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1383325664611.jpg (43 kb, 490x245)
44134 No.226644   [Reply]   Report  

Azuma Tweets Part 4.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 archived below.

I'm running out of good pictures to use for the OP of these threads. I may have to switch back to just using Azuma's twitter image.

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^That would have been the perfect response.
Damn Japanese and their societal hierarchy.

  No.228545   Report                

Actually, someone tweeted exactly that. I didn't notice it until just now though.


Are you ever gonna put out a new issue of Yotsuba&! or what? RT @azumakiyohiko: Are they ever gonna put the Crusher Joe movie out on blu-ray, or what?
1:16 PM Aug 11th

  No.228552   Report                

His assistent is fairy or dwarf.

  No.228563   Report                

Run Sasaki was apparently a voice actress in the Crusher Joe movie.
Hiroshi seems to refer to Hiroshi Takemura, another voice actor from Crusher Joe.
Mr. Yasuhiko is Toshikazu Yasuhiko, writer/director of the Crusher Joe movie.
And Mr. Takachiho is Haruka Takachiho, creator of Crusher Joe.

@azumakiyohiko Your comment made me really happy, so I thought I'd tweet you! That's my favorite work too. Thank you so much!
1:14 AM Aug 14th

@SasakiRun What a surprise! I got a reply from Alfin! The office is buzzing right now. Thank you!
10:24 PM Aug 14th

@azumakiyohiko Good Morning! A reporter from the newspaper (from the Crusher Joe fan club) told me about your comment. In the spring, Mr. Yasuhiko, Mr. Takachiho, Hiroshi, and I all got together and had a great time talking about the Joe Roadshow. Yotsuba& is super cute!

Click here to view the full comment.
  No.228605   Report                

My mood was all like "klong."
But now that I've been followed by my beloved Azuma-sensei, I've cheered up.
I love Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh!
3:02 PM Aug 25th

@akaringo_mana Yep, I followed you. Kind regards. Klong♪
9:03 PM Aug 25th

My shoulders are like super stiff. Every time I move them they go "snap-crackle-pop." Does having them make that noise mean they're getting better?
9:16 PM Aug 25th

  No.228709   Report                

No matter how much time goes by, my room never seems to get straightened up. Could it possibly be because I never straighten it up?
12:57 PM Aug 27th

  No.228713   Report                

My shoulders are like super stiff. Every time I move them they go "snap-crackle-pop." Does having them make that noise mean they're getting better?
9:16 PM Aug 25th

no, it means you need to star exercising. push ups, pull ups, general stretching. pooping noise means there is gas trapped in there and it gets released. my left foot pops all the time when i rotate it too and i like to rotate it just to hear it pop.

  No.228721   Report                

If your shoulders are making pooping noises, I think you've got bigger problems than lack of exercise...

  No.228740   Report                
1409354988828.jpg (155 kb, 768x1024)

Retweeted by あずまきよひこ
Danbo makes an excellent helper!|・△・| pic.twitter.com/fXvUdxbDDa
9:15 PM Aug 10th

  No.228777   Report                

I wonder if Space Expo is any good.
12:19 AM Sep 3rd

1409590018701.jpg (621 kb, 824x2216)
635399 No.228751   [Reply]   Report  

Just to keep you guys in the loop, at the end of this month, inspired in large part by our friend Ragathol's trip a couple of years ago, I'll be travelling to Japan for an extended period. I'll be staying for three months (because that's the maximum amount of time my employer would allow me to be gone), October through December, to attend a Japanese language course in Yokohama.

I'll still have internet access and should be able to post here, but being away from my home computer and resources like Share, etc. there's a good chance this may impact my ability to post translations during that time.

I was originally worried about whether I would still be able to translate Yotsuba while I was gone, but with no new chapters in the past 10 months, it was beginning to look like it wouldn't be an problem after all. But now that it seems Azuma's started things back up again, it may be an issue.

There's also a very small chance my plane may crash into the Pacific Ocean, which would be a more difficult challenge to overcome.

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  No.228762   Report                

Good luck with the trip and the courses. If your trip ends with bringing back a girlfriend, make sure she reads Yotsuba too.

  No.228763   Report                

Instead of using Share, you can just take pics of the pages and translate here once it's released in the shops, no? Anyway, if you need some recommendations on soap houses, just let me know.

Hopefully, you'll met nice honey and settle down, or bump into Azuma.

Are you planning on doing any activities or sightseeing once you're in Japan? It seems I know at least a little about every city there but Yokohama...

  No.228764   Report                

I've had a request from a few people where I work to keep a photo blog while I'm gone, so I may do something like that.

I don't have any specific sightseeing in mind, but I would definitely like to make the most of my trip.
All I know about Yokohama I learned from YKK, which is to say, I know it's a city in Japan.

I can't tell if you're serious about the soap houses or not. Is gaijin money even good at those places?

  No.228765   Report                

are you gonna have a laptop with you? Got a good camera ready?
Good idea to prepare for earthquakes while there. They have them quite often.
Take lotto pictures so you can share them wif us.
Maybe make a flickr or Tumble(shudder) account and upload the pics there directly perhaps.
The flight itself is almost 24 hours. Reading material is a must.
The Japanese appear as nice but remember, they don't really show their "true" face.
Gravure books are not really worth it.

  No.228766   Report                

Laptop, yes, although it's a work laptop since I'm going to be doing work remotely while I'm gone. I've thought of getting a cheap one of my own just so I don't have to worry about browsing porn azu on it, but at the moment I only have a PC which I won't be taking with me.
Camera, also yes, although it's about 8 years old at this point. It still takes pictures well enough, but isn't as slim/convenient as a modern cellphone camera.

The flight is closer to 10 hours (at least the Pacific leg of it). I was worried it was going to be something ridiculous like 18-20 hours, but 10 seems much more manageable.

How does one prepare for an earthquake?
I've never been in one before so that might actually be something cool to experience, as long as it's not another Tohoku disaster.

  No.228767   Report                

In California, they tell us to duck under tables or at least shield our heads. Actually, I just found out that we aren't supposed to stand in doorways since doors can slam into us. They taught us to stand there as kids, but then again, they also taught kids to duct under desks for incoming atom bombs...

When the 2011 earthquake happened in Japan I noticed that people in buildings evacuated immediately outside to open spaces, like lots and parks. Thought that was interesting.

  No.228768   Report                


>I noticed that people in buildings evacuated immediately outside to open spaces, like lots and parks

As a child, I always thought this made the most sense.
The hazard is from falling objects, so the safest thing to do would be to get into a broad open space, away from any structures.
Every time I brought this up though, I was told that was wrong, and that you should stay inside to protect yourself. I didn't grow up in an area with a lot of earthquakes though, so...

As far as I knew, the doorframe was still supposed to be the safest place to go. I didn't know that had been revised. I guess if you're in a crowded school or office building though, not everyone can stand in a doorframe.

  No.228770   Report                

I'm always willing to pinch-hit (though I don't typeset).

  No.228774   Report                

I know a guy who could translate, and I could photoshop things. If it got desperate. Stay in touch and let us know

  No.228776   Report                

Well, about earthquakes, I have been in several good ones and i can tell you from personal experience to just stay put and pray until it's all over and hope the building will hold. Don't just panic and start running around. Make sure you got some water and some protein bars, a working flashlight, sturdy shoes and your clothes close by. Remember how Fuuka had a whistle on her bag so she can make noise if she gets buried.
The experience itself is rather unpleasant, there is a lot of noise that seems to come from everywhere and the shaking isn't much fun.

Since you got a laptop, maybe you can install Share on it too.

1409217600849.jpg (307 kb, 851x1200)
314650 No.228664   [Reply]   Report  

Chapter 86: Yotsuba & Grandma.
Archive file to come at the end.

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  No.228736   Report                

This board doesn't really have the same review process like on Yuri Project, so translations posted here are generally considered finished, especially since by the time I post them I've uploaded them to mediafire and distributed the link (although I typically only distribute the link on /azu/, this time I also posted it in /a/ since someone included a link to that thread in >>228648).

However, please don't refrain from pointing out translation errors if you find them. If they're significant enough I can issue a correction, which usually involves me taking down the old mediafire file and uploading a new one.

So far I'm only aware of two issues: Yotsuba's speech bubble being incorrectly assigned to Koiwai (which on its own wouldn't warrant a rerelease in my opinion) and the mention of Hiramatsu, which I will probably end up correcting, ultimately.

  No.228737   Report                

and I have shared Ralen's mediafire link on komics-live.com in the weekly new comics thread(giving Ralen's name as the translator) and several people have made mirrors already. So let's see how many d/l the mediafire link gets.

  No.228738   Report                

I was the one who posted that link to /a/. I'm not really sure why but /a/ seems slower than usual (maybe I've been spending too much time in /v/). Sorry if I spoiled anything by linking to the raws, as I stated in the thread, my intentions were to get them to you faster. Thinking back, you probably had already obtained the goods before the thread was posted.

  No.228739   Report                

Not sure when the raws were posted in /a/, but I had already grabbed them off of share early that morning before you posted the link.

I also didn't bother checking the thread until the translation was done, so no spoilers.

I appreciate you posting the link since I enjoy following the discussion and reading people's impressions of the new chapter. It's a little more lively than here.

Currently at 451 downloads. Not sure how frequently the count updates though since it was still showing 0 downloads yesterday morning, even though people were already posting screengrabs of my translation in /a/.

  No.228741   Report                

Neat! Great work as always.
I think it's reasonable to assume that this is Koiwai's actual mother. Even though he's a bit more lax in raising Yotsuba, he sure seems to have been "raised right" himself, and is pretty strict in making her act proper. And she's one cool dame.

I was a bit surprised you didn't know about the pencil sharpener, though. Those were standard throughout grade school.

  No.228742   Report                

Also nice to see the Azumanga wink with the uniform.

  No.228744   Report                

We had the crank-style pencil sharpeners in my grade school, but they were all mounted to the wall, so there was no weird elongated thing on the front that required two hands to use.

  No.228747   Report                

Given the wide distribution of the link already, and the large number of downloads, combined with the relatively minor nature of the translation error, I don't think I'm going to release a correction.

Please continue to point out errors as you happen to notice them in the future though.

  No.228773   Report                

Is there a link to the raws for 86?

  No.228775   Report                

They were posted in that 4chan thread, but I don't know if there was a download link.

The .rar is just slightly over the file size limit for this board, so here's a Mediafire link.

osakaphone.swf (157 kb)
160652 No.228771   [Reply]   Report  

anyone know which chapter has that sequence where yots is trying to bring a cup of coffee home or something like that and she trips walking in the door and falls flat on her face and spills the coffee (or whatever)

  No.228772   Report                

It happens twice in Volume 9. Chapter 58 is the first time. Chapter 60 is when it happens again and the girls visit Yotsuba's house.

1379258795520.jpg (238 kb, 1000x1334)
243387 No.225465   [Reply]   Report  

New Yotsuba thread.

135 posts and 113 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.228492   Report                
1406900994630.jpg (22 kb, 397x493)

Some weeds are more harmful to your health than the others. Be carful, kids.
Just a friendly reminder.

  No.228493   Report                


>every single study shows mental damage from use of these drugs
  No.228494   Report                

If weed was legal, people wouldn't have to resort to "legal" synthetic alternatives.

It's just like how lots of people got sick and died from methanol poisoning during prohibition.

  No.228495   Report                


I think there was news the federal gov of USA will allow weed to be used for "medical Purposes" in all of USA.
it's so funny when you go to Veline beach and you hear them chanting "medical, medical marijuana" to attract customers.

but I agree, weed kills your short term memory really well and gives the sheep the illusion they have "freedom and democracy". The gov doesnt want smart intelligent people.

  No.228496   Report                


>people are behaving as though they have mental defects and hurting or killing themselves
>better make it easier for them to hurt or kill themselves legally instead of educating them

Great plan¡

  No.228497   Report                

I think Ralen is referring to things like when people tie a rope around their neck to choke themselves while masturbating, so when they ejaculate they get some oomph to their typical orgasm. However, since they're technically cutting air out of their circulation, well accidents do happen.
Just look what happened to David Carradine and Hide from X Japan (I highly doubt he was doing back exercises. The dude was jerking off and died. I don't care what his bandmates say).

  No.228510   Report                
1407115819524.gif (706 kb, 96x144)

I just found this, even though it was uploaded over a month ago. I don't know how I missed it.

This belongs in the "Fund it!" pool.

  No.228511   Report                

Oh, it's THAT guy!

  No.228592   Report                
1408750564540.jpg (853 kb, 1317x2279)
  No.228769   Report                
1409630633025.jpg (38 kb, 580x546)

1375594397491.png (668 kb, 767x1200)
684391 No.225188   [Reply]   Report  

Didn't know if the new Ichigo Mashimaro was up yet, so I scanned it myself. Cleaned it up the best I could.

167 posts and 78 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.228522   Report                

oh I bet there is tons of sketches of nude and who knows what doing Fukka, Ena and Miura in Azu's sketcbooks.
IS there any indication if Azuma has ever been out on a date with a woman in his life or has he ever had a girlfriend?

  No.228523   Report                

He's been pretty chummy with a few different girls over his twitter feed over the years. I kind of suspect he had something going on with Masumi Asano for a while there.

  No.228534   Report                

twitter, eh? oh yeah, twitter IS real life and proof, yes indeed.

  No.228558   Report                

Some twitter pages show tendency of reporting events earlier than they could actually happen. Like people aging about 5-7 years in my few months. Basically any social network is crap.

  No.228746   Report                

New IM scans showed up on Share yesterday. Two pages again. Funny how Barasui can be outpacing Azuma's production in terms of pages per month, and then Azuma comes from behind and blows him out of the water with a 38 page chapter.

I probably won't get to translating them tonight, or maybe not tomorrow either, but I'll definitely have it done by the end of day Monday.

  No.228754   Report                
1409593267897.jpg (355 kb, 845x1200)

I just caught a typo on this page in the second panel.

  No.228755   Report                
1409593388244.jpg (322 kb, 851x1200)

And here are this month's pages (I'm reluctant to call it a "chapter.")

  No.228756   Report                
1409593440158.jpg (425 kb, 851x1200)

Lots of kanji in the alien-speak again this time as well. I wonder if the editor complained to Barasui about it or something.

  No.228757   Report                

Too lazy to even trace over his background images.

  No.228759   Report                

I wonder if Barasui has an assistant/team of assistants like Azuma does.

I find it hard to imagine. I kind of picture him scribbling these out in his basement on the weekends.

1409541995548.jpg (128 kb, 550x476)
131438 No.228748   [Reply]   Report  

so how about we all get together and pass the hat around and get some money and buy Ralen a present for all his hard work he has done pro bono over the years on Yotsubato and Ichigo mashimar4o? What would be a good present for Ralen?
presenting the fleshlight

  No.228749   Report                

I'm all for buying him something nice.
Not a fleshlight, though. Unless he wants one.

Ralen, do you happen to have an Amazon wishlist?

  No.228750   Report                

Needs to be bigger.

Didn't you post a thread like this the other day that got deleted?

In all seriousness, I appreciate the sentiment, but no on needs to buy me anything.
Maybe one of these days I'll finally set up that translation blog with a PayPal link, so you can donate if you really want to.

Just knowing my work is enjoyed and appreciated is all that really matters.

1403025397104.jpg (227 kb, 1024x768)
232329 No.228103   [Reply]   Report  

Do you guys know some good slice-of-life manga other than Azu stuff?

16 posts and 1 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.228143   Report                

How was it different in the manga form?

  No.228144   Report                

I'm curious about this too. I tried reading the manga many years ago after watching the anime, but the translation was so stilted, it sucked all the humor out of the gags.

I guess at this point I don't really need a translation to be able to read it anymore though...

  No.228148   Report                

If I remember the manga was more focused on the just various antics of the art club. Also Sora wasn't really the main character, in fact compared to the anime she was hardly there.
There was more stuff focusing on the other characters.

Between the two I'd say the major difference is between the anime and manga is that the manga focused on showing the antics of the various art club members while the anime was about Sora discovering the beauty of everyday life and how it changes with each different point of view and all that.

Also one thing I never noticed in the anime in that was brought up once or twice in the manga is that Sora rarely every speaks in full sentences. In the anime a lot of her speech was just internal monologue.

  No.228154   Report                

The only thing that was different about it was everything that made it what it was.

It would be like turning Madame Bovary into a board game or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into a Disney cartoon.

  No.228189   Report                

I also want to reccomend non non biyori. it has a lot of the same feel.

  No.228601   Report                
1408930061641.jpg (122 kb, 600x841)

"A Centaur's Life" is really good (and unique) slice of life manga.

  No.228602   Report                

Is this furry?

  No.228606   Report                


I wouldn't call it furry as it has mostly fantasy characters like centaurs, satyrs, mermaids and imps living like normal humans.

  No.228609   Report                

Also they seem to be living in some kind of fascist state that is only vaguely implied in the background.

  No.228743   Report                


This isn't exactly slice of life, it's club activity focused in the same way as K-On, but it's pretty good fun.
100% serious about motorbikes, 0% serious about everything else, and cute style. Onsa is awesome.

tl;dr: It's moe Top Gear.

1408980959429.png (1358 kb, 1194x952)
1391089 No.228607   [Reply]   Report  

Yotsubato listed in this months Dengeki Daioh! http://daioh.dengeki.com/
Ichigo Mashimaro too.

38 posts and 6 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.228657   Report                

No, udon shop grandma spoke quirky, like I imagine an old person would, so that's why I had fun with it.
Koiwai's mom has a distinct dialect that's hard for me to parse out at times.

  No.228658   Report                
1409205299011.jpg (43 kb, 370x399)


  No.228659   Report                

Hard to imagine it's not somehow connected to b-c's 痛い, though I agree it probably isn't "いて, いたい". She also laughs the same way she does with the pun later. I think she's partly just echoing back what b-c says, but it's hard to guess what she's going for exactly.

  No.228660   Report                

It seems safe to render this as "I gave the truck to Jumbo" or "I let Jumbo have the truck" since that clearly appears to be the gist. It does seem though in Chapter 1 that the truck is Jumbo's and they were borrowing it, from the way he immediately hands the keys over. I can't remember, what have we heard or seen from the truck since then? I'm rusty on Yotsubato for some strange reason. I can't imagine what might have transpired that would cause me to be rusty on Yotsubato.

  No.228661   Report                
>(which is from a song)

Was this a big hit? It would make sense if Yotsuba were simply echoing a pop lyric she had heard somewhere that b-c's words recalled to mind. She does reference pop music earlier in the chapter

  No.228662   Report                

It's the first several pages worth of hits on Google when I search for "いていたい"

  No.228663   Report                

One other part that I'm probably just overthinking.

Page 33, second panel
Yotsuba is counting: 一つ、二つ、三つ... 十二くつ
I'm guessing this is just her not having a firm grasp on how counting works, because I can't for the life of me figure out why there's a く in there (or a つ for that matter, considering you only attach that to numbers 1-9).

Jumbo drives the truck a few times early on, but then later we only ever see him driving a regular car (like when they went to the farm).

The only two possibilities I can think of here are
1) Grandma is confused and thinks the truck belongs to Koiwai, and he's explaining that it's Jumbo's.
2) Koiwai actually did used to own the truck, and is explaining that he gave it to Jumbo.

  No.228712   Report                

I don't think this is correct, but it would make sense if she had accidentally substituted 獣肉 for 十二 in her excitement and then simply slapped the counting particle on the end.

  No.228717   Report                

That was the most plausible explanation I could come up with too.

But at 3:00 AM your brain struggles to make sense of things.

  No.228719   Report                


> As they say, there are two great tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting it.

I can understand how it might be kind of a letdown, after such a long wait, to actually meet Grandma -- even though I ended up liking the character, anything could be a disappointment compared to what you imagine.


>Koiwai's mom speaks a dialect I'm not familiar with...

That's an interesting touch; I wonder if that's one reason Koiwai thinks the sayings Yotsuba picks up from her sound strange.

This made me laugh more than it should have.

1409112315544.jpg (1552 kb, 1469x2129)
1589250 No.228637   [Reply]   Report  

Hei Ralen, how about translating the "Sen to Man" manga? It's about this girl who lives with her father, very cute stuff. 6th grader Shima lives with her middle-aged father, Chihiro. Shima is constantly either annoyed by what her father says, while Chihiro tries to figure out the fickle nature of a young girl. Even though there are many cases where they disagree with each other, in the end, they find each other to be tolerable. 2 volumes, by the same guy who did "I want to be your dog".

you can see it at http://avaxhm.com/comics/other/Alexandra04033.html

  No.228638   Report                

With the exception of the occasional Yotsuba or IM chapter each month (and Azuma's twitter feed), pretty much all of my translating time for the foreseeable future is going to be on the yuri game I linked to in >>228581.

At the rate I'm going it will probably be 10 months or so before it's finished.

  No.228645   Report                

This one is already being translated. Found it at Manga Here.

  No.228646   Report                

senk you very much for the linku!

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