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1409590018701.jpg (621 kb, 824x2216)
635399 No.228751   [Reply]   Report  

Just to keep you guys in the loop, at the end of this month, inspired in large part by our friend Ragathol's trip a couple of years ago, I'll be travelling to Japan for an extended period. I'll be staying for three months (because that's the maximum amount of time my employer would allow me to be gone), October through December, to attend a Japanese language course in Yokohama.

I'll still have internet access and should be able to post here, but being away from my home computer and resources like Share, etc. there's a good chance this may impact my ability to post translations during that time.

I was originally worried about whether I would still be able to translate Yotsuba while I was gone, but with no new chapters in the past 10 months, it was beginning to look like it wouldn't be an problem after all. But now that it seems Azuma's started things back up again, it may be an issue.

There's also a very small chance my plane may crash into the Pacific Ocean, which would be a more difficult challenge to overcome.

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With iOS, if you're typing in a text box, it doesn't seem to autocorrect until you highlight the word.

Android... that's another story.

  No.229347   Report                

Just what I mentioned in >>229180.
There was a spiral staircase in the back of an arcade in Akihabara, and there was an Ana gununu printout at the bottom with text overlaid saying the staircase was descending only.

Aside from that I don't recall seeing anything IM related.

  No.229349   Report                
1415951427366.jpg (132 kb, 640x640)

Or, it's so far off from any word in its internal dictionary, that it has no idea what to correct it to.

Here's the poster for the daruma movie.
The title (in case you didn't already realize) is a parody of the children's game "Daruma-san ga koronda" (the daruma fell over) which is played the same as "Red Light/Green Light."

  No.229350   Report                

Actually, I just realized, "Daruma-san ga Koroshita" is just the tagline.
The title is "Kami-sama no Iu Toori" ("As God Commands.")

  No.229352   Report                


That's one demonic looking Daruma doll. Also sounds like a s5amfard psycho person plot.

  No.229353   Report                

Standard even. Bah.

  No.229378   Report                

Saw a preview for this movie on the train today. It actually looks like a comedy-horror (either that or I have a weird sense of humor).
There's no audio for the video screens on the train, but the Daruma doll was CG and looked like it was talking, and there appeared to be all sorts of other classic Japanese wooden toys terrorizing the school.

  No.229381   Report                


Toy Story: Revengeance. I like the concept. The producers over here would fuck it all up, of course.

  No.229426   Report                

Goddamn bears like wasabi too? Looks like the pepper bear spray guys are in trouble.

Also, that does sound like a lot of rural areas, with regards to everything closing up early. And even if it's a bit run down, that sounds like a deal at around $30 a night.

  No.229427   Report                

Just a note, because I take everything literally, the "hot" stuff in wasabi isn't the same as the stuff in peppers.

Also, not only did everything seem to be closed early, the next morning even by 11:00 there were hardly any people on the streets, and most of the shops looked deserted. Even some of the ones that were supposedly open were dimly lit with no one visible inside. It wasn't until around 2:30-3:00 that I finally started seeing decent numbers of people out on the streets. But by that time, sunset was only an hour or two away.

1315803257892.jpg (29 kb, 350x263)
29402 No.216986   [Reply]   Report  

I'm confused.

I've spoken to 2 people now who, when they first got into Azumanga, thought Tomo was a boy.

Is this a common mistake to make? More to the point, how is this mistake made? I can't really see it.

Besides anything else she's kinda got that skirt...

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  No.227416   Report                

Saw these pop up on Twitter a bit. If I read right, there was a campaign about meat and people were protesting online or some shit. Japanese took the idea and created a meme off it.

  No.227524   Report                
1392631051316.png (142 kb, 300x500)
  No.227564   Report                
1393139942386.png (247 kb, 444x580)

As suggestive as this pic's supposed to look, I can't help but laugh whenever I see it. What's Tomo even trying to do with Yomi, and how did she manage to knock her out cold?

  No.227565   Report                

I could say something about Tomo saying something insightful knocking Yomi for a loop - - but Tomo probably head-butted her.

  No.228844   Report                
1410224592084.png (133 kb, 347x680)
  No.229351   Report                
1415953370483.jpg (374 kb, 573x935)

"You're incorrigible."

  No.229420   Report                
1416738892372.gif (218 kb, 968x718)
  No.229422   Report                
1416814382250.png (317 kb, 400x400)

Doodled Tomo being cheeky on a can of juice.

I've been using sticky notes for a lot of things lately.

  No.229423   Report                

Hm, Tomo as a minigirl... I wonder how that would play out.

  No.229425   Report                


She'd be annoying as hell all the time. Yomi would eventually step on her in anger, and then be depressed about it for the rest of her life.

1391735634956.jpg (970 kb, 800x1131)
993109 No.227437   [Reply]   Report  

No more Kagura thread?
Oh well, this seems like as good a way as any to start one.

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  No.229248   Report                


Drawing toes are hard. Harder than drawing fingers. At least with fingers we can draw it 1000 times and we can see some improvement. With toes I keep making the same damn mistakes over and over again.

So kudos to him/her to draw good toes.

  No.229250   Report                
1415313325935.png (701 kb, 1000x1690)

You can actually think of them as fingers, but with a bit more limited movement. There are only two joints, and they can only bend about half as much as the fingers. But the shapes can be hard, especially in perspective, I agree.

Kagura for relevance.

  No.229251   Report                
1415335600695.png (239 kb, 533x421)

Nature Fact: the Amphibious Kagura (azumanga knucklecranius) can eject its razor-sharp hair to defeat would be attackers.

(This is already on my tumblr but whatever)

  No.229262   Report                
1415354598665.png (39 kb, 530x650)

>>229251 Ohhhh so that WAS you there on tumblr, cool!

Took me a while to piece it together!
vc: shiff

  No.229265   Report                
1415391733268.png (223 kb, 558x570)

>>229262 ACK! sorry, I forgot to type my name again after clearing my history.

  No.229276   Report                

Are you ever gonna go back to drawing cute stuff like this?

Not that I hate what you're doing now, but... well, there's only so much penis I can take (that's what she sa

  No.229278   Report                
1415472559910.jpg (216 kb, 800x800)

Yeah well... I realized that that was the first non-ero Azu pic I've done in a very long time... which is pretty sad, I guess. I mostly concentrate my "regular" work to my comics now, and draw ero for fun, so I don't do a lot of regular illos at all. But maybe I should do something.

Maybe someone should vc: unpen me.

  No.229282   Report                
1415505283006.jpg (52 kb, 346x400)

Long lost sister? Or Kagura's daugther? It can be part of wild mass guessing. I mean they look too similar.

  No.229419   Report                
1416722407005.png (752 kb, 720x1280)


  No.229424   Report                

A woman's left boob is a bit bigger than the right.
Just to throw it out there.

1302232502391.jpg (190 kb, 640x480)
195054 No.215023   [Reply]   Report  

Miura's mom.

"You want something to drink?"

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  No.228874   Report                

It's not "But getting to set off while it's still dark is part of the fun!" (aimed at Yotsuba, who is sleeping through it)? Outside of the immediate stimulus of Yotsuba slapping her hand away, she doesn't seem at all displeased

  No.228875   Report                
1411102510376.jpg (109 kb, 314x413)

I'm really not sure, that's how I translated it when I did this chapter, but I could see Yen Press's interpretation too. Their translation seems less obvious, I'll admit, but I also know I've translated a number of things where the initial, seemingly-obvious interpretation has turned out not to be the correct one.

On the one hand, Ena being excited by the prospect of leaving for a trip while it's still dark out totally fits her personality of being eager to try new things.

At the same time, I could also see her reaction as frustration (maybe more for Yotsuba's sake than her own) that they have to leave so early.

"Aww, leaving while it's still night is necessary though" (sympathy for Yotsuba)
"Aww, leaving while it's still night is fun though" (disappointment for Yotsuba)

  No.228876   Report                
1411107539271.jpg (40 kb, 491x266)

I think she's excited about the idea of setting out before the sun rises, and wants Yotsuba to be too.

Why isn't your version the one that shows up on Google searches for 'Yotsubato 61'?

  No.228877   Report                


>Why isn't your version the one that shows up on Google searches for 'Yotsubato 61'?

I have no idea. Is it Sprocket's version that shows up instead? I think this was back during the time that we were both translating simultaneously, and his were often better than mine.

  No.228879   Report                


>"Aww, leaving while it's still night is necessary though" (sympathy for Yotsuba)
>"Aww, leaving while it's still night is fun though" (disappointment for Yotsuba)

The latter interpretation is correct.
And the former interpretation is impossible.
I'm sure because I'm a Japanese.

  No.229021   Report                
1413048891146.jpg (220 kb, 677x900)


  No.229414   Report                
1416557575631.jpg (69 kb, 640x641)
  No.229415   Report                


That immediately makes me think "surprise Yotsuba!"

  No.229417   Report                

Never enough Torako.

  No.229421   Report                


I ship a lot of things, but to me, AsaTora is fully headcanon

1379258795520.jpg (238 kb, 1000x1334)
243387 No.225465   [Reply]   Report  

New Yotsuba thread.

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  No.228951   Report                
1412340073886.jpg (2047 kb, 2362x3496)
  No.228952   Report                
1412340123954.png (179 kb, 372x580)
  No.228953   Report                
1412340148156.jpg (492 kb, 826x1169)
  No.228962   Report                
1412428086109.jpg (291 kb, 760x980)
  No.229224   Report                
1415096067404.jpg (84 kb, 600x615)

"Yotsuba Koiwai."

  No.229368   Report                
1416059081166.jpg (2139 kb, 4441x6213)
  No.229400   Report                

Oi, thats mine, what gives? lol
follow me @mekishikonoanon

  No.229412   Report                



  No.229413   Report                

1 new chapter in the last 12 months...
I'm not holding my breath.

  No.229418   Report                
1416628315366.png (565 kb, 775x421)

Read this left to right and instead it's Koiwai eating Yotsuba. This is all I can contribute. I am sorry.

1399859273927.jpg (264 kb, 819x1615)
270199 No.227915   [Reply]   Report  

Morichan thread.

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  No.229393   Report                

I was involved with a project a while back that did something along those lines, giving Japanese artists an outlet to sell digital copies of their work internationally, but it kind of hit a lot of bumps in the road and I'm not really sure what its current status is.

  No.229394   Report                




  No.229395   Report                


The abundance of relatively cheap meat is fairly recent - like the past 40 years or so in most of the East, IIRC. It's still got some luxury connotations, given how meat restaurants have been seen as places to go, especially all you can eat places.

The cows that became wagyu only began being bred in the late Meiji era... AND Kobe beef only began getting commercial recognition in the 80s. From what I can tell, at least with Japan, easy access to cheap beef wasn't really a thing until the boom years in the 70s and 80s,when they could import beef and pork in large numbers. As of 2008,they're one of the largest importers of those two types of meat from Australia, Europe, and so on. Given the terrain everywhere but Hokkaido isn't really suitable for large herds of cattle, it makes sense. Note also that their beef imports took a bit of a dive after the recession really hit them in late 2008.

And Japan only got the really expensive boutique produce market going after the boom of the 70s began, IIRC. Just like China the past 5-8 years, they began spending more on those special luxury foods... and regular Japanese tried to imitate what the movers and shakers were doing. V

S for the morichika_rinnosuke books, how much would they cost to import?

  No.229396   Report                

Morichan books even. I swear I hit the word in the prediction list...

  No.229397   Report                

In my experience, overseas shipping from Japan is usually a couple of dollars more than domestic shipping. I don't know of any international doujin sellers off the top of my head though.


Okay, that was pretty funny.

  No.229398   Report                


That's why I suggest a partnership with an already established doujinshi online store from Japan. At least they have enough catalogues to fill the store from the get go. Also big name attract buyers easy.

  No.229399   Report                


If you'd had dinner with him, I'd be asking for contact details...

  No.229401   Report                

But... "Sorry. No International Shipping Service Available."

Otherwise (digital downloads):

  No.229411   Report                


Oh I know. Toranoana is pretty popular Doujin store. That's why they need to make a branch internationally. Probably via partnership.

Also I knew DLsite. But those jerks don't allow for Paypal payment for their... adult stuff. I mean seriously I hate using credit card especially online.

  No.229416   Report                

Rather, Paypal does not want to handle adult stuff, not DLsite's fault. Same thing with Patreon, heard some people got in trouble with their Paypal payouts.

1398440575127.jpg (51 kb, 713x481)
52591 No.227840   [Reply]   Report  

This pic was actually made by Mownten Doo.

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  No.229199   Report                
1414870560510.gif (339 kb, 701x394)

I'm gonna come out and say the weird frames with the saturation boosts were left by me back when I was lurking.

Here's a gif of chiyo dry humping a table

  No.229216   Report                

Aren't you supposed to rub on the corner edges of the table for that to work? :o

  No.229217   Report                

I don’t think there’s anything ~wrong~ with the legs; they just don’t match the rest of the image. At all.
She’s 10; what does she know?

  No.229271   Report                
1415416788237.png (292 kb, 526x395)

This one's relatively normal, except for the notion that the male student behind Chiyo appears to be wearing girl shoes.

Found this just now, looking for the clip where Kagura cries in the last episode.

  No.229272   Report                
1415420273294.gif (17 kb, 150x150)
  No.229273   Report                
1415420449453.png (963 kb, 1280x964)

so through with ur shit tomo

  No.229275   Report                

Those are uwabaki, indoor school slippers.
Just like you take your shoes off before entering a Japanese home, you also remove them at school and wear special indoor shoes.

Hence the anime trope of a character in high school finding a love letter left in his/her shoe locker.

  No.229280   Report                

>>229275 That I've gathered, but I always kinda thought that specific design was only used by the girl students on the show.

But then again, I don't pay attention to people's shoes much anyway, so what would I know, hoho.

  No.229283   Report                


Those shoes are pretty much unisex. Like the bags Japanese kids used to school.

  No.229410   Report                
1416433407720.jpg (9.8 kb, 259x195)

I think this whole scene was meant to be drawn really ridiculously but still... this frame is crazy.

1405150332821.jpg (41 kb, 250x350)
41803 No.228321   [Reply]   Report  

What does /azu/ think of Barakamon?
Still only the first episode though, so many people are saying that they got Yotsubato's vibes from it.

  No.229387   Report                

Just started watching this today. Yotsuba was the first thing I thought of.

  No.229389   Report                

>>228321 Show was really good, sadly got to wait for Yen press to catch up with the little fan translation for the Manga there was. Hopefully there's another season. I think the hyper sensitive/depressive MC is my favorite part of the show.

  No.229402   Report                

It's lovely. I saw the first book came out in English recently.

  No.229404   Report                
>people are saying that they got Yotsubato's vibes

That's what they said about Usagi Drop, but then...

  No.229405   Report                

Usagi Drop got an anime, and a movie.

This is everything that's wrong with the world.

  No.229409   Report                


Things were fine till the author decided a time skip so they could draw typical Shoujo manga romance instead.

1385228030390.jpg (249 kb, 800x800)
254854 No.227005   [Reply]   Report  

I think I killed the Danbo thread too...

51 posts and 45 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.228431   Report                
1406387573843.jpg (95 kb, 600x800)
  No.228432   Report                
1406387580269.jpg (254 kb, 1000x750)
  No.228433   Report                
1406387595063.jpg (515 kb, 600x800)

Wait, I don't see Danbo in this one...

  No.228434   Report                
1406387604758.jpg (458 kb, 1024x768)
  No.228440   Report                

This means "Wir kommen alle, alle, alle in den Himmel"

  No.228883   Report                
1411429205371.jpg (5012 kb, 3508x4938)
  No.228922   Report                
1411879822162.jpg (93 kb, 500x669)
  No.228950   Report                
1412340064754.jpg (7201 kb, 4988x3508)


  No.229407   Report                
1416400759892.jpg (179 kb, 1024x768)
  No.229408   Report                
1416400777221.jpg (119 kb, 943x635)

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
27062 No.228859   [Reply]   Report  

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

11 posts and 7 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.229093   Report                

Damn... a lot of catching up ahead of me...

But I'll read all the tweets because my time is worthless and my priorities are messed up!
That's what a true fan says!

  No.229103   Report                

This month's Dengeki Daioh:
IM Yes
Yotsuba No.

I currently don't have remote access to my home PC, and Share is explicitly forbidden in the apartment where I'm living (I think they're port blocking since it took me ages to get my remote desktop to work) so someone else will have to post the scans here.

Also, since I don't have remote access to my home PC at the moment, that means I don't have access to Photoshop either. I can translate, but someone else will have to do the editing.

  No.229161   Report                

There sure are lots of kids in strange getups.
3:58 PM Oct 26th

Cinderella just stepped out of a Prius.
4:00 PM Oct 26th

I've noticed the same thing. The past three weekends when I've come back home on the train in the evenings I've seen several little kids in Halloween costumes. It made more sense last weekend, but why were they doing it the first week in October?

  No.229166   Report                

I've got a trigger set for it ("苺ましまろ 2014-11" right? I saw 2014-10 but it looks like that was the one that was last posted) but haven't seen it go by. I'll post it in the IM thread if I do.

  No.229167   Report                

No, this one would be 2014-12.

  No.229168   Report                

I guess seeing as I'm in Japan, I could just go and buy a copy as well... But I'd have no way to scan it. I'd have to take pictures of each page.

  No.229169   Report                

Ah. I don't see anything at all for "電撃大王 2014-12" but I updated the trigger.

  No.229175   Report                


Assuming google translate is working correctly, the Q/A with Azuma should be in this issue. Any scans for those pages out?

  No.229176   Report                

I don't see it on Share, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

  No.229406   Report                
1416400540532.jpg (82 kb, 1024x768)

I'm at the point where I need to buy a new dryer! Why is it that none of the designs from Japanese manufacturers are close to what I like?! My only glimmer of hope is that right now there are no drum-style designs appearing in my lineup, including Muji. My laundry is starting to pile up though.
2:35 PM Nov 18th

No matter how long I work at it, I can't seem to partition these Muji plastic cases very well.
3:45 PM Nov 18th

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