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1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
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Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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1431870757752.jpg (40 kb, 1024x633)

I noticed that my Lightning cable fits perfectly into my collapsible backscratcher.
4:49 PM May 16th

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Azuma's birthday is in less than a week (May 27th). Get your birthday tweets ready. He'll be 47 this year.

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1432475608793.jpg (50 kb, 1023x682)

A little while ago I was shopping at 7-Eleven, and had a chance to play their lottery. Here's what I won.
5:12 PM May 23rd

Yes, those are panties.

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This is a good excuse to say he put them to use as reference in the next chapter.

  No.230498   Report                

So in Japan, used panties you get from back alley vending machines and new panties you get from convenience store lotteries? Have to say, quite a system they got there.

  No.230502   Report                

You know, I never did see any of those underwear vending machines while I was there... Except for the one in the locker room of the capsule hotel that sold fresh boxers and socks.

  No.230504   Report                

No way, two months in a row for both.
IM: Yes
Yotsuba: Yes

  No.230505   Report                


The film walks amongst us.

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1432700579002.jpg (75 kb, 727x1000)

I heard in the Death Note drama Light (Right) isn't too bright, and L doesn't look weird at all. More like they should've called them "Left" and "R."
5:04 PM May 26th

Wanda and Reset from Summer Wonder Fest. It's like an Eva special, so that's why they're like this.
10:40 PM May 26th

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Azuma didn't do his usual "respond to every single birthday tweet" this year.

1430286196291.jpg (387 kb, 855x1200)
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Yotsuba & Cleaning.

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Ralen, you've got to stop this. This series is on the way to destruction. Only a concentrated attack of missiles aimed at the planet Venus can ensure this series destruction. Until that day, we have your translations, and we enjoy them. This series is beautiful. We can't just launch those missiles because some children might feel sad inside like they used to. We felt good, so we read the series. It's been our choice; and we love the results of our choice.

  No.230403   Report                

Okay, while your thanks is appreciated, I have no idea what you're saying, so I figured it was probably a reference to something.

I Googled "Only a concentrated attack of missiles aimed at the planet Venus" to see what came up, and this was the fourth result:

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1432757171003.jpg (234 kb, 858x1200)

Raws for the new chapter (still numbered 87?): http://raw.senmanga.com/Yotsubato!/88/1

(it's also on share)

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Unfortunately I'm really busy until after this Saturday, so I don't know how soon I'll be able to get to this.

  No.230522   Report                

(rubs eyes)
Things taking precedent over Yotsuba!?
(commits sepukku with a banana)

  No.230523   Report                

That sucks. I've waited a year for a chapter, a few days wont hurt too much. Take care buddy!

  No.230524   Report                


They've renumbered it to 88 now. And this chapter shows us that Grandma is always right.

  No.230525   Report                


>waited a year

Did you miss the one from last month?

  No.230526   Report                

Well I'm saying I CAN wait a year for a chapter

  No.230527   Report                

last month, wait whAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I missed a chapter from last month???????????

another azu reader commits suicide, this time the proper way, with a rusty fork

1385095389374.png (195 kb, 600x863)
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I think my chapter spamming killed the old Osaka thread...

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"This one time, at a Tigers game..."

  No.230237   Report                
1429525092739.gif (431 kb, 426x236)

>>230235 "A Tiger came, and so did I"

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1429542898105.png (209 kb, 340x524)


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1432698014890.png (207 kb, 402x1185)

More from the Osaka Alone series!

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1432698037340.png (484 kb, 407x1292)
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1432698086406.png (187 kb, 402x1278)

Captcha: fotch

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1432698119181.png (314 kb, 403x1203)
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1432698145696.png (307 kb, 404x1287)

Chiyo Alone!

  No.230517   Report                
1432698173504.png (392 kb, 332x1035)

Yukari Alone! I think she has potential for a few more.

  No.230518   Report                
1432698190926.png (190 kb, 337x1044)

Sakaki Alone!


1382573646693.jpg (2060 kb, 3264x2448)
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The old stamps thread is gone...

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1432426011643.jpg (2662 kb, 5184x3456)

Not bad.

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1432426138254.jpg (2881 kb, 5184x3456)

Bonus points for the four-leaf clover backdrop.


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1432426592062.jpg (2789 kb, 5184x3456)
  No.230495   Report                

These are really nice, how still you must have to be with both a knife and drawing to make these things.

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1432667802930.jpg (35 kb, 500x375)
  No.230507   Report                
1432667829153.jpg (24 kb, 450x337)
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1432667854983.jpg (15 kb, 450x337)
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1432667879679.jpg (19 kb, 450x337)
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1432667911159.jpg (181 kb, 1024x768)


  No.230511   Report                

Reckon you could mass produce these with a computer milling machine and a small enough bit or even a laser cutter/engraver instead of plain hands if you had the access to a machine.

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
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Where did the old CO thread go ...

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1430026670917.jpg (126 kb, 480x720)

Next issue, next weekend. See ya!

  No.230404   Report                

Too much work this time!!

I wont give an ETA but let's hope i can have something done by next weekend. See ya!

  No.230405   Report                

I love these, and I eagerly await the rest. Thank you for your work.

  No.230442   Report                
1432002256599.png (890 kb, 740x1480)
  No.230446   Report                

Love the colors on that.

What's it supposed to be crossing-over?

  No.230448   Report                

Yotsuba's riding a Tachikoma, one of the smart-tanks from Ghost in the Shell.

  No.230499   Report                
1432567451571.jpg (76 kb, 599x681)

Makoto from Idolm@ster

  No.230500   Report                
1432568083483.jpg (70 kb, 599x681)

Chihaya, same series

  No.230501   Report                

"Do you think I'd look more girlish if I grew my hair out?!"
"Hm... Yeah, maybe... But I'm not sure what you can do about it overnight..."

"I totally just got a little taller, didn't I?!"
"Uh... No, I don't think so... You look the same as always to me."

  No.230503   Report                

^Ah, right. Chihaya is bullied by fans a lot. As she should be.

1398440575127.jpg (51 kb, 713x481)
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This pic was actually made by Mownten Doo.

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1415416788237.png (292 kb, 526x395)

This one's relatively normal, except for the notion that the male student behind Chiyo appears to be wearing girl shoes.

Found this just now, looking for the clip where Kagura cries in the last episode.

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1415420273294.gif (17 kb, 150x150)
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1415420449453.png (963 kb, 1280x964)

so through with ur shit tomo

  No.229275   Report                

Those are uwabaki, indoor school slippers.
Just like you take your shoes off before entering a Japanese home, you also remove them at school and wear special indoor shoes.

Hence the anime trope of a character in high school finding a love letter left in his/her shoe locker.

  No.229280   Report                

>>229275 That I've gathered, but I always kinda thought that specific design was only used by the girl students on the show.

But then again, I don't pay attention to people's shoes much anyway, so what would I know, hoho.

  No.229283   Report                


Those shoes are pretty much unisex. Like the bags Japanese kids used to school.

  No.229410   Report                
1416433407720.jpg (9.8 kb, 259x195)

I think this whole scene was meant to be drawn really ridiculously but still... this frame is crazy.

  No.229885   Report                
1424123205740.jpg (48 kb, 447x446)
  No.229964   Report                
1424868400748.png (220 kb, 342x1068)

Ah, I've been meaning to share this edit of Azudaiminuschiyo's edit of this strip here.

  No.230491   Report                
1432334267933.png (253 kb, 452x452)

With Splatoon coming around the corner, I went and did this for my alt account.

1432263445851.jpg (96 kb, 694x1024)
98197 No.230462   [Reply]   Report  

You know you're way too into Azumanga wen you buy a 13 year old calendar... But I did.

I love the Yotsuba Daily calendars and when I saw this on Mandarake, I had to bite.

I've decided to take a few pictures of some of my favorite pages. A lot of them are just straight out of the manga, so I'll skip them. I'm using my phone becuase I don't want to destroy the thing putting it in a scanner.

If anyone wants to see what's on their birthday or want me to find a page with a specific character, I can look them up.

Other than that, I'll just post a few of my favorites. I'll try to not have them all be of Osaka...

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  No.230481   Report                
1432266080787.jpg (631 kb, 1559x1292)

The original waifu

  No.230482   Report                
1432266191396.jpg (301 kb, 1064x840)

Alone on Christmas? Let's get DRUNK

  No.230483   Report                
1432266277065.jpg (510 kb, 1584x1056)
  No.230484   Report                
1432266349492.jpg (545 kb, 1616x1076)
  No.230485   Report                
1432266424413.jpg (629 kb, 1448x1184)

Stupid sexy Kagura

  No.230486   Report                
1432266502847.jpg (916 kb, 1512x1560)
  No.230487   Report                
1432266728237.jpg (1004 kb, 1460x1904)

and Osaka was never heard from again...

That' it for me for tonight. Let me now if anyone wants anything. I think there's thumbnails for most of these pages in the Osaka Banpaku.

  No.230488   Report                

Try! Try! Try! was from 2001. The series in its current form began in 2003.
I remember the 10y1d exhibition being delayed because of the Touhoku earthquake in 2011.


>Open your heart

Thought she was holding a scalpel at first.

  No.230489   Report                

You're probably right. I always misjudge when the AzuDai manga ended. I always think it went on as late as the anime did for some strange reason.

  No.230490   Report                

I don't remember when the anime aired, but the manga ran from 1999-2002.

Fun fact, Ichigo Mashimaro also first started running in 1999.

1432055894203.jpg (364 kb, 900x1200)
372432 No.230443   [Reply]   Report  

Yo, so there are like one or two new pages inside the 10th anniversary redraws that have not been translated yet, this is one of them.

  No.230444   Report                
1432056420028.jpg (56 kb, 223x503)

oops my name wasn't there but OP is me. also there's tomo being a lil shit and pretending to be yomi.

  No.230445   Report                

She has a rainbow neckbeard.

  No.230447   Report                

Right side:

Title: "Do What You Can"
Tomo: "It's midterms!"
Tomo: "Good luck!"
Chiyo: "Yeah!"

"Classical Literature - 1st Semester Midterm Exam"
"Name: Takino Tomo"

Left side:

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.230458   Report                

Does the joke on the right side come from the extreme care Tomo is putting into the construction of her name?

  No.230459   Report                

It is possibly an inverse of the common joke in SAT exams of one forgetting to write their name.

  No.230460   Report                

Yeah, the title indicates that's the extent of her capabilities.

1432152287210.jpg (78 kb, 640x924)
79903 No.230455   [Reply]   Report  

Azuma's illustration for the Summer WonderFest. These are WonderFest's mascots Wanda-chan and Reset-chan, and the plugsuits are for the 20th anniversary of Eva.

  No.230456   Report                
1432152426619.jpg (68 kb, 662x640)

And here's one he did for Winter WonderFest, and quite possibly the most risque thing he's done in a while.

  No.230457   Report                
1432161496451.png (231 kb, 874x1200)

Here's the one from last summer's WonderFest.

1432082824614.jpg (54 kb, 291x400)
55666 No.230449   [Reply]   Report  

yet another manga about a father rasing his daughter but lousy art, sorry.


http://uploaded.net/file/u06k0dpf/ Raw-Zip.Com-Papa_Told_Me_v01-05.rar
http://uploaded.net/file/tjly72w6/ Raw-Zip.Com-Papa_Told_Me_v06-10.rar
http://uploaded.net/file/76rekp7q/ Raw-Zip.Com-Papa_Told_Me_v11-15.rar
http://uploaded.net/file/ub4iiki3/ Raw-Zip.Com-Papa_Told_Me_v16-20.rar
http://uploaded.net/file/gi5co0tb/ Raw-Zip.Com-Papa_Told_Me_v21-24.rar
http://uploaded.net/file/ow7hm3i4/ Raw-Zip.Com-Papa_Told_Me_v25-27e.rar

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.230450   Report                
1432091170102.jpg (138 kb, 680x546)
>maybe ralen will read this

He will not, because the files have been removed.
I don't think the art is lousy by the way. It's not a bad style. Not as cartoony.
Was this drawn by woman?

  No.230451   Report                

Wow, ths one has been going till 1987.

Yeah drawn by a girl. Nanae Haruno

  No.230452   Report                
1432093708780.jpg (64 kb, 295x423)

Since 1987...
Maybe it means Yotsubato will also last for ever? Or at least for another 16 years?

>Yeah drawn by a girl

Yeah. You can tell, because women draw different. Not better or worse, just different.
Women also drive different. Not better, just different.

  No.230453   Report                

No i just looked it up to answer his question.

  No.230454   Report                
1432094641070.jpg (107 kb, 343x500)

I know. You even gave the name: Nanae Haruno.
I'm just saying even looking it up you can tell the artist is a woman. Which is why I asked in the first place.

Check it out, it's the Papa Told Me/Marmaduke crossover.

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