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1399859273927.jpg (264 kb, 819x1615)
270199 No.227915   [Reply]   Report  

Morichan thread.

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In my experience, overseas shipping from Japan is usually a couple of dollars more than domestic shipping. I don't know of any international doujin sellers off the top of my head though.


Okay, that was pretty funny.

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That's why I suggest a partnership with an already established doujinshi online store from Japan. At least they have enough catalogues to fill the store from the get go. Also big name attract buyers easy.

  No.229399   Report                


If you'd had dinner with him, I'd be asking for contact details...

  No.229401   Report                

But... "Sorry. No International Shipping Service Available."

Otherwise (digital downloads):

  No.229411   Report                


Oh I know. Toranoana is pretty popular Doujin store. That's why they need to make a branch internationally. Probably via partnership.

Also I knew DLsite. But those jerks don't allow for Paypal payment for their... adult stuff. I mean seriously I hate using credit card especially online.

  No.229416   Report                

Rather, Paypal does not want to handle adult stuff, not DLsite's fault. Same thing with Patreon, heard some people got in trouble with their Paypal payouts.

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1419166487729.png (766 kb, 777x1088)

Comiket is just 1 week away.
Morichan posted this as part of several sample images on pixiv, but I don't have the time to translate them right now.
I'm traveling home tomorrow, and then immediately going on another trip with my family, so I probably won't be able to get to them until the following week.

  No.229556   Report                

Have a safe trip back.

Are you better at Japanese than you were before? Was the class worth it?

  No.229559   Report                

I was definitely able to improve my Japanese ability, although I'm worried it won't stick once I go home.

I don't know if I would say the class was worth it. The experience of coming here certainly was, but I was kind of disappointed by several aspects the class itself.

Maybe I'll write more about this on my blog...

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That's a damn cute Osaka. Pity it's not out yet so you could've gotten it to read on the plane back.


I'm not surprised that Japan didn't feel too different. The main things that change are where you go to get a bite and who you hang with, IMO.

1409590018701.jpg (621 kb, 824x2216)
635399 No.228751   [Reply]   Report  

Just to keep you guys in the loop, at the end of this month, inspired in large part by our friend Ragathol's trip a couple of years ago, I'll be travelling to Japan for an extended period. I'll be staying for three months (because that's the maximum amount of time my employer would allow me to be gone), October through December, to attend a Japanese language course in Yokohama.

I'll still have internet access and should be able to post here, but being away from my home computer and resources like Share, etc. there's a good chance this may impact my ability to post translations during that time.

I was originally worried about whether I would still be able to translate Yotsuba while I was gone, but with no new chapters in the past 10 months, it was beginning to look like it wouldn't be an problem after all. But now that it seems Azuma's started things back up again, it may be an issue.

There's also a very small chance my plane may crash into the Pacific Ocean, which would be a more difficult challenge to overcome.

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Maybe it's a skill they're just Bjorn with.

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Sat, which one of those figures on the card you got depicts you, if you don't mind me asking?

  No.229544   Report                

I'm tempted to just tell you, but I'm also curious to know which one you guys think is me.

Ikean't believe you said that. I really want to kalle you out on it, but it's too much bjork to think something clever.

  No.229546   Report                

I'd like to think it's the guy on the bottom right with the cool hair. Well, that or the guy on top left.

  No.229548   Report                

My bet is on the guy with glasses on the upper left side of the card. There's no way that you'd be the cute fuel at the bottom.

  No.229549   Report                

Cute girl, even.

  No.229550   Report                

I would suggest you do something about your auto correct, but these are too priceless. Please keep misspelling words.
I think "Cute fuel" needs to be added to the internet slang lexicon.

I am, actually, represented by the handsome bastard on the bottom right with the cool hair.
Although naturally, everyone looks better in manga form.

The guy on the top left with the glasses is one of the two people who drew the card. If you look, you can tell that the first 5 people were drawn by one person, and the next 5 were drawn by someone else.
I suspect the guy on the top left is the one who drew the last 5. The guy in the bottom middle with the blonde streak in his hair was the other artist, and I suspect he drew the first 5.

As for the girl at the bottom, there was only one white girl under 300 pounds in our class, so it's obvious who it's supposed to be, but really it doesn't look anything like her.

  No.229551   Report                


Your daily dose of hilarity, courtesy of Google Keyboard. You get exactly what you pay for.

I discounted the guy in the bottom right because he looked too... Nordic?

  No.229554   Report                

Are you saying I look like Thor? Because I'm down with that.

And hey, I could have Nordic ancestry for all I know. I have no idea where my distant ancestors immigrated to the US from (although my surname is Irish...)

  No.229558   Report                


By Mjolnir and Yotsuba!

Enjoy Christmas with the folks! I wish I could've hung around Japan this autumn.

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
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Where did the old CO thread go ...

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I vaguely remember seeing this before. I think it was in reference to some kind of moe character competition from a few years back.

Title: The Encounter

Osaka: "You put up a good fight."

Nano: "?"

Osaka: "I never woulda thought you'd break the top 11" (boy was I surprised!)


Click here to view the full comment.
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1416024282778.jpg (75 kb, 432x1167)

This is the best thing ever made

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1418305591817.jpg (289 kb, 2275x2391)
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1418305709740.jpg (985 kb, 1440x960)
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1418360286576.png (176 kb, 1024x805)

Chiyo isn't the only comic character who can fly with her pigtails.

  No.229511   Report                
1418707210552.jpg (590 kb, 566x800)

Another one of these.

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1418707275305.jpg (45 kb, 580x623)

I feel like this may be a crossover, but it wasn't tagged as anything other than Yotsuba&!

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1418784116666.png (171 kb, 432x1167)


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Did ya hear that Stella? We get free pizza and we don't get raped!

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Yomi was so surprised that she started crying and the tears went in her mouth and she swallowed them and they went up and started coming out again and she swallowed them and they went to her eyes to her mouth to her eyes to her mouth to her eyes to her mouth TO HER EYES TO HER MOUTH TO HER EYES TO HER MOUTH.

1391735634956.jpg (970 kb, 800x1131)
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No more Kagura thread?
Oh well, this seems like as good a way as any to start one.

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  No.229527   Report                

Osaka is weird and spaced-out, so boys avoid her.
Tomo is too wild, so boys avoid her.
Yomi is attractive, but Tomo harasses anyone interested in her, so boys avoid her.
Sakai is hot, but really intimidating, and Karoin attacks any man interested in her, so boys avoid her.
Kagura is also hot, but her sports interest is unladylike, so boys avoid her.

Basically, the school is full of spineless, boring boys.

  No.229528   Report                

If fanfics have taught me anything, it's because they're all raging angsty lesbians.

  No.229529   Report                

More likely, Sakaki is painfully shy so SHE avoids the boys.

As for Kagura, this isn't the stone age. Males aren't automatically repelled by the sporty athletic type.

  No.229530   Report                

>>229528 That's not true, because in the fanfics, half of them are actually boys.

  No.229533   Report                
1418950991417.png (276 kb, 640x474)

>>229529 We're in Azumanga Dainohsaur World, Luigi; we can go out with any broad we WANT! The cave people can't tell a stone from a football!

  No.229535   Report                

I've never seen any of these fanfics.
Where are they and how far do they take things?

  No.229538   Report                

I hope it's better than how the boys in the NSFW fanfics and such treat the cast.

  No.229540   Report                

>>229535 I was just being sarcastic, and don't really feel like looking for them, would be a surprise if no one has made one yet.

  No.229541   Report                

Oh, I- I was only joking too.
I mean, who would be into boys dressed as girls making out with other girls? I mean, ick, right?

  No.229542   Report                

>>229541 I would be, but just like in real life, too many words ruins the mood.

1379258795520.jpg (238 kb, 1000x1334)
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New Yotsuba thread.

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Oi, thats mine, what gives? lol
follow me @mekishikonoanon

  No.229412   Report                



  No.229413   Report                

1 new chapter in the last 12 months...
I'm not holding my breath.

  No.229418   Report                
1416628315366.png (565 kb, 775x421)

Read this left to right and instead it's Koiwai eating Yotsuba. This is all I can contribute. I am sorry.

  No.229449   Report                
1417232754575.jpg (205 kb, 630x800)
  No.229450   Report                

>>229449 forgot to add the source http://evayoart.tumblr.com/

  No.229469   Report                
1417527634626.png (423 kb, 1280x800)
  No.229474   Report                
1417613720494.gif (403 kb, 600x427)


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1417862932797.png (2453 kb, 1000x1412)
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1418994123269.jpg (156 kb, 745x675)

1415867319802.png (507 kb, 715x425)
519310 No.229337   [Reply]   Report  

Not sure if promptly tooting my own horn would be worthy of a thread here, but I've just released a new Youtube Poop, complete with an Azumanga Daioh segment at the end!
Enjoy if you'd like, as loud as it is.

  No.229342   Report                

Amazing job as always, Gei. You are quite a pepis. The best part was Oogtar taking from the girls and also Tomo's candy quest. Btw, I want to support you and your art and stuff so I was wondering if you'd wanna do a commission some time? You deserve to get some cash for all the awesome stuff you make.

  No.229345   Report                

Errr... about that, I actually can't take commissions due to my short attention span with these sort of things. I wouldn't want to keep you waiting over half a year just for one picture.

  No.229358   Report                
1416020539068.gif (943 kb, 500x311)

Ehh, okay. I wouldn't mind waiting or anything, I think you just deserve some cash. Anyway, where's the best place I can talk to you? If you're cool with it.

  No.229359   Report                

Guess we could take it to tumblr, since we're both active there. It oughta put me in the habit of checking my inbox there more.

  No.229534   Report                
1418965557119.jpg (130 kb, 766x895)

I wish I were a PINGAS

1385095389374.png (195 kb, 600x863)
199693 No.226983   [Reply]   Report  

I think my chapter spamming killed the old Osaka thread...

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  No.229403   Report                

These edits remind me of people with asperger's.
Just goes to show she's mental no matter what the context. Still adorbs tho

  No.229444   Report                
1417064579964.png (220 kb, 343x999)
  No.229451   Report                
1417239228567.png (280 kb, 345x1071)
  No.229452   Report                

I just noticed, Osaka must use a lot of hairspray for her hair to stay at the sides of her head like that, even when she's lying on her back.

Either that or she sleeps standing up with her bed against the wall. That actually seems more likely than the hairspray thing.

  No.229453   Report                

^Now I'm wondering if she actually fell asleep standing up in that screen saver game...

  No.229454   Report                

>>229453 would you honestly be surprised?

  No.229513   Report                
1418707509400.jpg (314 kb, 907x1262)

For the purpose of answering a question I was asked at ask.fm, I've uploaded morichan's doujinshi "Osaka X Osaka" in the gallery that hosts the Nameless Window. I do not have a name for the translator, so if it is known, please inform me.


  No.229514   Report                

I'm pretty sure Sprocket translated that one.

  No.229524   Report                
1418844959917.jpg (66 kb, 640x480)
  No.229531   Report                

Poor Tsutenkaku. She needs to be canon.

1315803257892.jpg (29 kb, 350x263)
29402 No.216986   [Reply]   Report  

I'm confused.

I've spoken to 2 people now who, when they first got into Azumanga, thought Tomo was a boy.

Is this a common mistake to make? More to the point, how is this mistake made? I can't really see it.

Besides anything else she's kinda got that skirt...

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  No.229422   Report                
1416814382250.png (317 kb, 400x400)

Doodled Tomo being cheeky on a can of juice.

I've been using sticky notes for a lot of things lately.

  No.229423   Report                

Hm, Tomo as a minigirl... I wonder how that would play out.

  No.229425   Report                


She'd be annoying as hell all the time. Yomi would eventually step on her in anger, and then be depressed about it for the rest of her life.

  No.229432   Report                

Adorably I assume.

  No.229433   Report                
1416952250144.png (146 kb, 798x713)

I imagine Tomo is one of those people who take odd or ridiculous photos of themselves that they would never show in public.

  No.229485   Report                

damn I hate this bitch

  No.229487   Report                


That Tomo looks like a saiyan. Just saiy'an!

  No.229507   Report                

A bit off topic, but I was browsing one of my playlists for Christmas videos to play for my family (I hate them), but then I came across this video:

Did you make that, or is it just someone who nicked your name and illustrations?
If it is you, I really like your edits! I only like one other YTpooper. The who made Tomorrow I'll and then turned into a furry.

  No.229518   Report                
1418753561781.png (314 kb, 706x535)

>>229507 Yup, that was me. Thanks for noticing! Your folks are gonna have quite an experience when that one plays..

Also I'd like to mention, Igiulamam/Oiramapap was the one who made that "Tomorrow I'll" ytpmv, and I was a fan of all her videos before I started making poops myself. If I remember correctly, she always was a furry, but eventually got tired of keeping it concealed for so long. I still don't think she deserved the backlash she got for it.

  No.229519   Report                

^I didn't know she experienced a backlash. I thought she was just tired of YT flagging her videos for one reason or another, then just gave up. She had an amazing talent for remixes and just editing videos to make them appear vulgar.
I spent years searching for her old videos and finally found my favorite just a few weeks ago.

1385228030390.jpg (249 kb, 800x800)
254854 No.227005   [Reply]   Report  

I think I killed the Danbo thread too...

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  No.228922   Report                
1411879822162.jpg (93 kb, 500x669)
  No.228950   Report                
1412340064754.jpg (7201 kb, 4988x3508)


  No.229407   Report                
1416400759892.jpg (179 kb, 1024x768)
  No.229408   Report                
1416400777221.jpg (119 kb, 943x635)
  No.229431   Report                
1416899763114.jpg (32 kb, 640x480)


  No.229464   Report                
1417437364685.jpg (2263 kb, 4096x2160)
  No.229465   Report                
1417437830640.jpg (1404 kb, 4072x1864)
  No.229515   Report                
1418715244771.jpg (151 kb, 1440x810)
  No.229516   Report                
1418716867937.jpg (9.0 kb, 400x400)

Which came first, Terebi-chan or Danbo?

  No.229517   Report                
1418738144112.jpg (47 kb, 600x603)

Considering the dates:
Yotsuba&! vol.5 came out in April 2006
NicoNico went online December 2006
Danbo wins.

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
27062 No.228859   [Reply]   Report  

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

32 posts and 9 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.229471   Report                

If I were in a hipster band this would at least be on the inner sleeve.

  No.229472   Report                
1417560523183.jpg (18 kb, 595x398)

Choose your color. http://amzn.to/1HUBTZC
10:32 PM Dec 2nd

My color is Enlightened. @yotuba10y1d: Choose your color. http://amzn.to/1HUBTZC
12:13 AM Dec 3rd

  No.229473   Report                


So he's spent the last year playing Ingress instead of doing his manga?

On the one hand, I'm a little nonplussed. In the other, I want both battery packs.

  No.229493   Report                

These guys going on about heated floors when I have literally no heat in my apartment...

Right now I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, plus two sweaters, plus a cardigan. I look bulbous.
12:24 AM Dec 12th

But ever since I had my heated floors redone, I've really come to enjoy the cold. With a blanket wrapped around my waist, once I sat down I couldn't budge, and it was kind of aggravating to my lower back pain. Now even my cat is stretched out like taffy. I'm so grateful...
12:37 AM Dec 12th

@CHICAUMINO I also got heated floors in my office for when I start working again! This winter will be so warm!
2:49 AM Dec 12th

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.229494   Report                


>I've really come to enjoy the cold

That should be "Now the cold isn't so hard on me."

  No.229497   Report                

>>229493 "for when I start working again!"

We can only dream you lazy bastard.

  No.229498   Report                


>What should we do to celebrate your move?

It sounds like this may have been part of the reason Azuma has been so unproductive this past year.

  No.229508   Report                

I was making some ramen soup at home that I bought at the ramen shop, and as I was boiling the bag to heat up the refrigerated soup mix for the noodles, somehow I managed to tear a hole in the bag, and by the time I realized, all the soup mix had dissolved in the hot water, creating a ton of insanely thin broth, so what the heck am I supposed to do now?
10:39 PM Dec 15th

@azumakiyohiko Put it in your comic, lol.
10:39 PM Dec 15th

@azumakiyohiko Let it boil down.
10:39 PM Dec 15th


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  No.229509   Report                


what comic

  No.229510   Report                


The next chapter: Yotsuba & Ramen.

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