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1409590018701.jpg (621 kb, 824x2216)
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Just to keep you guys in the loop, at the end of this month, inspired in large part by our friend Ragathol's trip a couple of years ago, I'll be travelling to Japan for an extended period. I'll be staying for three months (because that's the maximum amount of time my employer would allow me to be gone), October through December, to attend a Japanese language course in Yokohama.

I'll still have internet access and should be able to post here, but being away from my home computer and resources like Share, etc. there's a good chance this may impact my ability to post translations during that time.

I was originally worried about whether I would still be able to translate Yotsuba while I was gone, but with no new chapters in the past 10 months, it was beginning to look like it wouldn't be an problem after all. But now that it seems Azuma's started things back up again, it may be an issue.

There's also a very small chance my plane may crash into the Pacific Ocean, which would be a more difficult challenge to overcome.

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>Kagami Hiiragi Hatsune Miku cosplay Figma

Good choice. Hope you didn't overpay, and be careful when changing hands, the older Figma joints can be fragile.

Huh, the other articles I read also seemed to imply the whole thing under the station was closing down. Glad to hear it's not gone entirely.

  No.229152   Report                

I paid 3,000 yen for a used one at Mandarake, but it was listed as "Unopened."
They also had one for 2,500 yen, but there was a defect noted on the label. I couldn't tell what it said though. It had two kanji I didn't recognize, followed by ネジサビ which I think means "Rusted screw."

I figured it 500 yen wasn't that much more to pay for one that was guaranteed to be in good condition.

The same figure was selling new in other stores for about 4,800 yen.
I also thought of getting a Konata Izumi Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay figure just to keep going with the same theme, and also because those were only 1800 yen, even new. I didn't, though.

Really, I just wanted some kind of Miku figure.

  No.229159   Report                

I've always imagined you would have nice hands, so I'm glad to now know that you actually do!

Anyway, after following your blog I've wondered what camera you used? It captures natural lighting almost like what how you'd actually see it in person. I could use a camera like that at conventions and such.

  No.229160   Report                

I'm not sure how you can tell how nice my hands are just from that one shot, but okay...

The camera is a Nikon Coolpix S9700.

It seems to have trouble when I take pictures in my room. Either the flash doesn't want to go off and everything looks grey and dark, or the flash reflects blindingly off whatever I'm taking a picture of.

I was really impressed with the night shots at Nagoya though. And it's got a 30X zoom which came in handy at the street performance festival.

  No.229162   Report                

A trick I've used is to hold a piece of paper over the flash to diffuse it a bit. There should be an option to force the flash on.


I thought it was pretty common in the US. Most grocery stores I've seen sell it, at least here in California.

  No.229165   Report                

I'd heard of it before I came here, but I don't think I had ever actually seen it anywhere. I could be mistaken though.

  No.229192   Report                

Just as a point of interest, the girl with the blue hair I mentioned in this post can be seen in the second bread eating competition video I posted on my blog. She's the one who's last to finally get the bread off the string.
She was dressed much more conservatively for the sports day festival, although interestingly her backpack was the same exact shimmery lamé-like material as her shirt/dress and hat that first day.

  No.229193   Report                
1414777764283.jpg (121 kb, 540x360)


As a camera nerd I checked the specs for this camera and I must say it's an underwhelming camera for night and indoor unless you use flash or there's a lot of light source.

It got 1/2.3 sensor.

Sensor is what replaced the film. It gather the lights and turn them into an image. The problem is 1/2.3 sensor is consumer line sensor but still too small to gather light fast (the bigger the sensor the better it is for indoor and nighttime). I prefer 4/3 (Four thirds system) or APS-C sized sensors. They gather light better and better for night and indoor pics.

It got f3.7 maximum aperture.

Another thing we need to check is how big the aperture a camera can go. f3.7 won't cut it. Go for At least f2.8 or better 1.9 (I don't know if compact cameras can reach f1.4 unless you want to pay with an arm and a leg). If the sensor is small but the aperture is large enough it can compensate the small sensor size.

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  No.229194   Report                

I think it's unfair of me to criticize your camera without recommending you several better alternatives with the same price range, so here you go:

Nikon 1 J1

Pros: Very compact, the 1 inch sensor is good enough for most occasion, the basic set is only $250, interchangeable lens.

Cons: The cheapest version only have 10-30mm lens. If you want zoom then you must spend more to buy a zoom lens.

Canon EOS M

Pros: For $350 you already get an APS-C sensor camera, good enough lens, interchangeable lens.

Cons: Not that compact, the lens can be pretty silly to look at (big and bulky sitting on a compact camera).

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  No.229195   Report                

She looks the part, too...
Bag it and sac.

Sports day event was the perfect excuse for you to dress up like Osaka and do the similar antics she did, like smash her face on the flour, Ralen!

1413386493079.jpg (184 kb, 1200x1200)
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Halloween Thread.

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1413499293224.jpg (441 kb, 1680x1050)

hah, some fun stuff on the Gogimage

  No.229059   Report                
1413499410076.jpg (37 kb, 721x409)


  No.229060   Report                
1413499484643.png (744 kb, 727x510)

Put a pumpkin on your head, and begin to enjoy everything

  No.229061   Report                
1413499703234.png (241 kb, 575x678)


  No.229106   Report                
1414157433631.jpg (179 kb, 600x798)

For as much as the stores advertise Halloween around here, no one seems to do anything about it.

  No.229114   Report                
1414216650993.png (127 kb, 648x546)

'Tis the season in the equinox of autumn to perform cunning or skillful schemes intended to deceive or outwit woody perennial plants of a single stem or trunk that bear lateral branches at some distance from the ground at their expense.

  No.229115   Report                
1414221717032.jpg (370 kb, 711x522)
  No.229116   Report                
1414221897215.jpg (29 kb, 600x389)


  No.229117   Report                
1414222160396.jpg (546 kb, 1024x981)

Fear is being on azuz

  No.229191   Report                
1414746706789.jpg (1190 kb, 1600x1200)

Fuuka: "Cool Japan" (a Japanese public relations campaign to make Japan more appealing to foreigners).
Shimauu: "If you defy me I'll turn you into a horse and buggy."

1375594397491.png (668 kb, 767x1200)
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Didn't know if the new Ichigo Mashimaro was up yet, so I scanned it myself. Cleaned it up the best I could.

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  No.229177   Report                


Hah! That last panel is supposed to be the Captured Alien, isn't it?

  No.229178   Report                

Usually the loli isn't the one who gets arrested.

I like how this is a distinctly Barasui-esque twist on what was essentially the same premise on the Yotsuba and Danbo chapter.

  No.229181   Report                


Thanks for posting this.
Not like this requires much translation, but...

"The Alien Saga's Thrilling Conclusion!"

Margin: "The story so far: Miu, dressed as an alien, takes on actual aliens!"

Miu: "I have no idea what I'm gonna do..."


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  No.229183   Report                
1414712637049.png (830 kb, 852x1200)

Hope these came out okay.

  No.229184   Report                
1414712678192.png (681 kb, 852x1200)

Page 2.

  No.229185   Report                
1414712731086.png (661 kb, 852x1200)

Page 2 with a robot font.

  No.229186   Report                
1414712832801.png (1013 kb, 852x1200)

Thanks for the translation.
Page 3.

  No.229187   Report                

Was wondering where the Halloween thread for a split second. Then I saw my nightmare made real.

  No.229189   Report                

cool, thanx for this!

  No.229190   Report                

Well done, Azunymous.

1379380527597.jpg (757 kb, 600x800)
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Warning: Fujoshi content ahead.

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1410303966507.png (1015 kb, 641x857)

I can't tell if the text is the artist's commentary, or Yanda speaking, or Yotsuba and Yanda speaking.

これは仕方ない = "These things happen"?

  No.228847   Report                
1410303995846.png (648 kb, 585x676)

"I like Daddy's face in profile."

  No.228849   Report                

I believe, characters speaking in first, artist speaking in second.

The scene for the first appears to be Yotsuba hurt her leg and has to be carried by Yanda. She's basically saying, I don't like it, but I'll have to go along with it, Yanda's saying, Yeah, yeah

  No.228850   Report                

That makes sense.
仕方ない is one of those phrases that can be taken so many different ways depending on context.

  No.229049   Report                
1413386414397.jpg (370 kb, 1167x850)
  No.229074   Report                
1413505415707.jpg (20 kb, 236x295)

Fujoshi; a genre of male-male romance narratives aimed at a female audience.

  No.229081   Report                

In reality, fujoshi is a female fan of yaoi. The male counterpart is fudanshi.

  No.229154   Report                
1414425905302.jpg (441 kb, 826x1169)
  No.229155   Report                
1414425952518.jpg (526 kb, 826x1169)
  No.229188   Report                


1414699387873.jpg (20 kb, 300x321)
20144 No.229182   [Reply]   Report  


This guy just posted a remix he made of Yomi's theme song. From what I read of him on his Soundcloud he's working on an entire tribute album to Azumanga Daioh, he has posted several WIPs already.

Great to see music being made for AD, I say!

1414664461340.jpg (44 kb, 640x480)
45336 No.229179   [Reply]   Report  

Nameless Window Gallery: gallery.whatistheexcel.com doesn't resolve, dunno if it moved
Shimauu: shimauu.net looks like the domain expired
Yotsuba!: 4chan.biz is now a domain squatter

Pic not related

  No.229180   Report                

I saw an Ana Coppola gununu in an arcade in Akihabara last weekend.

vc: toy
Yes, those too.

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
27062 No.228859   [Reply]   Report  

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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  No.229091   Report                

A friend of mine who went to Ikaho Hot Springs brought me back some manju as a gift, and boy were they good. Are these manju a big thing, or something? The packaging said they were "Hot Spring Flower Manju" from Daikokuya Honten.
5:05 PM Oct 20th

Apparently "yu no hana" (hot spring flower) manju is a big deal in Ikaho.

  No.229093   Report                

Damn... a lot of catching up ahead of me...

But I'll read all the tweets because my time is worthless and my priorities are messed up!
That's what a true fan says!

  No.229103   Report                

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
IM Yes
Yotsuba No.

I currently don't have remote access to my home PC, and Share is explicitly forbidden in the apartment where I'm living (I think they're port blocking since it took me ages to get my remote desktop to work) so someone else will have to post the scans here.

Also, since I don't have remote access to my home PC at the moment, that means I don't have access to Photoshop either. I can translate, but someone else will have to do the editing.

  No.229161   Report                

There sure are lots of kids in strange getups.
3:58 PM Oct 26th

Cinderella just stepped out of a Prius.
4:00 PM Oct 26th

I've noticed the same thing. The past three weekends when I've come back home on the train in the evenings I've seen several little kids in Halloween costumes. It made more sense last weekend, but why were they doing it the first week in October?

  No.229166   Report                

I've got a trigger set for it ("苺ましまろ 2014-11" right? I saw 2014-10 but it looks like that was the one that was last posted) but haven't seen it go by. I'll post it in the IM thread if I do.

  No.229167   Report                

No, this one would be 2014-12.

  No.229168   Report                

I guess seeing as I'm in Japan, I could just go and buy a copy as well... But I'd have no way to scan it. I'd have to take pictures of each page.

  No.229169   Report                

Ah. I don't see anything at all for "電撃大王 2014-12" but I updated the trigger.

  No.229175   Report                


Assuming google translate is working correctly, the Q/A with Azuma should be in this issue. Any scans for those pages out?

  No.229176   Report                

I don't see it on Share, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

1390798873587.jpg (154 kb, 515x728)
157200 No.227391   [Reply]   Report  

There was another Yomi thread further back, but it was that thread, so I'm not bumping it.

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  No.227633   Report                


I lose it every time when I see this image.

Probably because I thought the King was so creepy when BK had him as their mascot.

  No.228357   Report                
1405471532727.jpg (269 kb, 768x1024)
  No.228374   Report                
1405723299245.jpg (429 kb, 1052x720)

This guy's anatomy has always been a little funky, but this is just... wow.

  No.228377   Report                

She either learned contortionism from Dhalsim or she's a barbie doll.

  No.228475   Report                
1406695435536.png (135 kb, 729x847)

From a doujinshi, Yomiyomi. I think it's so cute how she thinks she's too fat (See the pinch?).

  No.228542   Report                
1407741073266.png (311 kb, 485x609)
  No.229157   Report                
1414473921746.png (702 kb, 587x782)

This Yomi plush came in the mail a few months back. I've been wanting a plush of her since freshman year. If only I knew I'd have to wait six years to get my hands on it.

  No.229158   Report                

what are the black spots on your carpet and why are there so many?

  No.229163   Report                
1414530592592.jpg (40 kb, 470x390)

Are you gonna hug it?

  No.229164   Report                
1414531955894.png (94 kb, 720x480)

>>229158 Pet hairs. Ahehe, that was before we decided to keep them out of the rec room.

>>229163 haven't done it since this project I've been doing started giving me trouble, actually. I better do it now before I forget.

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
143964 No.218046   [Reply]   Report  

Where did the old CO thread go ...

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  No.228958   Report                
1412341482534.jpg (568 kb, 2000x2883)

Is this last one a Yotsuba parody?
The only thing the deadpan expressions remind me of is Koiwai and Jumbo in the car when Fuuka made that dumb remark about photographs being postits for your memories.

"Now I'm going to pay a visit to The Monkey King!!"
"Who's with me?!"

  No.229022   Report                
1413048905318.jpg (318 kb, 800x800)

Match the father to the child.

  No.229023   Report                
1413048933522.jpg (512 kb, 800x800)

More here:

  No.229026   Report                

So what do I do with the pairs that aren't and don't claim to be related.

  No.229027   Report                

>>229022 ack, for this.

  No.229028   Report                

Okay, maybe more like "Match the man to the child."

I'm not familiar with most of these characters, so I just assumed they were all father/daughter (or a man who took someone in) like Koiwai and Yotsuba.

  No.229145   Report                
1414336545515.jpg (285 kb, 1300x1873)

More more Dragon Ball.

Title: Splitting From the Team

"I knew it. It's Goku and the gang!"


"Y- Yamcha...!?"
"You kept me waiting! You guys are a little late."

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.229146   Report                
1414336580573.jpg (274 kb, 1300x1873)

"Me too, I'm going too."
"What're you talking about, we didn't invite you."
"Don't you have work today? Ar eyou playing hooky?"

"Well Goku, more people might be more reliable, you know."
"That's right, more people might be more reliable."

"But Yamcha?"

"Come on, gimme an answer!"
"I can be reliable! I'm super reliable!"

  No.229147   Report                
1414336617403.jpg (276 kb, 1300x1873)

"You really think this is the best time to be spouting that kind of nonsense?
"And come to think of it, what's up with Vegeta? I don't see him anywhere."

"Oh, he'll be here..."
"He'll definitely be here."



  No.229156   Report                
1414463676824.jpg (376 kb, 749x841)

(first time posting, despite lurking for 4 months, hopefully I didn't mess this up)

1391735634956.jpg (970 kb, 800x1131)
993109 No.227437   [Reply]   Report  

No more Kagura thread?
Oh well, this seems like as good a way as any to start one.

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  No.229110   Report                

Notice the eye gleams. it's Osaka.

Her eyes are the vc: yang to the others' ying.

  No.229111   Report                

That's pretty damn good for 'ol Kags if that's what you consider 40.

It seems the years finally caught up to Yukari and her face is now permanently stuck like... that.

  No.229112   Report                

Big O traded in vacant for sultry.

  No.229119   Report                
1414225085479.jpg (13 kb, 480x360)


  No.229120   Report                
1414225380738.png (610 kb, 804x591)
  No.229121   Report                
1414225537891.jpg (85 kb, 600x826)


why wait?

  No.229122   Report                
1414226040399.jpg (87 kb, 730x1095)


  No.229123   Report                
1414228797212.jpg (144 kb, 1024x768)

Maybe related


  No.229124   Report                
1414229416569.jpg (52 kb, 640x480)


  No.229126   Report                

Don't you know that Japanese women age more gracefully?

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