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1435806188990.jpg (83 kb, 1920x1080)
85371 No.230738   [Reply]   Report  

Oh my! Why?
Why is this a real thing that someone made?

Warning: SFW but can be made NSFW and also the whole thing is weird.

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1435818981959.jpg (43 kb, 960x355)
>what woman would make something like this?

A weird one?
Dunno, man. I'm sure there are women with this exact fetish but it's safe to assume most lovers of female cartoon farts are men.
But maybe we shouldn't be judgemental. I'm was kinda shocked by the thing, but we have to keep in mind people are allowed to have their fetishes. This one's harmless enough.

>kind of homed in on that one episode where Osaka talks about smelling a fart

That makes sense.
Here's something interesting for that person, then: episode 40 of season 3 of Ojamajo Doremi. It's the weirdest episode of the show 'cause it's about poop and potatoes and nutrition and farts.
It's from late 2001 and Azumanga is from 2002, which means Yuki Matsuoka had to talk about farts as an anime character within a year twice.

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1435952143078.jpg (42 kb, 938x602)

"That guy" here.

I'm surprised people are still discovering this flash, and pleasantly so.

I didn't make this myself, but commissioned an artist to make it, so I guess it's my original idea.

Osaka is my waifu, and this flash and other things I have commissioned have convinced people I don't truly love her.

But I do, just in a different way.

Love is strange, no?

On a semi-related note, I commissioned someone else (a girl!) to make a Cardcaptor Sakura farting flash, but it's not Azu, so meh.

It stinks anyway.

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1435954121377.png (253 kb, 439x399)


>It stinks anyway
  No.230770   Report                

Miu: Another anime character who farts.

  No.230772   Report                


Miu is like a Mitsudomoe character who showed up 15 years too early.

  No.230773   Report                

All I know about Mitsudomoe is that it features lolis a la IM. Are all the characters Miu-like trolls in that series?

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1436155023970.jpg (154 kb, 590x489)

The characters are more intense and gross than your average SOL manga with lolians. It's pretty funny and kinda lewd.
You know how women that are trying to be comedians are kinda disgusting? It's like that.
I noticed the names of the characters are kind of based on Yotsuba's. And there's a cicada-hunting chapter that reminded me of Yotsuba& for some reason but I don't remember why.
I haven't watched the whole thing. 'Cause I forget to watch it. 'Cause I'm sad.

  No.230777   Report                


The girls, yeah. The guys... not so much, even if there's one guy who thinks of nothing but boobs.

The three Marui triplets, from youngest to oldest, are Hitoha (quiet introverted one who always seems to be reading a book whose contents aren't shown but which appears to be very H, judging by other characters' reactions), Futaba (the extroverted, sport oriented, boobs - obsessed one who's a little stupid), and Mitsuba (the eldest, who also is a troublemaker who enjoys others' misfortune to some extent). . There's a lot of characters who aren't like Sasazuka-kun.

  No.230779   Report                


>I noticed the names of the characters are kind of based on Yotsuba's.

Yeah, I've seen a few crossover pictures with Hitoha, Futaba, Mitsuba, and Yotsuba.

  No.230780   Report                

I just a Google image search on Mitsudomoe and ...what the fuck?
These characters are like Gremlins. Each character has their mouths open, waiting to devour your dick or something. Maybe the show is good, but how could any human find this shit sexy?

1421319650786.png (5.0 kb, 208x376)
5130 No.229690   [Reply]   Report  

There might not be as much artwork concerning the teachers, but we can still try to make this work, right?

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  No.230073   Report                

They probably spotted Kimura-sensei taking photos from the bushes again.

  No.230438   Report                
1431791966479.jpg (171 kb, 600x450)


  No.230439   Report                

"Can I use your whistle?"
"Wh- What's wrong with you?"
"10 laps around the yard!"

  No.230630   Report                
1434283679925.jpg (559 kb, 766x800)

Here's another Nyamo, and a late thanks for the translation!

  No.230636   Report                
1434413890498.png (5428 kb, 2790x3209)

I've realized Nyamo's is the same as the ink kids in Splatoon!

  No.230637   Report                

Well, I had no idea.
Now I need this game even more.

  No.230667   Report                
1434909754116.png (496 kb, 487x589)

Look at the makeup job for Kimura's cheekbones.

  No.230669   Report                

Is he wearing platform shoes?

  No.230736   Report                

>>230669 I imagine it's because he was too short, and his lack of height would be more distracting than the platforms

  No.230778   Report                

>>230669 I think they're italian loafers

1435947414455.png (572 kb, 750x990)
586138 No.230755   [Reply]   Report  

Fuuka: "Your daddy's working late tonight, so it's you and me, kiddo!"
Yotsuba: "Okay!"

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1435947472492.png (447 kb, 990x750)

Fuuka: "Close your eyes! Here comes the shampoo!"
Yotsuba: "Wash her too!"

  No.230758   Report                
1435947492972.png (622 kb, 750x990)

Fuuka: "Oh, she fell asleep already."

  No.230759   Report                
1435947505420.png (303 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "I'm home!"

  No.230761   Report                
1435947596449.png (655 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "Did you have trouble on your own?"
Fuuka: "Welcome home! Yotsuba was great."
Koiwai: "Thanks so much, Fuuka."
Fuuka: "You must be exhausted from work."

vc: care

  No.230762   Report                
1435947671405.png (590 kb, 990x750)

Fuuka: "Have you eaten yet?"
Koiwai: "Oh, no, not yet."
Fuuka: "You go take a bath then, while I make you something."
Koiwai: "Great, thanks. I'm going to go put Yotsuba to bed first, though."

  No.230763   Report                
1435947722873.png (624 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "Hmm... I like this show."
Fuuka: "Geeze, hurry up and eat. You've got another early day tomorrow."

  No.230764   Report                
1435947837294.png (688 kb, 990x750)

Koiwai: "Thanks again."
Fuuka: "Not at all, I had fun."
Koiwai: "Oh yeah, over summer break we're going to my mom's place. Yotsuba's coming with me, so would you like to join us, Fuuka?"
Fuuka: "Huh? Are you sure it's all right? It's not a family trip?"
Koiwai: "I told you, I want all three of us to go."

  No.230765   Report                
1435947871630.png (33 kb, 990x750)

Fuuka: "Good night."
Koiwai: "Okay, good night."

"To be continued...?"

  No.230775   Report                


"To be continued...?"


  No.230776   Report                


Wow, that Koiwai is kinda creepy, going after a girl half his age. Even if some of the early strips had Fuuka acting as a foil to him and Yotsuba.

1430286196291.jpg (387 kb, 855x1200)
396686 No.230341   [Reply]   Report  

Yotsuba & Cleaning.

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  No.230735   Report                

>>230734 Miura is prepubescent, she doesn't have a sexuality.

  No.230737   Report                
1435805687284.jpg (20 kb, 300x348)


>most US states had laws and/or constitutional amendments banning [...] marriage-like arrangements

Fucking government. They want a monopoly in marriage.
Demand smaller government, 'Mericans!
Oh, I agree. It's about the principle. In that sense this is a triumph.
Miura is human. Humans are sexual beings. Of course she has a sexuality.

  No.230743   Report                


Some gay people are obviously "different" from a very early age, while others you'd never know unless they tell you. Some know that they are attracted to members of the same gender even before they know the word for it, while others don't figure it out until well after adulthood.

Miura could be in either category on both points. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a lesbian, but I'm not ready to conclude for sure that she is. She's no Miu.

Contrast that with Asagi and Tora, who I'm pretty sure are already boning.

  No.230744   Report                

Thank you. I thought I was just a sexual deviant around that age, which I'm personally fine with, but lately in topics like this I've been feeling that maybe I'm a freak for being that way.

  No.230745   Report                
1435874700795.jpg (571 kb, 744x1052)

spotted on danbooru today:

> Ugh, no "Yotsubato!" again..
> A new record, huh?
  No.230747   Report                

osaka hanging out with tomo is hard to believe

  No.230750   Report                

>>230747 yo they're super gay for each other in the Supplementary Lessons

  No.230752   Report                

Asagi is more probably bi - we're told she had a boyfriend and also she likes attention from all the men in the manga.

And speaking of Miura, I think she will become a supervillainness. I'm totally serious. Would love to see her with dominatrix attitude.

  No.230766   Report                

Who draws these pics? They are pretty good.

Also do Osaka's legs look particularly muscular with those stockings?

They are adorable either way!

  No.230771   Report                

Artist is Hotaryuso.

1435369439649.jpg (74 kb, 314x968)
76084 No.230699   [Reply]   Report  

Reminder that Ena hates the United States of America.

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  No.230712   Report                


> Ena would protest the Okinawa bases.

That would be OOC. Except if she motivated it with pacifism.

  No.230716   Report                

Well the article specifically sites "output per person," so even if China has significantly more pollution, they also have over 3 times the USA's population, which would make the number a lot lower.

  No.230722   Report                
> Ena hates my homeland.

I'm okay with this.

vc: hime

  No.230723   Report                


  No.230725   Report                


You know what else has glass ceilings?


  No.230726   Report                

Ooh! Nice one.

  No.230746   Report                

she's also like 11 years old. i remember being that age and having all this really simplistic environmentalist stuff crammed down our throats, i.e. "we're definitely not all fucked and your massive first world ecological footprint can be fixed by recycling and turning off the lights in your house!!"

  No.230748   Report                

If Ena were American she'd be one of those kids in high school scared to drink weed and smoke pot 'cause she's seen what it does to you from pictures shown by D.A.R.E.

  No.230749   Report                

Drink weed?
I don't think you know how weed works.

  No.230751   Report                

>>230749 Ummmm... I'm pretty sure everyone knows you get 4 weeds, grind them up and ingest them trhough your butthole.... lol...

1382701920760.jpg (52 kb, 1024x768)
53153 No.226374   [Reply]   Report  

There was some news today I thought would be of interest to /azu/.
In Nagasaki Prefecture's Tsushima City a man called to a wildlife health center, asking them to treat his sick Tsushima Cat. The center sent someone around who treated the cat, but it passed away nine hours later. It was a female, 15-16 years old, and appears to have died of old age. As Tsushima Cats are wild animals and protected by law as a Natural Monument, it is a crime to keep one privately (and has almost never happened), and the man was questioned about it. He said he found the cat as a kitten injured on a road 15 years ago, had it treated at a vet and took it in. Because he had no ill-intent he is not to be prosecuted. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20131024/k10015531141000.html

Now, anyone on /azu/ should be thinking one thing at this point, and you wouldn't be the only ones. On Twitter, a search for the headline + 榊 brings up a bunch of tweets, the key theme of which is リアル榊さん, Real Sakaki-san (others included Yamamaya, Yamapikarya, and the observation that 15 years ago is about right for the scene in Azumanga). http://realtime.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=%E7%B5%B6%E6%BB%85%E5%8D%B1%E6%83%A7%E3%81%AE%E7%8C%AB%E3%80%80%E6%A6%8A&ei=UTF-8

The Tsushima Cat is a close genetic relative of the Iriomote Cat and looks similar too.

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  No.229220   Report                
1415079526909.png (487 kb, 600x558)

Y'know how they have plush toys with multicolored glowy lights, intended to help young kids brave the dark in their sleep?

They really should've made one out of Chiyo's Father.

  No.229264   Report                
1415376991720.png (91 kb, 693x813)
  No.230024   Report                
1425789879994.jpg (69 kb, 800x450)

This cameo makes me very happy.

  No.230076   Report                
1426702059833.png (127 kb, 600x800)

yay my friend's art


  No.230697   Report                
1435344952625.png (273 kb, 800x900)
  No.230698   Report                

Tell your friend "hey, the internet likes your art"
I dig the style. Does your friend draw lewds?


  No.230707   Report                

>>230698 He makes lewds but he's gay, so i doubt he'd do a female character, but i can ask.

  No.230709   Report                


>He makes lewds but he's gay

Well, he can get married now. Maybe he could draw straight lewds in celebration?

  No.230732   Report                
1435785032251.png (376 kb, 450x650)
  No.230733   Report                
1435785054403.jpg (62 kb, 450x819)

1385228030390.jpg (249 kb, 800x800)
254854 No.227005   [Reply]   Report  

I think I killed the Danbo thread too...

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  No.230602   Report                
1433360954692.jpg (676 kb, 1018x911)

a panel from NONPLAYER #2, that just came out today.

  No.230616   Report                
1434001723698.jpg (45 kb, 600x404)

danbo omamori

  No.230617   Report                

What's NONPLAYER #2?

  No.230618   Report                

The second issue of the comic book Nonplayer.


  No.230619   Report                
1434160187661.jpg (1410 kb, 1988x3056)


NONPLAYER is a really cool comic book 4 issues limited series done every few years by this guy who does character designs for games. In the story, avatars with AI are beginning to cross the border between the gaming world and our, inhabiting the bodies of androids and machines. Too bad we hafta wait years for issues to appear.
In the image the girl is an AI character of a Queen in the game world. The guy who created her pulled her personality into the android body to use her as his lover.

  No.230620   Report                

Oh wow... Guess I shouldn't complain when Azuma takes a few months hiatus with Yotsuba and not years.
(But I will!)

  No.230622   Report                


Is that as poseable as the Revoltech Danbo? I finally found one locally, but it was over $40.

  No.230623   Report                

It's not posable at all. What you see is what you get.

  No.230627   Report                


Guess I'm sticking with the Revoltech instead of hunting for that set.

  No.230731   Report                
1435773623194.png (219 kb, 600x600)

Artist was "kuruuya" on pixiv, but the account has been deleted.

1412617837495.png (219 kb, 500x375)
224060 No.228974   [Reply]   Report  

As of this morning, same-sex marriage is now legal in most of America, so let's have a Kaorin thread.

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  No.230021   Report                

The Nebraska case has now been stayed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

For those of you keeping score at home, here's the current situation:

35 states (and DC) allow same-sex marriage.

Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee had their bans upheld by the Sixth Circuit. These are the cases that will be reviewed by the US Supreme Court.

Puerto Rico had its ban upheld; this will be reviewed by the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

In the Fifth Circuit, Texas and Mississippi have federal rulings in favor of same-sex marriage, and Louisiana has one against. The Court of Appeals held hearings two months ago and could rule at any time.

Georgia and North Dakota have cases where all action has been put on hold until the Supreme Court rules.

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.230055   Report                

>>229767 I was just looking at some of the earlier stuff in the manga and there's a lot of times where Yomi and Chihiro are chatting together or eating lunch together. It's most likely that Azuma was still figuring out the characters and who would be the main ones- after all Yomi didn't get a name until over 100 pages in, but it is interesting to think that all of the girls likely have some friends outside of their main group.

Well, probably not Tomo.

  No.230056   Report                

oops that was me but my name was removed

  No.230704   Report                

Saved from the bottom of the last page.
Given today's news, another update seems appropriate.
Azunymous, where are you?

  No.230705   Report                

ralen will you marry me?

  No.230708   Report                
1435395334328.jpg (29 kb, 500x375)


>Azunymous, where are you?

Busy getting gay married.
I don't think this issue is an issue, to be honest. In a few years no one will marry anyway, but it's disgraceful that in most countries people are denied the possibility even if they love each other.

>yuri is growing in acceptance, but yaoi is still a strict no-no

And why is that? Just because bitches be lookin' so fine when they do the dyke sex and gay dudes are gross?
Fucking double standards. Can anyone really say they feel same-sex marriage is threatening to society in any way?
I'm no SJW but fair is fair.
Look at these girls, getting married next to Mickey. It's just a ceremony, but at least they get that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyVSk3AbV7c

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.230710   Report                
>And why is that? Just because bitches be lookin' so fine when they do the dyke sex and gay dudes are gross?

I like gay sex, but it's a lot more hairy than lez secks. I'm a hairy dude myself, but yuck! Call me bias or hypicrite if you must, but that's just how it is

  No.230721   Report                
1435579057232.jpg (244 kb, 792x1008)

Thanks for the bump. I didn't get a chance to get back here until now.

This week I guess we'll see how fast the ruling gets implemented in the holdout states/counties. This ruling is a major step for equality, but there are still battles to be fought. In many states it is still legal to fire or deny housing to people for being gay. Some local governments in those states provide protection, but Tennessee has banned such local efforts, and other states are looking at similar laws.

Given the clear trend in public opinion, the backlash isn't likely to have much staying power, but it's still going to be unpleasant.

But enough about that. Now it's time to celebrate.

  No.230724   Report                

that face when you barely have breast and they still sag

  No.230729   Report                

For the most part, compliance is coming swiftly.

Scattered counties in Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky are either refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples or refusing to issue any licenses at all. At least one county clerk has quit rather than issue licenses to same-sex couples.

Last I heard, a few counties in Alabama were still refusing to issue any licenses (holdouts from the state vs. federal SNAFU in March). The judge in the federal case has issued an order clarifying that her earlier order is in fact in effect and does apply to everyone.

All counties in Kansas are now issuing licenses to same-sex couples, but the Governor says he still needs more time to study the Supreme Court's decision and determine whether the state will recognize them.

Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands have fallen in line. No word on American Samoa.

I have VC: faith that this will all be sorted out soon enough.

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
27062 No.228859   [Reply]   Report  

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

171 posts and 56 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.230612   Report                

^instead of etracting it have you tried opening it with a program like cddisplay???

  No.230613   Report                


Open "index.html"

  No.230614   Report                

xould you inform us what the name of this artist is and where to find his web site? I have seen several of his artworks and they are nice.
My appologies if the question has been answered before

  No.230615   Report                

I can't tell if this is a serious question or not.

The artist is Kiyohiko Azuma. The closest thing he has to a website is his twitter account (as far as I know).

  No.230672   Report                
1434980875444.jpg (48 kb, 681x1000)

I'm doing illustrations after a fashion for Masumi Asano's essays, "How a Baby Chick Walks," which are available in stores today. The thing to look for is the baby chick-shaped character. Its charm comes from those glassy eyes.
7:11 PM Jun 19th

  No.230683   Report                

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
IM is back for the sixth month straight.
Yotsuba is absent again.

  No.230685   Report                


>IM is back for the sixth month straight

Sounds like Barasui is back in the game. I can't remember the last time he published six months in a row.
Maybe he's healthier now? I hope he is.

  No.230687   Report                

or maybe his health worsened and wants to end IM his way before he passes

  No.230688   Report                
1435190696922.jpg (21 kb, 180x252)

Well, aren't you the pessimistic one.
He's a young man. I say chances are his health is improving. But if you're right, even though I hope you're not, there's a bright side even to that: before passing away maybe he'll release all the naughty Ichigo Mashimaro art he has drawn and kept for himself. I'm pretty sure he has drawn secret IM manga just for fun, and because he's the author, whatever happens in those stories is canon.

  No.230717   Report                


>Yotsuba is absent again.

And the wait begins anew. How long do you think this one'll be? A month? 6? Longer?

1385095389374.png (195 kb, 600x863)
199693 No.226983   [Reply]   Report  

I think my chapter spamming killed the old Osaka thread...

179 posts and 92 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.230673   Report                
1435000831432.jpg (33 kb, 1024x693)

Does anybody have the Osakaphone flash?
I've searched it but I can't find it.

  No.230675   Report                
osakaphone.swf (157 kb)

Couldn't find it in my archives but found it on dagobah

  No.230678   Report                

please tell me the ascii exists somewhere, i haven't seen it in forever

  No.230679   Report                
1435050724965.png (199 kb, 681x387)

A better title would've been "Osaka Gets it Together"

  No.230680   Report                
1435078584806.jpg (43 kb, 350x350)

Don't you want to be wake up by Osaka?

  No.230681   Report                

Shit thanks

  No.230695   Report                
1435210562611.jpg (155 kb, 800x740)


  No.230702   Report                

Osaka probably has no idea how to put a condom on.

She'd probably think it was a weird-shaped water balloon or something and make a poodle out of it.

  No.230703   Report                

Or some kind of weird chewing gum a la Coneheads.

  No.230713   Report                
1435438473847.jpg (236 kb, 512x512)


vc: daw

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