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1385095389374.png (195 kb, 600x863)
199693 No.226983   [Reply]   Report  

I think my chapter spamming killed the old Osaka thread...

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1423981240633.jpg (401 kb, 1418x420)

From Valentine's Day thread in /a/

  No.229874   Report                

Nice Simpsons ref.
This must be a thing in Japan. I've seen pictures of these little "altars" with characters from other series as well.

  No.229876   Report                

Started in Japan years ago (used with actual shrines, too!) for character birthdays (do Azu-girls have any known b-days?), but these from lonely and bored people on /a/ during Valentines-- On a Saturday night to boot.

  No.229884   Report                

Chiyo's birthday is the only one I recall ever being mentioned, and I think we just know it's in March. I don't think a specific day is ever given.

  No.229967   Report                
1424908464141.jpg (468 kb, 744x1052)
  No.229971   Report                

Pretty sure Osaka doesnt have those wide hips and she is totally DFC tsurupettan. (DFC=Delicious Flat Chest)

  No.229973   Report                

This is the same guy who drew >>229820. Great coloring skills, anatomy needs work.

  No.229974   Report                
1425029128218.png (282 kb, 554x600)

>>229967 That swimsuit looks way too much like it's made of eggwhites.

just saiyan.

  No.229975   Report                



Is that a euphemism?

  No.229978   Report                

>>229975 Well, I didn't really mean anything else by that, the way the suit's colored coupled with the anatomy of the torso... it just sorta looks like he gave the suit part the same texture/consistency as a boiled egg.

Not that I don't fancy a good egg, but hey,

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
143964 No.218046   [Reply]   Report  

Where did the old CO thread go ...

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1420761460945.png (838 kb, 1000x879)
  No.229687   Report                

>>229669 Why did the voice actor of King Dedede make it?

  No.229815   Report                
1423220524317.jpg (378 kb, 1920x1080)


  No.229816   Report                

What show this is?

  No.229817   Report                


Shirobako. A show about making anime. Complete with stories inspired by real life fuckups.

  No.229824   Report                

every episode is how they bounce back from fuck ups. even characters parodying real people in the anime industry to compliment the fuck ups.
my favorite one is when they were choosing who to get to voice the main character and it was just arguing inside a meeting room. it was like an anime sequence of Seinfeld.

  No.229828   Report                
1423328359920.jpg (949 kb, 2026x2393)


"I'll rip that tongue from your head!"
"Ehhhh?!" (Wasn't that Annaka's catch phrase?)

  No.229858   Report                
1423788252712.png (772 kb, 2400x1800)


I just heard about this series recently while translating this: http://petalsgarden.axypb.net/trans/yuririn/

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1424997911857.jpg (57 kb, 842x595)

The Professor goes well with everything.

  No.229976   Report                

>>229972 this is adorbs. source?

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
27062 No.228859   [Reply]   Report  

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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  No.229922   Report                

I desperately want more of Yotsuba but I hate when people complain to authors to make more content. It's his creation and he has the right to work on whatever he feels like.

  No.229923   Report                

Someone tell him to get back to Wallaby.

...Or Do Your Best.

  No.229927   Report                

Azuma actually gets these comments on his twitter pretty regularly. I just usually don't read/translate them.

  No.229929   Report                

Does he get questions about Azumanga Daioh? Like birthdays of the girls and such? Does he answer them?

  No.229931   Report                

I don't check his replies that closely, but I don't recall ever seeing any questions about Azumanga Daioh.

One time he tweeted that in his original idea for Yotsuba&! he was going to make Miura be Osaka's level-headed little sister. I asked someone from this board to tweet on my behalf (because I don't have a twitter account) if Torako and Tomo were sisters. He didn't respond to that, though.

He hardly ever responds to tweets directed at him.

  No.229941   Report                
>Miura be Osaka's level-headed little sister

Ena would have been a better match as Osaka's little sis. Even if Miura is level-headed, Ena's caring and insightful personality compliments Osaka's quite well, much like with Chiyo.
Miura would probably see Osaka trying to talk to her ghost-fart, then just ignore her as often as possible for the rest of her life.

  No.229959   Report                

I would really love to have known their birthdays.

  No.229963   Report                

This month's Dengeki Daioh.
IM: Yes
Yotsuba: No

  No.229965   Report                


Two in a row for Barasui. It's like his editor stuck him in a room somewhere without his usual materials until he produced another couple of pages.

  No.229970   Report                

Or if he's still sick he's just doing what he can to pay for his medicine while not overexerting himself.

1412617837495.png (219 kb, 500x375)
224060 No.228974   [Reply]   Report  

As of this morning, same-sex marriage is now legal in most of America, so let's have a Kaorin thread.

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  No.229913   Report                


>The certificate will only carry symbolic significance
>“We will call on local bodies like businesses and hospitals to honour the wishes of these couples,” (the mayor) told AFP.

So basically, the mayor of Shibuya is saying "Hey, hospitals and landlords... Don't be dicks."

I guess it's better than nothing, but it sounds like this is really nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  No.229928   Report                


There's a fine line between "publicity stunt" and "raising awareness," and while I don't claim any knowledge of Japanese politics, this seems like it falls on the side of the latter. It could also be seen as "low-level government using its limited power to do what it can to help its people."

Only time will tell if this is a flash in the pan or a sign of things to come. Legal recognition of same-sex relationships in America began with fairly limited rights, though unless I'm forgetting something, it has always been at the state level rather than at the city or ward level.

  No.229955   Report                
1424623711732.jpg (215 kb, 1402x1464)

I don't have any news updates, I just wanted to post this picture.

The artist is Korean. What's the status of gay rights in Korea?

  No.229958   Report                
1424696840842.png (491 kb, 711x711)
>Post-zombie apocalypse Virginia is apparently gay-friendly.
>Current U.S. is not.

So it takes the utter and long-term collapse of civilization to recognize gay marriage?

Good to know.

  No.229960   Report                

I thought gay marriage was going to bring about the end of civilization as we know it, not the other way around.

Although, to be fair, there's probably a lot of stuff that flies after the apocalypse.

  No.229961   Report                

They can't marry and have official recognition by the government, no protection against discrimination, and it's rather taboo, but gay sex isn't criminal and if you're trans, you can switch genders officially without much trouble and these days, you don't even need to have surgery first. Something is better than nothing I guess. At least the tide is changing somewhat nowadays.

  No.229962   Report                

Was that in response to >>229955?

  No.229966   Report                

Yeah, the reply didn't show up in the post and i didn't notice until I posted it.

  No.229968   Report                

Man, I feel so ahead of everyone. They were introduced back in like 2010 in the comics.

Don't get attached.

  No.229969   Report                

The TV show is so terrible at trying to do its own thing while trying to keep major plot points from the comic at the same time. It makes the storylines and characters seem so schizophrenic because they're trying to do two things at once.

Also, no spoilers. I don't have AMC, so I haven't seen any of season 5, and I haven't caught up on the comic in about a year (it moves so slow I binge-read it about once a year).

1398440575127.jpg (51 kb, 713x481)
52591 No.227840   [Reply]   Report  

This pic was actually made by Mownten Doo.

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  No.229217   Report                

I don’t think there’s anything ~wrong~ with the legs; they just don’t match the rest of the image. At all.
She’s 10; what does she know?

  No.229271   Report                
1415416788237.png (292 kb, 526x395)

This one's relatively normal, except for the notion that the male student behind Chiyo appears to be wearing girl shoes.

Found this just now, looking for the clip where Kagura cries in the last episode.

  No.229272   Report                
1415420273294.gif (17 kb, 150x150)
  No.229273   Report                
1415420449453.png (963 kb, 1280x964)

so through with ur shit tomo

  No.229275   Report                

Those are uwabaki, indoor school slippers.
Just like you take your shoes off before entering a Japanese home, you also remove them at school and wear special indoor shoes.

Hence the anime trope of a character in high school finding a love letter left in his/her shoe locker.

  No.229280   Report                

>>229275 That I've gathered, but I always kinda thought that specific design was only used by the girl students on the show.

But then again, I don't pay attention to people's shoes much anyway, so what would I know, hoho.

  No.229283   Report                


Those shoes are pretty much unisex. Like the bags Japanese kids used to school.

  No.229410   Report                
1416433407720.jpg (9.8 kb, 259x195)

I think this whole scene was meant to be drawn really ridiculously but still... this frame is crazy.

  No.229885   Report                
1424123205740.jpg (48 kb, 447x446)
  No.229964   Report                
1424868400748.png (220 kb, 342x1068)

Ah, I've been meaning to share this edit of Azudaiminuschiyo's edit of this strip here.

1424146060363.jpg (115 kb, 560x420)
117412 No.229894   [Reply]   Report  

the link is at the NWS board

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  No.229910   Report                


I love how Fuuka u only realizes after a few moments, while Asagi takes the photo while looking for the brain bleach.

  No.229925   Report                

this guy needs to make one of miura's mom.
the dad hasn't been shown yet, so it'll have to be a gangbang i guess

  No.229930   Report                

one with Miura will be even better. Miura and Ena will be perfect.

  No.229942   Report                

>>229930 This whole thread is going south at light speed.

  No.229944   Report                

Just like Miura on Ena, right.

  No.229946   Report                

That was very funny, and cute.

I hope we get a Raleen translation on this one.

  No.229947   Report                


>>Raleen translation

Is that Ralen's H-obsessed evil twin?

  No.229948   Report                

Or his female persona.

  No.229956   Report                

>>229948 The real question, is RalenXRaleen incest?

  No.229957   Report                

dunno, but i bet it wll be hawt and i'd pay money to see it...

1384133740627.jpg (37 kb, 500x800)
37545 No.226908   [Reply]   Report  

japanese tsunami happened because fuuka went swimming

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  No.229864   Report                

Gubbai mai rabu.

  No.229866   Report                
1423941055775.jpg (567 kb, 900x900)

Here's the same picture off pixiv in .jpg format at half the size, by the way.

  No.229867   Report                

Holy crap, I just realized her head's a different size.
Did you do that, Geibuchan?

  No.229868   Report                

>>229867 Who-- What the hell?
Pffhaha That wasn't me, all I did was pluck it off tumblr somewhere,

  No.229869   Report                

This one?
It looks like the tumblr page of the actual artist (it was linked from the pixiv post of this image. http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=48742150). Why he uploaded different versions of the image to different places though, I have no idea.

  No.229950   Report                
1424534805838.png (768 kb, 732x1000)

Those sure are some lips...

  No.229951   Report                

OK, Fuuka's discovered lip gloss.

I'm more taken by the skirt. How many of her fellow students try to get Fuuka to bend over and pick stuff up off the floor?

  No.229952   Report                

That's actually how about a third of the girls wear them over there.

  No.229953   Report                
1424623628631.jpg (180 kb, 1350x1800)

The description says this is supposed to be Fuuka in 8th grade.

It looks more like 10th grade Fuuka squeezed into her 8th grade swimsuit.

  No.229954   Report                


The whole package is quite appealing. No wonder schoolgirl cosplay is a thing, there.

1379258795520.jpg (238 kb, 1000x1334)
243387 No.225465   [Reply]   Report  

New Yotsuba thread.

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  No.229537   Report                
1418994123269.jpg (156 kb, 745x675)
  No.229636   Report                
1420242665231.gif (274 kb, 364x364)


  No.229639   Report                
1420427235164.jpg (164 kb, 427x640)
  No.229640   Report                
1420427281103.jpg (75 kb, 450x363)
  No.229641   Report                
1420427324964.jpg (826 kb, 1935x2592)

The artist commentary noted how weird it is that Yotsuba's hair stays done up in tails, even when she sleeps.

  No.229642   Report                
1420427342604.jpg (212 kb, 514x700)
  No.229689   Report                
1421283673084.jpg (64 kb, 440x943)
  No.229698   Report                
1421453087210.jpg (52 kb, 800x800)
  No.229859   Report                
1423788520307.gif (350 kb, 118x118)

Animated. Pretty cute, too.

  No.229949   Report                
1424534785200.png (237 kb, 1216x1104)

1385228030390.jpg (249 kb, 800x800)
254854 No.227005   [Reply]   Report  

I think I killed the Danbo thread too...

76 posts and 63 images hidden. Click here to view.
  No.229890   Report                
1424136296868.jpg (992 kb, 1029x1280)

These would've made an awesome Valentine's gift for someone.

  No.229891   Report                
1424136325517.jpg (1689 kb, 3264x2448)
  No.229903   Report                
1424176374639.jpg (58 kb, 636x477)

From io9's New York Toy Fair coverage.


The other images are labeled but I guess the post author didn't recognize what these were?

VC: naitch

  No.229905   Report                


Typical member of Gawker media. They will put some idiot to write an article without knowing what they are talking about. I still wonder why people still go to io9 when there's a lot more websites out there with less biased articles.

io9 is like this ex-jock who try to act like a geek because it's a cool thing to do now.

  No.229934   Report                
1424394414865.jpg (274 kb, 454x454)
  No.229936   Report                
1424401522955.jpg (568 kb, 1600x1045)

Supposedly danbooru can import then directly and then you can save a webm or gif or something

Got mine a couple weeks ago but haven't even taken it out of the box.
Completely forgot I had ordered that until I saw that post again.

  No.229937   Report                
1424401927667.jpg (508 kb, 1600x975)

The gang.
Yotsuba's head can move, and Duralumin's torso and arms can move.
Danbo has the usual joints plus the head can kinda be pulled up to allow for more movement.

  No.229938   Report                
1424401954004.jpg (502 kb, 1600x830)

Parts and instructions

  No.229940   Report                
1424408421345.gif (255 kb, 500x550)

Somebody here directed me to this site which can convert them to gifs.


I just apparently forgot to convert that one.

  No.229945   Report                

Unless I can pop off Danbo's head and see Miura, I will forever be disappointed.

1424456917573.jpg (44 kb, 640x480)
45180 No.229943   [Reply]   Report  

Yukari's Dragon Dildos just arrived.

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