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1383325664611.jpg (43 kb, 490x245)
44134 No.226644   [Reply]   Report  

Azuma Tweets Part 4.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 archived below.

I'm running out of good pictures to use for the OP of these threads. I may have to switch back to just using Azuma's twitter image.

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  No.227794   Report                

*her hair

  No.227796   Report                
1397517198129.jpg (15 kb, 600x800)

I get mine at Ikebukuro Seibu rooftop succulents store. I also order online through Cacto Loco (although I just checked and they're out of stock for some reason). Also Solxsol. I try to mimic their style of planting. They've been a big influence. RT@yokoichi777: Where do you buy your succulent plants?
6:22 PM Apr 14th

@azumakiyohiko Thanks for the reply!! I've been a fan of your work since Azumanga Daioh, but I never thought I'd be talking with you about succulent plants. I'll check out those stores ^_^!
6:30 PM Apr 14th

Is that Mars to the left of the moon?(*´・ω・)?? pic.twitter.com/cJDddLwWKD
8:59 PM Apr 14th

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  No.227800   Report                

The bright start on the right of the moon is Spica; a bright star in the constellation Virgo~

  No.227801   Report                

Satomi just started using high-res audio sources. Then he started riding me for not using them even though I'm a supposed audiophile, so I got on e-Onkyo. I'd basically ignored them since I thought they didn't have much music, but when I checked it out to see what they did have, I saw the Azumanga theme song. I downloaded it immediately. Ohhh. It sounds great.
9:58 PM Apr 15th

I didn't feel like 48kHz/24 bit was any different from a CD, but hearing Soramimi Cake at 96kHz has improved my outlook somewhat.
9:59 PM Apr 15th

This Mora site looks promising. I'm gonna listen to some of their stuff.
10:24 PM Apr 15th

  No.227802   Report                

I never updated azumakiyohiko.com anymore, so I closed the account.
11:03 PM Apr 15th

  No.227804   Report                

Holy shit. He's right. I went and listened to the Vol. 1 OST and the Vocal Collection with the longer version of Soramimi Cake.
The one on the site doesn't have the muddled mids (especially from the cymbals) like the CD versions. It's much more balanced. The lows don't sound overtake the mids or highs either, which I'm mixed about, but that's all up to preference. I wonder what headphones or IEMs he uses...

I'm surprised there are even sites like this in Japan. I was under the impression that many opt to buying physical media as opposed to downloads, even when there's iTunes.

  No.227805   Report                

^Ah, I see. The site uses flac and WAV. Two sound formats that I would use if I had a portable player that actually supported them...

  No.227806   Report                

Speaking of iTunes.

I'm redrawing my own album artwork on iTunes for the ones I don't like.
10:15 AM Apr 16th

  No.227811   Report                

Google needs to keep their image button in one damn spot when I'm searching.
7:50 PM Apr 18th

  No.227812   Report                

>>227811 THIS.

1375594397491.png (668 kb, 767x1200)
684391 No.225188   [Reply]   Report  

Didn't know if the new Ichigo Mashimaro was up yet, so I scanned it myself. Cleaned it up the best I could.

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  No.227614   Report                
1394251095657.jpg (357 kb, 845x1200)
  No.227615   Report                
1394251133995.jpg (388 kb, 845x1200)

Robots Aliens cannot eat pastries...

That's all until next time.

  No.227616   Report                

You know that German porno with "E.T."? That's what Miu's costume and her natural large head reminds me of.

  No.227784   Report                
1397331920803.jpg (388 kb, 600x899)

so Miu Matsuoka IS real and really DOES exists!

  No.227785   Report                
1397336334806.jpg (19 kb, 307x354)

Real life Matsuri.

  No.227786   Report                

^she has to be legal now~

  No.227792   Report                

now if we can only find a real life Fuuka and/or Ena our fap folders will be complete...

  No.227808   Report                

she looks retarded...

oops, I guess that's not Politically Correct I should have said "autistic", right?

  No.227809   Report                

I think Matsuri is a little bit retarded... Or at least developmentally challenged.
Miu is the autistic one.

  No.227810   Report                
1397802615123.jpg (38 kb, 600x500)

That's right. Even AzuDai has its own example.

1385228030390.jpg (249 kb, 800x800)
254854 No.227005   [Reply]   Report  

I think I killed the Danbo thread too...

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  No.227557   Report                
1393096851439.jpg (191 kb, 960x540)
  No.227611   Report                
1394150542746.jpg (233 kb, 1700x1700)
  No.227734   Report                
1396108641402.jpg (314 kb, 800x597)

"Fukuoka, Here we Come!"

Found this on Pixiv. The uploader says it's a colorization of his friend's autograph from Azuma, apparently from when he was at the Danbo Expo in Fukuoka recently.

Although I remember Azuma once writing in his twitter that the way you can tell a real autograph of his from a forgery is that the real ones will always include the name of the recipient. I don't see that here, although it's possible the person who uploaded it simply erased the name before coloring the image.

  No.227737   Report                

Now that I can see it in thumbnail view, it actually does look like something was edited out just below the date. So this may be legit.

  No.227789   Report                
1397399362955.jpg (147 kb, 768x1024)


  No.227790   Report                
1397399388146.jpg (149 kb, 768x1024)


  No.227797   Report                
1397517368434.jpg (2543 kb, 3264x2448)


  No.227798   Report                
1397517388674.jpg (2271 kb, 3264x2448)
  No.227799   Report                
1397517403953.jpg (2378 kb, 3264x2448)
  No.227807   Report                
1397632493224.jpg (62 kb, 600x800)

1384133740627.jpg (37 kb, 500x800)
37545 No.226908   [Reply]   Report  

japanese tsunami happened because fuuka went swimming

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  No.227584   Report                

Originally "Hasshaku-sama"

  No.227585   Report                

Huh, so the Japanese version of Slenderman is a beautiful woman.
Go figure.

  No.227591   Report                

More like FUUKAshima, am I right?

  No.227598   Report                
1393631805050.jpg (209 kb, 700x1000)
  No.227623   Report                
1394406107118.jpg (174 kb, 750x1000)

Posting the artist's commentary because it sums up the series so perfectly.

I've read Yotsuba&! Up to volume 6. Why is it so interesting to read when it's just about ordinary everyday activities? It's a work of mystery.
Also, I really like Fuuka for some reason.

  No.227624   Report                

That is one smug Fuuka.

  No.227625   Report                

That looks a lot like that one chick from Occult Academy. Only less hypersexualized. Maybe.

  No.227727   Report                
1395965426047.jpg (375 kb, 1228x868)
  No.227781   Report                
1397257733071.png (314 kb, 800x1522)
  No.227803   Report                
1397603258267.jpg (153 kb, 617x1130)

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
143964 No.218046   [Reply]   Report  

Where did the old CO thread go ...

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  No.227639   Report                

Ah! Upper left must be Rilakkuma

  No.227652   Report                

Pink one is Gloomy Bear, who is usually drawn bloody or violently attacking someone, but in a cutesy style. I vaguely recall a professional scarf and hat line either inspired by or officially created for it, but there's a lot of fan-made apparel, too.

  No.227666   Report                
1395095211601.gif (1370 kb, 450x247)

>>227632 The one in the back isn't Teddy Ruxpin, it's the 2014 Winter Olympics mascot. It's a bit odd that you somehow managed to miss it, since it got quite a lot of attention on the internet due to being unintentionally terrifying.

  No.227667   Report                

I saw a couple of clips of the crying bear, but it's not something I would consider instantly recognizable. Also the proportions of the facial features look a lot different from the one in >>227632 (relative size of eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, etc.)

  No.227673   Report                

>>227667 It doesn't look anything like Teddy Ruxpin, though. Were you cryogenically frozen during the 80's, and thawed out a couple of days ago?

  No.227674   Report                
1395104902533.jpg (155 kb, 684x284)

I agree it's probably the Russian Olympic bear if for no other reason than the blue scarf, but you seriously don't think there's a resemblance to Teddy Ruxpin?

  No.227716   Report                
1395898150943.jpg (94 kb, 797x719)


  No.227733   Report                
1396108236836.png (61 kb, 872x1104)
  No.227735   Report                
1396109475073.png (401 kb, 418x800)
  No.227788   Report                
1397399350404.png (1643 kb, 949x1409)

1379258795520.jpg (238 kb, 1000x1334)
243387 No.225465   [Reply]   Report  

New Yotsuba thread.

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  No.227711   Report                
1395876903089.jpg (189 kb, 800x950)

I thought that one was pretty good.

  No.227712   Report                

>>227698 and >>227700 are especially good. I don't quite get the bird in Yanda's hair, though.

  No.227713   Report                

Maybe just because his hair is so messy?
I don't know.

  No.227745   Report                
1396394550965.jpg (82 kb, 961x869)
  No.227746   Report                
1396394569028.jpg (188 kb, 726x500)
  No.227762   Report                
1396574080785.jpg (899 kb, 689x1159)
  No.227763   Report                
1396574121855.jpg (2508 kb, 2952x3507)
  No.227764   Report                
1396574164694.jpg (44 kb, 480x854)

This may be the best high school Yotsuba I've seen yet.

  No.227765   Report                
1396661967026.png (253 kb, 400x519)
  No.227787   Report                

Just wanted to chime in

goddamn I love Yotsubato. Been feeling kinda shitty lately but then I read any random chapter and it picks me right up.

1396480173352.jpg (116 kb, 740x617)
118366 No.227756   [Reply]   Report  

So how many months have Yotsobato! been absent now?

  No.227757   Report                

Last new chapter was in October...

  No.227758   Report                

It really doesn't feel that long ago, but maybe I'm just busy as Hell.

(licks Ralen's ear)

  No.227759   Report                

Azuma is getting tired of making new chapters, and will eventually just stop.

  No.227760   Report                

well, Yots's been running for 10 years now...

just the ear or someplace else also..?

  No.227761   Report                

Well, I'm a kitty, so I do what kitties do, like maybe pad his balls~♪

  No.227769   Report                

Azuma and Miura just trying to sync their schedules for the inevitable Yotsubato x Berserk crossover finale.

  No.227776   Report                

So should we organize a commando and go to Japan and storm Azuma's house and tie him up and make him draw new Yotsubato eps under the threat of torture?
The big question here is how Ralen is holding up mentally without new Yotsubato eps?

  No.227777   Report                

I'm buying a gun.

1367992495349.png (187 kb, 508x351)
190993 No.224692   [Reply]   Report  

yomi holding a piece of poo

I bet she's thinking about eating it!

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  No.225781   Report                
1381331598810.jpg (191 kb, 711x1024)

Someone else holding the book.

  No.225784   Report                


>Yomiiiiiii don't like it!
>Rock the casbah! Rock the casbah!
  No.225957   Report                
1381687815180.jpg (180 kb, 1600x1200)

I've been reading "Book of Revelation: The Open Book of Prophecy" by Charles Homer Giblin. You may agree or disagree on his comments, but still entertaining. Something about angels too. I wonder if Revelation 14:18 is about Uriel? I know no another angel who has the power of fire.

14:18 Still another angel, who had charge of the fire, came from the altar and called in a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Take your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine, because its grapes are ripe.”

Does "came from the altar" mean he was sacrificed/slain of some kind? Can be, because starting from Revelation 2:1 angels are referred as present on the Earth. Exciting.

  No.225958   Report                

Something to add. According to Revelations, the most disastrous damage happens after fiery angel cames out the altar (after his presumable death?). If that's so, then such move bears the similarities with "Predator" movie. Like "So you killed me? Now you faggots go to hell".

Sorry for non-/azu/ related posts, but this thread started with some shit anyway.

  No.227056   Report                

Where the all good threads gone, where...

  No.227074   Report                
1385623167500.png (3245 kb, 1405x1400)
  No.227086   Report                
1385702861915.jpg (311 kb, 860x1208)


The lack of Yomi amvs is disconcerting.

  No.227087   Report                
1385704067963.jpg (384 kb, 2133x1600)


Thanks to whichever one of you set that up.

  No.227766   Report                


Happy Friday night.

  No.227767   Report                
1396675374939.jpg (172 kb, 1000x960)

1302232502391.jpg (190 kb, 640x480)
195054 No.215023   [Reply]   Report  

Miura's mom.

"You want something to drink?"

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  No.227139   Report                
1386638981296.jpg (143 kb, 600x800)

Miura in 8th grade.

I can't make out that character after the どっ, but from the context I'm guessing it's どっか.

"Take me out again!"

  No.227147   Report                

I never thought of Shimauu as anorexic.

And Fuuka's about to become a whole lot more famous if someone there has a camera phone.

  No.227152   Report                

looks more like scoliosis

  No.227154   Report                


Asagi J. Fox?

  No.227193   Report                

No, just the real image with the drawing above it overlaid to show differences.

  No.227688   Report                
1395271861868.jpg (216 kb, 1309x1110)
  No.227719   Report                
1395899443071.jpg (108 kb, 1280x720)

At least we aren't in Detroit.

  No.227721   Report                
1395900814245.png (223 kb, 400x582)

Miura's mom

282,000,000 results.


  No.227743   Report                
1396194847429.jpg (422 kb, 868x1228)
  No.227750   Report                

i wanna skull fuck that face so bad

vc: sleash

1381594884832.jpg (112 kb, 833x1200)
114393 No.225865   [Reply]   Report  

It's October 12th. Time to get up at 4 in the morning to see some mother f-ing balloons.

I'm going to keep going with this until someone tells me to stop.

76 posts and 68 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.225944   Report                
1381599420302.jpg (480 kb, 842x1200)

And that's it for today.

  No.225945   Report                

Thank you.

  No.225946   Report                
1381599733969.jpg (149 kb, 836x1200)

That's Mom's car.

I'm talking about Torako's car (pictured here), which isn't really seen in this chapter.

  No.225947   Report                

I don't know then.
If it is FIAT Panda 1980 model, then lol.

  No.225948   Report                
1381611706724.jpg (103 kb, 967x700)


It is a Panda.

  No.225953   Report                

As for a panda it looks quite slim.

  No.227055   Report                

I feel like necropost for no reason.

  No.227127   Report                

enjoy your joke

  No.227725   Report                
1395906415094.jpg (56 kb, 500x499)
  No.227726   Report                

me on the left

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