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Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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Grandma. Yes. Yes.

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Yotsuba& CPR!

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1430127366073.jpg (62 kb, 401x583)

I heard Ichigo Mashimaro is getting regular (or at least semi-regular) chapters but theyre not getting translated. I saw some raws on 4chan from a chapter I haven't read.


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I've been posting the translations here. >>225188

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You're doing god's work.

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Fuuka is cute

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1430243286849.gif (67 kb, 500x500)


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Not sure if this has been posted or mentioned here before, but if you have Line there are Yotsuba stickers available.

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1430188576560.jpg (141 kb, 640x960)

Some samples.

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1430188739842.jpg (118 kb, 640x960)

My own personal Line is matman125, so feel free to bombard me with Yotsubas and not cocks!

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that is too cute

1430149578097.png (140 kb, 737x742)
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soooooo osaka banpaku translation when? seriously, tempted to just buy one and send it to a translator to scan it and upload it or whatever.

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Do it, then.

1429908058008.jpg (191 kb, 609x1725)
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I recently came across some of Azuma Kiyohiko's early works that I haven't seen anywhere else. It is all new to me so I figure it's new to at least some people here.

First off, two TryTryTry Webcomics.

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1429908811148.jpg (164 kb, 397x1083)
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1429908853810.jpg (386 kb, 760x1380)
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1429908881226.jpg (323 kb, 760x1380)
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1429908900063.jpg (386 kb, 760x1380)
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1429908918518.jpg (347 kb, 760x1230)
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1429908932305.jpg (324 kb, 760x1370)
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1429908990177.jpg (349 kb, 760x1255)
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1429909005426.jpg (334 kb, 760x1385)
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1429909366756.png (29 kb, 760x422)

And also a screenshot of the readme file for the webcomics.

More info on Azumanga Two and the DUAL parody here:

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1430082410204.jpg (1459 kb, 2448x3264)

I have it, but it comes in printed form as well

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
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Where did the old CO thread go ...

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1429491503035.jpg (131 kb, 480x804)

The cake...

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1429493669160.jpg (108 kb, 480x720)

Aaaaand last one i run out of time.

Next weekend i'll continue. Don't forget to thanks the translator.

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Thank you!

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1430026171287.jpg (129 kb, 480x720)

STOP!!!! u.u

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1430026310192.jpg (109 kb, 480x720)

spicy stuff gives you spicy sh---

just saying...

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1430026395122.jpg (129 kb, 480x720)

Mis -iles... really photoshop?!

whatever men... whatever...

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1430026445568.jpg (118 kb, 480x720)

I need a QC... seriously...

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1430026603632.jpg (114 kb, 480x720)

That face is like: Dude! i'm a fairy! don't you believe in fairies?

if you dont.. just google it

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1430026631316.jpg (113 kb, 480x720)


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1430026670917.jpg (126 kb, 480x720)

Next issue, next weekend. See ya!

1429850458332.jpg (76 kb, 497x600)
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Okay, this may be a weird question to ask, but is anyone here actually a parent like Koiwai?

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1429947440175.jpg (114 kb, 500x803)

I don't know if you should get a vasectomy. It's a choice you'll have to make after evaluating the pros and cons of it and a lot of personal factors. I could tell you I don't regret my decision one bit (which would be true) but that wouldn't mean anything to you.
I mean, do you like children? 'Cause I do. I like them a lot but I don't want any of my own. Also I'm selfish, and you can't be a selfish parent. Parents have to live for their kids, and I couldn't do that. Living for someone else is the ultimate sacrifice. Not even dying for someone else is as big a sacrifice.
Maybe you can do that. Some people are eager to be parents even though it's a huge sacrifice. Apparently it's rewarding for some people. I'm an immature jerk and most people aren't. I hope.
Kids aren't kids for ever so maybe the question should be "do you like people" instead of "do you like children"

>What was your educational background?

Nothing related to language. It's a bit embarrassing because you're a proper translator, so you could not only mock me, you could mock me with authority.
I learned English as an autodidact. I'm very disciplined when I care about a subject, so I mostly know things that I like. Also I happen to be good at learning languages in general.

Click here to view the full comment.
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I'm not sure why you think of me as a "proper translator." I'm a complete amateur, and this is just a hobby for me. I enjoy it to be sure, but the only reason I get to translate "cool" stuff is because I don't get paid, so I can translate whatever I want, taking as long as I want. I realize most professional translators have to work with boring stuff like technical manuals.

I felt like such a fraud when I went to Japan and realized how little of the language I actually knew. I'm sure if I applied myself I could get much better, but doing something like that would basically require a career change. It's something I've considered though. At the same time, it's hard to imagine earning the same kind of money translating that I'm earning right now. I've reached that "specialization" stage you talked about with my current day job, to the point where I'm basically indispensable to my employers.

As for the whole kids thing, your description of yourself basically sounds like me. I know I don't want kids now. I just wonder if I'll ever want them. I'd hate to get snipped and then regret it in 5 or 10 years. But I'd also hate to not get snipped and then end up stuck with a kid.

Life advice thread!

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>>230303 >>230304

I can only suggest that you guys be careful, and be prepared for life to throw to you a curveball when you're not expecting it. Beyond that... kids aren't the answer to a lot of problems, which is something a lot of parents I see seem to think they are when they have them. For those people, I recommend Tamagotchi.

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>>230304 On the subject of your translating, how open are you to it? Because I've got plenty of comics from Osaka Banpakku and stuff and I dunno if you're bothered by it or not.

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You can adopt me, Ralen. We can have Wood Allen-esque relationship.

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What does >>230303 need to be careful of? He's already had a vasectomy.

I've been working on a massive visual novel for the past 8 months or so, with the usual other random projects interspersed, so I don't really have time to take on anything else at the moment.

Are you a teenaged Chinese girl?

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You should get in touch with Sekai Project.
They're small as a company, but as far as visual novels go they've worked with Key and other notable Japanese devs. to publish their works in English. They've been working with native English speakers that create their own visual novels, but these are done by college kids, and their efforts honestly suck. A real waste of Sekai's time. You obviously have more experience in writing, so you should seriously consider it. Maybe get in contact with a team via their network.

Hell, if you're really deep into making your own visual novel, there's this new software called TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio:
You can at least get your script down, and include your own art to feel your way around the idea.

>Are you a teenaged Chinese girl?

Sadly, no, but I can act like one if you wish! I'm willing to submit my body to just about anyone at this point, either as a partner(s) or just a play thing.

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>>230309 alright, thanks for the info. there is one thing that needs to def be translated though and thats one azumanga strip by azuma that has never been scanned. i found inside the first azumanga redraw, theres an extra page of strips thats not located at the back of the book like the Hoshhu Hen ones, so i need to scan that up, as its the final canon Azumanga strip to be found.

  No.230314   Report                

I should have clarified, I'm not writing my own visual novel, I'm translating an already published Japanese one into English.
There's a thread for it here (caution: NSFW).

If there's a particular strip from the revised editions you want translated, I can do that. I have all three revised editions myself, so I can look it up if you tell me the volume and page number.

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So THAT'S where AYXPB has been all this time!

1385272194477.jpg (196 kb, 862x1000)
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The Chiyo thread is gone too?

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1420174858001.jpg (1793 kb, 1646x1169)

Chiyo and Kaneda Tomoko, her voice actress.

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1420783645645.jpg (269 kb, 626x1586)


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put a gun in your mouth

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1422072651622.png (24 kb, 640x480)
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1422072661742.png (23 kb, 640x480)
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1423917504118.png (575 kb, 706x706)

Drew this just now. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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Poor Chiyo. So young to have indigestion.

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1425343363972.png (331 kb, 555x1000)
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1428364675762.jpg (389 kb, 1165x2598)
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1429939851811.png (165 kb, 500x500)

1390798873587.jpg (154 kb, 515x728)
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There was another Yomi thread further back, but it was that thread, so I'm not bumping it.

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1414530592592.jpg (40 kb, 470x390)

Are you gonna hug it?

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1414531955894.png (94 kb, 720x480)

>>229158 Pet hairs. Ahehe, that was before we decided to keep them out of the rec room.

>>229163 haven't done it since this project I've been doing started giving me trouble, actually. I better do it now before I forget.

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1417064882886.jpg (103 kb, 600x848)

turnt as fuck

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1420796521217.png (209 kb, 640x480)

Yomi not on the front page is a world I do not want to live in


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1421507213583.jpg (124 kb, 853x1200)
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1423623563208.gif (224 kb, 600x800)


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>>229854 I'm not sure that word means what you think it means.

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She's moving her arm and opening her mouth...

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Click on the picture, dumbass.

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1429903807793.jpg (260 kb, 930x1346)

1375594397491.png (668 kb, 767x1200)
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Didn't know if the new Ichigo Mashimaro was up yet, so I scanned it myself. Cleaned it up the best I could.

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1428805957553.jpg (323 kb, 804x1200)

Whoops, forgot a space in Nobue's line.

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I've seen this game played quite a bit on those pop idol programs in Japan.
I have to wonder though if the curly mustache on Miu counts as one play or two?

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1428990628103.jpg (38 kb, 386x398)
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1429058047106.png (68 kb, 386x398)


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1429623566683.jpg (20 kb, 200x169)

I saw this on Dengeki's webpage for the first time today. It says the author is somebody named "Katsuwo," but are we sure it isn't Barasui? The art style looks almost identical. The shape of the eyes in particular stood out to me.

  No.230243   Report                
1429638081480.jpg (843 kb, 1632x1272)

It's another series that's been running in Dengeki Daioh. Here's a couple of camera pics from recent months. I also thought it was
Barasui at first.

  No.230245   Report                

hey, that's pretty good! Any scans available?
would the Mighty Ralen maybe want to time time from his busy schedule to scantilate perhaps?

  No.230246   Report                

Theres one translated chapter kicking around out there, series is called "Mitsuboshi Colours", the artist also has a pixiv account.

  No.230247   Report                

^that guy sure likes little girls...

  No.230251   Report                
1429841886276.jpg (231 kb, 425x1275)

Who doesn
At first glance those comics look like your typical gag manga, but the content is really depressing.

"It was practically a miracle for someone as shy as me to make a friend."

"I had no idea..."

"Kai-chan was all I had."


Click here to view the full comment.

1429752350996.jpg (130 kb, 1024x768)
133265 No.230244   [Reply]   Report  

Here's a video I made because I hate you all and want to make you cry like babies.

  No.230248   Report                

salutes with tears streaming down cheeks

  No.230249   Report                

I cri evrytiem ;_;

  No.230250   Report                
1429839612615.jpg (9.5 kb, 306x165)

fuck you man, I didn't need this.

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