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1391735634956.jpg (970 kb, 800x1131)
993109 No.227437   [Reply]   Report  

No more Kagura thread?
Oh well, this seems like as good a way as any to start one.

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1394500699957.png (186 kb, 450x600)

I wouldn't mind owning a shirt like this one.

  No.227630   Report                

why anyone would want a kagura in a flavor other than caramel is beyond me

  No.227720   Report                

Thank you Ralen.

Everything you you do we respect.

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1395901340728.jpg (160 kb, 500x752)
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1396106845244.png (62 kb, 400x499)
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1400524930466.jpg (125 kb, 943x1345)

The translation on this page gets me every time.

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1413633327634.jpg (103 kb, 600x847)

Poor Kagura. No posts in 5 months.

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1413700471095.png (75 kb, 287x400)

Couldn't find a higher res version of this one, but...

  No.229089   Report                

It almost looks like the face and right side of the body was modeled (copied? traced?) from one picture and the left side from a different picture.

  No.229092   Report                

Oh fucking boy. That is inspirational.

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
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Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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That's right. I'm appearing in the October issue of the quarterly magazine S because of an interview I did.
6:09 PM Sep 22nd

  No.228890   Report                

Azuma Kiyohiko retweeted
Through 9/28 - Photographer Miho Kakuta's exhibition "Mirror Mirror" is currently on display at Nogizaka! ⇒ http://amba.to/1rcy9qL
11:28 AM Sept 25th

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No Yotsuba or IM this month.

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1412241336901.jpg (40 kb, 317x450)

Let's ask "Yotsuba & !" 's Kiyohiko Azuma anything!

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1413033577159.jpg (18 kb, 584x584)

They're saying that right now there's a Danbo photo exhibit going on in Osaka. They're saying the next Danbo is the 大 Circle Danbo. http://www.yotsuba10.com/danboard/
9:41 PM Oct 10th

I just went today(`_´)ゞ
“@azumakiyohiko: They're saying that right now there's a Danbo photo exhibit going on in Osaka. They're saying the next Danbo is the 大 Circle Danbo. http://www.yotsuba10.com/danboard/
9:42 PM Oct 10th

@akaringo_mana That was fast! Thanks for coming♪
10:52 PM Oct 10th

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1413049085066.jpg (40 kb, 600x450)


@azumakiyohiko @akaringo_mana I wanna go (sob).
9:18 PM Oct 10th

Note: The picture says "I wanna live!" but it's pronounced the same as "I wanna go!"

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1413103379981.jpg (309 kb, 1920x1200)


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1413287428769.jpg (31 kb, 1000x666)

Azuma Kiyohiko retweeted
Announcement - Thank you for your patience! Amazon has now received additional stock, so sales are resuming! The page for official sales, bonus postcard included, is below!
5:23 PM Oct 13th

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1413503189876.jpg (53 kb, 500x496)

Wow, as always thanks for the translations

  No.229091   Report                

A friend of mine who went to Ikaho Hot Springs brought me back some manju as a gift, and boy were they good. Are these manju a big thing, or something? The packaging said they were "Hot Spring Flower Manju" from Daikokuya Honten.
5:05 PM Oct 20th

Apparently "yu no hana" (hot spring flower) manju is a big deal in Ikaho.

1413748585518.jpg (780 kb, 3195x2135)
798226 No.229090   [Reply]   Report  

who wants nice HiQ Yos tanko scans in Jap?

1412617837495.png (219 kb, 500x375)
224060 No.228974   [Reply]   Report  

As of this morning, same-sex marriage is now legal in most of America, so let's have a Kaorin thread.

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1413504220299.jpg (9.4 kb, 480x360)
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1413504631265.jpg (16 kb, 516x438)

Azumanga had a lot of people wanting to find love, but no one ever did. Never realized how sad it was

  No.229075   Report                
1413506172391.jpg (147 kb, 1241x1530)


  No.229076   Report                
1413506600955.jpg (60 kb, 640x480)

Funny how it takes America so long to realise basic stuck like allowing people to love however they want.

Come on America, certainly you have something better to do

  No.229077   Report                

Ralen has said this before, but isn't America ahead of the rest of the world (barring some socialized European nations) in this regard?

Secondly, it's not illegal to love whomwever you want, it was illegal in some states for gays to marry.

Thirdly, what does "basic stuck" mean?

  No.229078   Report                
1413508057958.jpg (122 kb, 612x792)

Firstly; Ralen is always right.

Secondly; having sex with the same sex was illegal in America. Trying to use the word "was" because some people still want you not to.


  No.229079   Report                


>having sex with the same sex was illegal in America

Only in a handful of states, and even then, not since 2003.

  No.229080   Report                
1413534639158.jpg (63 kb, 450x300)


>Azumanga had a lot of people wanting to find love, but no one ever did. Never realized how sad it was


  No.229083   Report                


>Azumanga had a lot of people wanting to find love, but no one ever did. Never realized how sad it was

Remember when Osaka asked her friends why they don't have summer memories with their boyfriends? There's an awkward moment and then everyone just left without saying a word.

Probably boys are intimidated with Sakaki

Yomi probably too dense or too serious in studying to have time with boys (Remember when Osaka asked about BF? She's the one who left awkwardly).

Tomo is too stupid to realize love.

No boys can get Osaka, she's an enigma.

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  No.229088   Report                


If you lose a card game, you just might get Osaka.


1382573646693.jpg (2060 kb, 3264x2448)
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The old stamps thread is gone...

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1403773718162.jpg (66 kb, 640x640)
  No.228185   Report                
1403773770352.jpg (66 kb, 640x640)
  No.228186   Report                
1403773884541.png (1086 kb, 960x640)

Quite a nice selection of よつばと! stamps.

  No.228205   Report                

Cube they say...

  No.228207   Report                
1403984356180.gif (14 kb, 300x300)

Die deutschen wurden das ein bisschen anders aussprechen.(」゜ロ゜)」

  No.228208   Report                
1403984386704.jpg (53 kb, 640x480)
  No.228209   Report                
1403984418912.jpg (91 kb, 480x640)
  No.228555   Report                
1407976126948.jpg (1978 kb, 3264x2448)

Looks more like Kushi-chan than Chiyo-chan.

  No.228970   Report                
1412588594365.jpg (474 kb, 1600x1200)
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1413700550478.png (250 kb, 352x288)

1412641479968.gif (225 kb, 269x360)
230109 No.228978   [Reply]   Report  

i herd that azuma was in a car crash and was either injured badly or died (google translate lol) and that "suspicious pills" (google trans) were either in the car to in azuma. anyone who actually knows japanese read anything about this? pic unrelated

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  No.228980   Report                

i think his twitter replies would be blowing up a lot more than they are right now if this was the case

  No.228981   Report                

his last post got four replies and one of them was a picture of a very large cat so...

  No.228982   Report                

azuma turned into a very large cat.

case ....closed.

  No.228993   Report                
1412776117334.jpg (25 kb, 450x338)

Actually, this is kind of how I imagine Azuma would look as a cat.

Actually, it kind of resembles Chiyo's dad. I think that's probably why Azuma's follower posted it.

  No.228994   Report                

Gaaah is this true? Crayon Shin-Chan creator died in a mountain climbing accident and now this?

  No.228995   Report                

No, it's not true. Or if it is, there's nothing in the news about it.

  No.229040   Report                

Well, you did mention in your travel thread that no one has heard of Azuma so...

  No.229041   Report                

He also just updated his twitter the other day, so...

  No.229071   Report                
1413503836010.jpg (92 kb, 600x595)

You have been misinformed. Azuma is doing well, just taking a break.

  No.229082   Report                


>just taking a break.

By hitting the brake.

1379380527597.jpg (757 kb, 600x800)
774976 No.225473   [Reply]   Report  

Warning: Fujoshi content ahead.

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  No.228530   Report                

Is that Orcinus orca in Yanda's hands?

  No.228539   Report                
1407697458339.jpg (398 kb, 709x3551)

8/10 is Yan-Tou day.

  No.228554   Report                
1407975977138.jpg (313 kb, 600x849)
  No.228846   Report                
1410303966507.png (1015 kb, 641x857)

I can't tell if the text is the artist's commentary, or Yanda speaking, or Yotsuba and Yanda speaking.

これは仕方ない = "These things happen"?

  No.228847   Report                
1410303995846.png (648 kb, 585x676)

"I like Daddy's face in profile."

  No.228849   Report                

I believe, characters speaking in first, artist speaking in second.

The scene for the first appears to be Yotsuba hurt her leg and has to be carried by Yanda. She's basically saying, I don't like it, but I'll have to go along with it, Yanda's saying, Yeah, yeah

  No.228850   Report                

That makes sense.
仕方ない is one of those phrases that can be taken so many different ways depending on context.

  No.229049   Report                
1413386414397.jpg (370 kb, 1167x850)
  No.229074   Report                
1413505415707.jpg (20 kb, 236x295)

Fujoshi; a genre of male-male romance narratives aimed at a female audience.

  No.229081   Report                

In reality, fujoshi is a female fan of yaoi. The male counterpart is fudanshi.

1413386493079.jpg (184 kb, 1200x1200)
188535 No.229050   [Reply]   Report  

Halloween Thread.

  No.229056   Report                
1413473198723.jpg (134 kb, 800x600)
  No.229058   Report                
1413499293224.jpg (441 kb, 1680x1050)

hah, some fun stuff on the Gogimage

  No.229059   Report                
1413499410076.jpg (37 kb, 721x409)


  No.229060   Report                
1413499484643.png (744 kb, 727x510)

Put a pumpkin on your head, and begin to enjoy everything

  No.229061   Report                
1413499703234.png (241 kb, 575x678)


1409590018701.jpg (621 kb, 824x2216)
635399 No.228751   [Reply]   Report  

Just to keep you guys in the loop, at the end of this month, inspired in large part by our friend Ragathol's trip a couple of years ago, I'll be travelling to Japan for an extended period. I'll be staying for three months (because that's the maximum amount of time my employer would allow me to be gone), October through December, to attend a Japanese language course in Yokohama.

I'll still have internet access and should be able to post here, but being away from my home computer and resources like Share, etc. there's a good chance this may impact my ability to post translations during that time.

I was originally worried about whether I would still be able to translate Yotsuba while I was gone, but with no new chapters in the past 10 months, it was beginning to look like it wouldn't be an problem after all. But now that it seems Azuma's started things back up again, it may be an issue.

There's also a very small chance my plane may crash into the Pacific Ocean, which would be a more difficult challenge to overcome.

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  No.229038   Report                

That's pretty awesome you're visiting spots that were featured in the manga.
Now you just need to find a girl stuck on a window that needs helps and you'll be set.

  No.229039   Report                


As far as I know, shochu is meant to be drunk warm or with a bit of hot (or warm) water. Male sure it's honkaku shochu (single distillation) as otherwise it's basically soju (which Japan does import quite a bit of). That's korui shochu, or koshu (according to Wikipedia).

As for not being stared at, I thought that's because it's impolite to do so. If you're obviously foreign, it'd affect how people act towards you versus someone who is Nisei, or obviously Korean or Chinese.

  No.229042   Report                


>As for not being stared at, I thought that's because it's impolite to do so. If you're obviously foreign, it'd affect how people act towards you versus someone who is Nisei, or obviously Korean or Chinese.

I'm not sure what this is in reference to.

So today, the very same teacher who said she had never heard of Azuma Kiyohiko recommended to all of us that we go to a maid cafe some time. Even though she's never been to one herself, she said they look fun.

  No.229044   Report                


I was talking about being at the festival and then the capsule hotel.

  No.229045   Report                

I'm still not sure what your comment meant though. I said I don't really get looks from people most of the time, but I did seem to get a few long glances (mostly from older people) when I went out to the country. So are you saying people in the countryside don't have good manners?

  No.229046   Report                


No, what I'm saying is that they wouldn't be staring at you or judging you by their own standards, period, because you're an obvious foreigner.

My reply was in response to your reply to chattykathy25 per this post: http://yokohamakikou.tumblr.com/post/99817652496/i-am-impressed-with-the-quality-of-pictures-looks

  No.229047   Report                

About the "money tray" in stores (mentioned in your blog), they do expect you to put the money there, and usually they return change in the tray as well. I don't really know why, though.

Usually mostly only department stores, grocery stores and larger brand stores take cards. Cash is king. And I think only USA bother with checks any more...

  No.229048   Report                

I have figured out how to use the money tray. It's actually pretty convenient to have a place to put your money after they give you your total, while they're bagging your purchase or whatever.

But I have never not had a clerk put my change directly in my hand. If my hand isn't already open they usually just hold it there until I take it.
It always goes, receipt first, change on top.

Similar to the money trays, I was looking for a pair of earrings for my mom, and I noticed most of the jewelry stores have a little tray next to the wall of earrings with a note requesting you put the earrings in the tray to bring to the cashier.

I've seen a few people paying with credit at the grocery store, but I've never had a problem with cash. I wish I could pay my rent in cash. My credit card company charges like a 1% international transfer fee, but my ATM card charges absolutely nothing.

  No.229053   Report                

I have never thought about the tray thing, but I was made aware that placing money on your hand is some sort of unspoken rule, at least that's what this video implies:

  No.229054   Report                

I keep thinking of that exact song every time I get handed my change.

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
143964 No.218046   [Reply]   Report  

Where did the old CO thread go ...

319 posts and 206 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.228932   Report                

That game is better than it has any right to be.

  No.228949   Report                
1412340027173.jpg (312 kb, 635x903)
  No.228955   Report                
1412341289299.jpg (374 kb, 2000x2883)

More Dragon Ball.

"The End and the Day Prior"

"We're gonna be at Earth soon."
"That's right, tomorrow."

"We're gonna kill the humans."
"That's right."

  No.228956   Report                
1412341307950.jpg (407 kb, 2000x2883)

"I wonder how many..."

"How many are we gonna kill?"
"How many do you want to kill?"

  No.228958   Report                
1412341482534.jpg (568 kb, 2000x2883)

Is this last one a Yotsuba parody?
The only thing the deadpan expressions remind me of is Koiwai and Jumbo in the car when Fuuka made that dumb remark about photographs being postits for your memories.

"Now I'm going to pay a visit to The Monkey King!!"
"Who's with me?!"

  No.229022   Report                
1413048905318.jpg (318 kb, 800x800)

Match the father to the child.

  No.229023   Report                
1413048933522.jpg (512 kb, 800x800)

More here:

  No.229026   Report                

So what do I do with the pairs that aren't and don't claim to be related.

  No.229027   Report                

>>229022 ack, for this.

  No.229028   Report                

Okay, maybe more like "Match the man to the child."

I'm not familiar with most of these characters, so I just assumed they were all father/daughter (or a man who took someone in) like Koiwai and Yotsuba.

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