 1024x768)

Retweeted by あずまきよひこ
At a Danbo press event. pic.twitter.com/fDfJDWkAJB
9:20 AM Jul 18th

  No.228387   Report                

That's kind of surreal, but I can't put my finger on why that is...

  No.228388   Report                


Maybe it's the Danbo faces behind the full-sized ones?

  No.228389   Report                

This white-blue-red color set is like of some of versions of Tarot card "Temperance".

  No.228396   Report                
1405950028857.jpg (173 kb, 640x400)

Apparently Yupack Danbo was made Postmaster of the Tokyo Central Post Office for 24 hours.

Retweeted by あずまきよひこ
Tomorrow is the final day of the "Postmaster for a Day Yupack Danbo" event! Postmaster Danbo's appearance schedule is below, so don't miss this opportunity, and come have a blast!
7/21 (Monday - Holiday) 11:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM
Location: Tokyo Central Post Office, in front of the 1st floor ATMs.
11:22 PM Jul 20th

  No.228402   Report                

Retweeted by あずまきよひこ
It's the last day for the Daikanyama exhibit!
9:37 AM Jul 22nd

1403828127171.jpg (14 kb, 200x236)
14567 No.228192   [Reply]   Report  

I don't know if this is appropriate to make a thread about, and if it isn't, I'm sorry, but I wanna give a shoutout to Ralen for being such a cool guy for taking the time to translate yotsuba&! Good work!

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  No.228227   Report                


>see if she recognizes your handle...

I can't tell if you did this on purpose or not.

  No.228252   Report                


I don't think you'd recognize hers... hell, not everyone could go up to a Fuuka or Asafi cosplayer and say 'I'm Ralen.'

  No.228253   Report                

I thought >>228225 might have been making a handle=penis joke.

  No.228263   Report                


I think you need to go outside and take a bit of time. You've been in the a Internet longer than maximum safe daily exposure levels, it seems.

  No.228264   Report                


>in the a

even for me such mistake is too deep

  No.228272   Report                


I blame iOS autocorrect.

  No.228376   Report                
1405753744543.jpg (136 kb, 1024x768)


  No.228379   Report                
1405798852249.jpg (46 kb, 512x350)

Whatever she's holding, it reminds house of the one who's hiding.
Picture used are from Yotsuba&! chapter 63 "Yotsuba and playing", house of hiding (with hole) and house of "it" (without hole). Yotsuba's hiding in some kind of curtain cone.

  No.228381   Report                

so how far are you willing to go to thank Ralen? A wet blow job? Give up your first born? What?? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  No.228382   Report                

How far are you willing to go to thank John of Patmos, picts, Sun for shining on you?

1382701920760.jpg (52 kb, 1024x768)
53153 No.226374   [Reply]   Report  

There was some news today I thought would be of interest to /azu/.
In Nagasaki Prefecture's Tsushima City a man called to a wildlife health center, asking them to treat his sick Tsushima Cat. The center sent someone around who treated the cat, but it passed away nine hours later. It was a female, 15-16 years old, and appears to have died of old age. As Tsushima Cats are wild animals and protected by law as a Natural Monument, it is a crime to keep one privately (and has almost never happened), and the man was questioned about it. He said he found the cat as a kitten injured on a road 15 years ago, had it treated at a vet and took it in. Because he had no ill-intent he is not to be prosecuted. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20131024/k10015531141000.html

Now, anyone on /azu/ should be thinking one thing at this point, and you wouldn't be the only ones. On Twitter, a search for the headline + 榊 brings up a bunch of tweets, the key theme of which is リアル榊さん, Real Sakaki-san (others included Yamamaya, Yamapikarya, and the observation that 15 years ago is about right for the scene in Azumanga). http://realtime.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=%E7%B5%B6%E6%BB%85%E5%8D%B1%E6%83%A7%E3%81%AE%E7%8C%AB%E3%80%80%E6%A6%8A&ei=UTF-8

The Tsushima Cat is a close genetic relative of the Iriomote Cat and looks similar too.

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  No.227529   Report                

I desperately want the missing top of that picture.

  No.227559   Report                
1393137874899.png (315 kb, 600x311)

So, uh...

Was this part of a revised chapter?

  No.227560   Report                

Aw, I miss when Yotsuba would have those preview panels, and then we would all speculate sexy adeventures.

  No.227566   Report                

But also sometimes spoilers, which wasn't cool.

Yeah, those are all from the revised volume 3. Specifically they're all from the chapter where Maya comes to Sakaki's rescue from the gang of cats.
Sakaki's dialogue gets a bit of a makeover.

"Chiyo-chan, when they're all going to town biting me, use that chance to escape"
"Going to town biting you?!"

"...One day he'll stand tall on the peak of Iriomote Island, you'll see."
"The peak of Iriomote Island?!"

  No.227606   Report                
1393978748489.jpg (852 kb, 947x1624)
  No.227609   Report                
1394012594822.png (232 kb, 640x383)

>>227606 sakaki_performs_captain_falcon's_up_tilt_move.jpeg

  No.227732   Report                
1396107984699.png (403 kb, 582x824)
  No.227736   Report                
1396109554126.png (146 kb, 480x640)
  No.228289   Report                
1404705439088.png (207 kb, 1600x1600)

Sakaki's face is kind of...

  No.228378   Report                
1405796634432.png (1941 kb, 1600x1600)


1390798873587.jpg (154 kb, 515x728)
157200 No.227391   [Reply]   Report  

There was another Yomi thread further back, but it was that thread, so I'm not bumping it.

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  No.227495   Report                

yomi meat is best meet

vc: exale

  No.227517   Report                
1392586490162.jpg (98 kb, 643x864)
  No.227527   Report                
1392667748053.png (776 kb, 1000x600)
  No.227533   Report                
1392754115620.png (1648 kb, 850x1275)

Some time ago, I read a review of volume 4 of Azumanga Daioh. The DVD I mean. The title was "Yomi Rocks my Socks" and the reviewer was overjoyed that there was a bigger focus on Yomi with volume 4.

  No.227558   Report                
1393107195764.png (277 kb, 600x600)
  No.227631   Report                
1394575122127.png (83 kb, 500x500)
  No.227633   Report                


I lose it every time when I see this image.

Probably because I thought the King was so creepy when BK had him as their mascot.

  No.228357   Report                
1405471532727.jpg (269 kb, 768x1024)
  No.228374   Report                
1405723299245.jpg (429 kb, 1052x720)

This guy's anatomy has always been a little funky, but this is just... wow.

  No.228377   Report                

She either learned contortionism from Dhalsim or she's a barbie doll.

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
143964 No.218046   [Reply]   Report  

Where did the old CO thread go ...

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  No.228342   Report                
1405297405572.jpg (77 kb, 559x789)

Yotsuba& Ore-Imo (My Little Sister)

  No.228344   Report                
1405297576833.jpg (170 kb, 559x789)

Yotsuba: "Kyousuke! (Daddy!)"

Yotsuba: "Come to my room for a second!"
Koiwai: "You don't have your own room..."

Yotsuba: "Now take a seat!"

  No.228345   Report                
1405297754709.jpg (178 kb, 559x789)

Koiwai: "Okay... What is it?"

Yotsuba: "Life counseling!"

Koiwai: "Life counseling?"
Yotsuba: "Yeah, that!"

Yotsuba: "My model friends are coming over!"

Yotsuba: "So don't come out of your room!"

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.228346   Report                
1405297870130.jpg (218 kb, 559x789)

Asagi: "Hello."

Koiwai: "Nice to see you."
Asagi: "I'm her friend, Ayase."

Yotsuba: "I thought I told you not to come out!"
Koiwai: "What're you doing..."

Yotsuba: "Asagi, I'm glad you came."
Asagi: "It's Ayase."

  No.228347   Report                
1405298025593.jpg (194 kb, 559x789)

Koiwai: "Oh."

Fuuka: "Greetings! I doth be Saori."
Fuuka: "Might I enter thine fine abode?"


Fuuka: "Hey, it's me!"
Fuuka: "The scent of the wind! Fuuka!"

  No.228348   Report                
1405298192054.jpg (172 kb, 559x789)

Fuuka: "And Madame Kuroneko hath come as well."

Yotsuba: "Tora came too!?" (Oh, man!)
Koiwai: "It's like she doesn't even notice!"

Torako: "Hey..."
Torako: "I'm Kuroneko."

"What're we gonna play!?"

  No.228349   Report                
1405298289489.jpg (216 kb, 559x789)


Yotsuba: "Asagi, and Tora, and Fuuka..."
Yotsuba: "They all showed up!"
Jumbo: "..."
Jumbo: "Why wasn't I in the main book?"

Yotsuba: "...'cause you weren't invited, Jumbo."
Jumbo: "...."

  No.228356   Report                

Yotsuba's been watching too much anime.

  No.228371   Report                
1405639805724.jpg (324 kb, 1500x2271)

More Dragon Ball.

You guys know the drill. Someone fill me in on what's going on here.

Title: "First, Pay Attention"
"Gohan! Did you sense that!? It was so intense!"
"I did!!"

"I- sense this is something bad..."
"I- It is bad... And it's getting closer..."
"Could this be Frieza...!?"

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.228372   Report                
1405640948368.jpg (261 kb, 1500x2271)

I couldn't figure out what 気 meant in this context, but apparently it's literal, like the Chinese Qi.

Title: "Get it Together, Daddy!"


"I- It came down over there!!"
"I- I knew it! There's another one of those bastards besides Frieza!!"

"All right ladies, play time's over!!"
"He's coming this way to use his scouter on us!!"

Click here to view the full comment.

1405613006259.jpg (507 kb, 1124x1600)
519107 No.228362   [Reply]   Report  

where is the fappable Ena and Miura thread????

  No.228363   Report                
1405613054584.jpg (128 kb, 440x577)

fwap fwap fwap

  No.228364   Report                
1405613081899.png (18 kb, 350x450)

all grown up

  No.228365   Report                
1405613176234.jpg (874 kb, 1068x1500)

verification: yaping

  No.228366   Report                
1405613250966.jpg (746 kb, 1322x1977)

yeah yeah

  No.228367   Report                
1405613323101.jpg (124 kb, 335x505)


  No.228368   Report                

DA HOOTCH pretty much killed my sex drive towards characters that appeared in his comic.

that stillborn...

  No.228369   Report                
1405637723040.jpg (83 kb, 500x850)

In the NWS board.

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