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1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
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Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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When he's not creating brilliant manga, Azuma posts pictures of his breakfast on The Net:

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1438987015635.jpg (59 kb, 1024x680)

That looks good.

11:51 PM Aug 7th

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1439188133323.jpg (194 kb, 1000x850)

Going out to shop is too much of a pain, so I look around on Rakuten for certain food items to buy, but usually the pages are so hard to navigate that I get frustrated and give up. I don't know how many times this has happened.
1:55 AM Aug 9th

There are times when a man just has to fight. Collecting all the Puzzle & Dragons Summer Vacation Gacha right now.
12:38 AM Aug 10th

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^the man who created one of the most beloved green-haired child characters of the last century ladies and gentlemen

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Who is Maki Horikita? What does she do? I get strange looks when I ask these questions. I know she's someone famous.
11:30 AM Aug 25th


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Can comfirm. Rakuten opened an online branch in my country and the website is just fucking bullshit to navigate. It's your typical Japanese online store. As in too much bloody links scattered on the front page, and the rest of the page. Also since the tagging was given to each store owners the search results may vary. Some tag them well, some just tag them everywhere.


But the good thing is, I got a lot of rare Japanese stuff in that website. Including a rare headphone and Japanese mobile phone accessories.

  No.231042   Report                

I suddenly thought, "Why is the word 'liter' pronounced different when it's for gasoline?" Then I thought, "Why did I suddenly think that?"
1:03 AM Aug 28th

There are apparently two pronunciations for the word "liter" in Japanese. "litaa" and "littoru." Gasoline uses the former.
It may be that this comes from the difference between the European and American spellings ("litre" versus "liter.")

I thought drone aerial photography was pretty interesting, so I got a tiny indoor RC unit to practice with. I flew it around one of my assistants who was working on the manga, and it really ticked him off. It would bump into him occasionally.
9:41 PM Aug 28th

This is why there have been so few new chapters lately.

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Yotsuba & Drones!
I thought drones would be more restricted now since someone put something radioactive in one to protest against PM Abe.

I think Azuma would want one just so he can observe the children in his neighborhood. Get an idea or two for his characters.

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This month's Dengeki:
Yotsuba - Yes
IM - No

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1440865868052.png (72 kb, 200x200)


1391735634956.jpg (970 kb, 800x1131)
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No more Kagura thread?
Oh well, this seems like as good a way as any to start one.

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you could try to reverse image search
works about 80% of the time in my experience

  No.230416   Report                

Yeah, I've put it through every reverse image search website I could find. Even tried blowing it up and searching it.

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1431212407990.jpg (43 kb, 193x422)

Here's a scan I did from the 10th anniversary edition of azu, Kagura's slight blush is hella cute

  No.230441   Report                
1431882507308.jpg (70 kb, 600x800)

So much Kagura cuteness.

  No.230816   Report                
1437016001111.png (410 kb, 694x1079)

Did this one for my upcoming Azu/Goof Troop crossover flash ytp.

  No.230832   Report                
1437703517434.jpg (17 kb, 215x340)

I have this, saved it six years ago according to the date stamp. Don't remember where from.

  No.230833   Report                

You've just made my day! Thank you so much!

  No.230989   Report                
1439760398923.png (150 kb, 260x371)

Did a few scans of Osaka Banpaku today; I hadn't seen this chibi Kagura posted anywhere before.

  No.231037   Report                


Is there bigger version of that one? That's one of the cutest Kagura artwork. The style is a bit simplistic but I love the expression and body language.

  No.231043   Report                
1440781585691.png (306 kb, 430x680)

I've reverse image searched it on every site I know but haven't had any luck. It looks alright when put through waifu2x though.

1384133740627.jpg (37 kb, 500x800)
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japanese tsunami happened because fuuka went swimming

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1424623628631.jpg (180 kb, 1350x1800)

The description says this is supposed to be Fuuka in 8th grade.

It looks more like 10th grade Fuuka squeezed into her 8th grade swimsuit.

  No.229954   Report                


The whole package is quite appealing. No wonder schoolgirl cosplay is a thing, there.

  No.229987   Report                

Stumbled on the artist's Patreon page and happened to notice this piece:

I'm not sure why the size of the head is different, but since the artist is trying to show the drawing process, he/she may have adjusted it later on?
That aside, the artist has amazing skills. I mean, I've never seen one single artist have such level of skill in a number of styles.

  No.229996   Report                
1425279606994.jpg (70 kb, 452x640)
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1425279617746.jpg (227 kb, 785x1200)
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1425352374216.jpg (234 kb, 976x1416)

Fuuka's twin sister or just another generic Jap girl? You decide. (from Fujiyama-san wa_Shishunki series)
you can find it on raw-zip.com

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1428557315762.png (857 kb, 860x1215)


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1429227530841.jpg (527 kb, 834x1234)

Love that almost-muffin-top.

  No.230223   Report                

^Same here. Only thing that would make that better would be if her thighs swallowed her shorts a bit, too.
Not sure what that's called, though...
Jelly donut bottom?

  No.231039   Report                

Why Fuuka Thread is in the last page. This is travesty!

1432263445851.jpg (96 kb, 694x1024)
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You know you're way too into Azumanga wen you buy a 13 year old calendar... But I did.

I love the Yotsuba Daily calendars and when I saw this on Mandarake, I had to bite.

I've decided to take a few pictures of some of my favorite pages. A lot of them are just straight out of the manga, so I'll skip them. I'm using my phone becuase I don't want to destroy the thing putting it in a scanner.

If anyone wants to see what's on their birthday or want me to find a page with a specific character, I can look them up.

Other than that, I'll just post a few of my favorites. I'll try to not have them all be of Osaka...

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1432266191396.jpg (301 kb, 1064x840)

Alone on Christmas? Let's get DRUNK

  No.230483   Report                
1432266277065.jpg (510 kb, 1584x1056)
  No.230484   Report                
1432266349492.jpg (545 kb, 1616x1076)
  No.230485   Report                
1432266424413.jpg (629 kb, 1448x1184)

Stupid sexy Kagura

  No.230486   Report                
1432266502847.jpg (916 kb, 1512x1560)
  No.230487   Report                
1432266728237.jpg (1004 kb, 1460x1904)

and Osaka was never heard from again...

That' it for me for tonight. Let me now if anyone wants anything. I think there's thumbnails for most of these pages in the Osaka Banpaku.

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Try! Try! Try! was from 2001. The series in its current form began in 2003.
I remember the 10y1d exhibition being delayed because of the Touhoku earthquake in 2011.


>Open your heart

Thought she was holding a scalpel at first.

  No.230489   Report                

You're probably right. I always misjudge when the AzuDai manga ended. I always think it went on as late as the anime did for some strange reason.

  No.230490   Report                

I don't remember when the anime aired, but the manga ran from 1999-2002.

Fun fact, Ichigo Mashimaro also first started running in 1999.

  No.231038   Report                

I ordered a daily calendar from my local importer Since March.

It's August now and he doesn't contact me anymore. I AM PISSED.

1435947414455.png (572 kb, 750x990)
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Fuuka: "Your daddy's working late tonight, so it's you and me, kiddo!"
Yotsuba: "Okay!"

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1435947492972.png (622 kb, 750x990)

Fuuka: "Oh, she fell asleep already."

  No.230759   Report                
1435947505420.png (303 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "I'm home!"

  No.230761   Report                
1435947596449.png (655 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "Did you have trouble on your own?"
Fuuka: "Welcome home! Yotsuba was great."
Koiwai: "Thanks so much, Fuuka."
Fuuka: "You must be exhausted from work."

vc: care

  No.230762   Report                
1435947671405.png (590 kb, 990x750)

Fuuka: "Have you eaten yet?"
Koiwai: "Oh, no, not yet."
Fuuka: "You go take a bath then, while I make you something."
Koiwai: "Great, thanks. I'm going to go put Yotsuba to bed first, though."

  No.230763   Report                
1435947722873.png (624 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "Hmm... I like this show."
Fuuka: "Geeze, hurry up and eat. You've got another early day tomorrow."

  No.230764   Report                
1435947837294.png (688 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "Thanks again."
Fuuka: "Not at all, I had fun."
Koiwai: "Oh yeah, over summer break we're going to my mom's place. Yotsuba's coming with me, so would you like to join us, Fuuka?"
Fuuka: "Huh? Are you sure it's all right? It's not a family trip?"
Koiwai: "I told you, I want all three of us to go."

  No.230765   Report                
1435947871630.png (33 kb, 990x750)

Fuuka: "Good night."
Koiwai: "Okay, good night."

"To be continued...?"

  No.230775   Report                


"To be continued...?"


  No.230776   Report                


Wow, that Koiwai is kinda creepy, going after a girl half his age. Even if some of the early strips had Fuuka acting as a foil to him and Yotsuba.

  No.231036   Report                


I don't see why it's creepy. There are age gap but they are both consenting adults (She's either 19 or 20 in that comic) and relationship varied from couple to couple.

If your idea of couple is only two people in the same age then you will be surprised when you grow up and go out to the world. Life is not limited to narrow point of view.

1390798873587.jpg (154 kb, 515x728)
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There was another Yomi thread further back, but it was that thread, so I'm not bumping it.

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  No.229855   Report                

>>229854 I'm not sure that word means what you think it means.

  No.229856   Report                

She's moving her arm and opening her mouth...

  No.229857   Report                

Click on the picture, dumbass.

  No.230259   Report                
1429903807793.jpg (260 kb, 930x1346)
  No.230654   Report                

I guess, Yomi was seriously overweight back in grade school. That's where here current weight issues came from. Oh, and also her desire to excel in everything is a hypercompensation for bullying during that times.

  No.230655   Report                
1434741393226.jpg (198 kb, 500x747)
  No.230659   Report                

Man, why are you making think sad things from something that gave me so much joy...
I wonder if Osaka's comment on her tits being "Hawaiian" is part of that subconscious that eats up her self-esteem.
On that same note, American sizes are noticeable huge when you compare, say, a medium shirt with a Japanese medium size. For an Japanese to be called American by simply her size in comparison has to sting a little.

  No.230665   Report                

Is it possible that Yomi would pursue career in STEM? Out of all Azumanga characters, I se no one(except Chiyo) who would do this.

> making think sad things

A dose of suffering is necessary for good character development. Even in Yotsuba&! characters have moments of sorrow, like Jumbo and Fuuka's unriquited crushes or Yotsuba's being an orphan.

  No.230984   Report                
1439666945030.jpg (411 kb, 1000x1000)
  No.231034   Report                


It's kind of my headcanon that Yomi is the ambitious type but unfortunately her brain power is actually not that great and fate seems to hate her from the get go. So she will be trying too hard during college, having a mental breakdown, quit college midway and the first one that get married.

Meanwhile Tomo realized she's not really cut into being a police woman, so she went into a normal college, graduate and in a twist of fate hired by interpol for her expertise.

1398440575127.jpg (51 kb, 713x481)
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This pic was actually made by Mownten Doo.

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  No.230860   Report                

I wanna imagine the smaller cat is just a head and is part of the bigger cat. It's one cat with two brains and four eyes and one mind and one resolve, and is glorious for ever and ever, that cat. And it can talk and is wise and kind and will lead mankind to a glorious future of peace and prosperity and we'll live in harmony, and the children of tomorrow will befriend the cat and will sing songs about love and understanding.
Are you sure it's just forced perspective? Because it could be what I'm saying.

  No.230861   Report                

I looked into it a little and >>230860 is correct. Not a truth the world is ready to face but it's time to reconcile ourselves to the new reality.

  No.230867   Report                
1438306473723.jpg (97 kb, 749x499)

I don't know if this counts as "weird", but it's curious.
According to the article, the sticker says "Japanese car, Chinese heart" and it's there because some Chinese ruffians like to vandalize Japanese cars.

  No.230868   Report                

^I an see why. I saw two videos where Chinese people went apeshit and started to literally tear down Japanese cars. One driver (Chinese) was pulled out and got his head repeatedly bash in front of his wife and daughter, just for driving a Japanese car. Fucking animals, but I understand the need for caution.

Although, aren't most Japanese brand cars made elsewhere, like in America? American cars made in Mexico? British cars made in South America? Italian cars made somewhere else in Europe and shit like that?

  No.230988   Report                
1439757367441.png (219 kb, 640x959)

I made a pokemon team in showdown inspired by the girls, with what pokemon i think they'd be, what moves they'd have and what item they'd hold. What do you think they'd be as pokemon?

  No.231016   Report                
1440275458861.png (643 kb, 478x619)

Was told that this was in Hungarian. Not sure if these was taken at a anime con there or at a super market. via Twitter

  No.231018   Report                

I kinda wanna go to Hungary now. I am trying to learn German.

  No.231019   Report                

They speak German in Hungary too?

  No.231020   Report                

A Hungarian buddy of mine said that this is from a back to school sale.

  No.231033   Report                
1440751825757.jpg (44 kb, 458x337)


Pretty hypocritical since many Chinese made cars are blatantly copied from foreign cars including Japanese and European cars. I mean seriously they made a replica of London taxi! the car brand is Geely.

1440650396076.jpg (359 kb, 1920x1080)
367195 No.231032   [Reply]   Report  

LadyBay group.
Japan is effin' weird. As if I dodnt know that before and needed mroe conformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8-vje-bq9c

1439251769081.png (926 kb, 777x1088)
947971 No.230964   [Reply]   Report  

Comiket 88 is approaching.

16 posts and 12 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.231011   Report                

I'm assuming they're just referring to her attempt to look cutesy and innocent here, in stark contrast to her usual personality.

  No.231012   Report                

And I thought it was the pyramid scheme she suckered them into investing in. Silly me.

  No.231013   Report                

i wonder if the azudai girls ever think about death

  No.231015   Report                

of course they do. waking in a cold sweat realizing the inevitability of death, but reassuring themselves "i'm just a teenager, i don't have to worry about that for a LONG time, that's practically FOREVER"
then they're in their twenties, and they start thinking "oh shit, this is really happening"
then in their thirties... and their forties... and their fifties... the clock gets closer and closer to midnight, and the dull realization of their mortality ramps up to a panic.
year after year, closer and closer.
eventually they reach some kind of peace with the inevitable, that the world will keep spinning without them, that this is the way it must be and there's no use wasting your time worrying when there's more days behind you than there are in front of you.
and then... all the azumanga girls die.

vc: minite, the amount of time, in the grand scheme of things, each of us has to do everything we have wanted to do.

  No.231017   Report                


>each of us has to do everything we have wanted to do.

At first I read this as a command.

  No.231021   Report                

Does that chibi Osaka have a name? It feels like it's in the same style of Churuya.

Hmm... given that they all seem to like to ad "ch" sounds to them, maube she's Ochaka now?

  No.231023   Report                
1440388359214.png (192 kb, 889x1243)

According to this, it's "Oshaka."


  No.231024   Report                
1440388399453.jpg (163 kb, 907x1262)

And according to this, it's "Osaka-han" (instead of "san.")

  No.231030   Report                
1440629987233.jpg (187 kb, 1000x1400)


  No.231031   Report                
1440630094171.jpg (138 kb, 900x1100)

*Yomi's overweight after all"

1379258795520.jpg (238 kb, 1000x1334)
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New Yotsuba thread.

209 posts and 165 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.230828   Report                
1437403059742.jpg (47 kb, 700x459)

Don't know if this has been posted before. Feel like I'm missing some context with this one.

  No.230829   Report                
1437403373202.jpg (563 kb, 700x968)

Shit, of course I find the sauce after posting it...

  No.230831   Report                
1437694712185.png (99 kb, 608x604)
  No.230834   Report                

Having seen every Yots I thought I knew what cute was.

This is beyond cute.


  No.230835   Report                

enjoy everything

  No.230841   Report                


  No.230842   Report                
1437817297679.jpg (222 kb, 736x1137)
  No.231008   Report                
1440205751235.gif (631 kb, 642x363)


  No.231028   Report                

Anyone have zips of any of the daily calendars?

  No.231029   Report                
1440596775483.gif (440 kb, 642x363)

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