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1392339156295.jpg (502 kb, 1052x744)
513781 No.227498   [Reply]   Report  

I like how Sakaki just seems awkwardly embarrassed while everyone else is horrified.

There was no description or commentary provided for this so you'll just have to use your imagination.

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Is this thread now about "What are they looking at?" pictures?

  No.229834   Report                
1423464809545.png (124 kb, 324x242)

>>229832 In this one, they're looking at a mushroom growing on the end of a treestump that Tomo happens to be sitting on. Osaka seems rather fascinated by its presence.

Chiyo and Yomi on the other hand suspect that it's poisonous while Kagura and Sakaki don't seem to care.

  No.229835   Report                

"Say Tomo... I know ya wanna get boobs as good as Sakaki but you ain't a caterpillar even if Yomi is eating salad and I don't ya setting off the smoke alarm 'cause that gives me a headache!"

  No.229837   Report                
1423473699695.png (290 kb, 640x480)

>>229835 "What?"

  No.229838   Report                

Well yer just like that wormy thats in the rabbit hole with a pipe. He knew the mushroom makes ya grow... but only one side? How does that work? Perhaps there's something... darker inside that mushroom. Don't trust it Tomo!! It'll shrink ya boobs til they's all gone!!!!!

  No.229844   Report                

>>229822 Yeah, look at that kid's weird hunchback

  No.229848   Report                
1423551700033.png (187 kb, 508x351)

"what did that fatass yoni just pick up off the found and eat"
"is that dogshit?"
"yeah, thats dogshit"
"yomi, you disgusting glutton what the wtf is wrong with you"

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1431477378210.png (1236 kb, 1287x1300)
  No.231261   Report                
1446232899858.jpg (155 kb, 946x718)
  No.231308   Report                
1448399280722.jpg (997 kb, 1078x1524)

Oh mai gah this is awesome.

1410712395049.png (26 kb, 400x400)
27062 No.228859   [Reply]   Report  

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 archived below.

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  No.231257   Report                

This song accompanies the climactic moment in the final boss encounter. The boss character plays his own soundtrack throughout the arena, and in the final phase, it is overridden by certain companions of the player character. The entire fight was highly praised for its structure, difficulty, and this song.

  No.231258   Report                
1446212048779.jpg (40 kb, 992x992)

Oh yeah. People who watch the anime Miss Monochrome may think they observed a new breed of Danbo, but it was actually designed by me.
1:22 PM Oct 30th

  No.231259   Report                

>>231258 Well, I had figured that he either designed it, or gave permission. No one sane would rip him off that obviously, and call it their own. Wouldn't generate good press.

  No.231260   Report                


I guess it's the closest we'll get to a yotsuba anime. I wonder if (or when) the revo will come out.

  No.231266   Report                
1446646847356.jpg (151 kb, 1024x1024)

Lunch. Gyoza.
1:33 PM Nov 4th

@azumakiyohiko Yotsuba did a great job frying them...
1:36 PM Nov 4th

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1446872761958.jpg (94 kb, 900x599)

Truly a deeper understanding of Azuma and Japanese culture

Thank you

  No.231282   Report                
1447002215637.png (169 kb, 716x717)

Minecraft is too much fun.
10:03 AM Nov 8th

  No.231283   Report                

Well, now we know why he refuses to put out chapters any faster.

  No.231304   Report                
1448292023233.jpg (64 kb, 800x608)

Ahh, I forgot to mention. The 17th was shogi day. The daily calendar features Yotsuba playing a surprise move against Kiriyama-kun. Kiriyama-kun was drawn by Umino-san.
10:59 PM Nov 23rd

Due to various circumstances, the Yotsuba& calendars (monthly and daily) will not be available for next year. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to them.
11:02 PM Nov 23rd

  No.231307   Report                


>orange peels as payment>>230155

1442857653719.jpg (16 kb, 250x300)
15922 No.231148   [Reply]   Report  

Haven't seen the monthly calendar for 2016 anywhere.
I checked and I usually order it from AmiAmi around July or August, so I'm a little worried. Don't see it on 428store either.
I hope this isn't the end of them :(

  No.231267   Report                
1446661271903.png (76 kb, 388x292)

Still don't see it, I guess it's not gonna happen :(
Maybe it just didn't sell enough. Oh well.

  No.231271   Report                

You can always make your own Yotsuba calendars.
But yeah, Azuma usually mentions his outings of taking photographs for the monthly calendar, but he didn't seem to have the time or drive this year maybe.

  No.231272   Report                

Miho Kakuta is the photographer for the calendars.

  No.231273   Report                

Ah, I stand corrected. For some reason I had the impression Azuma took the photos, maybe 'cause he used to share photos on his outings years back.
Well, shit. Sorry, OP.

  No.231274   Report                
1446831404825.jpg (93 kb, 512x487)

Azuma takes photos (possibly also for reference?) around Japan, but the photos in the calendar are generally from other places around the world, with Yotsuba drawn in.

They're usually pretty well done photos. Here's this month (I believe this year is all or mostly from South America).

  No.231278   Report                
1446872406986.jpg (56 kb, 576x1072)

Please let us know when and where we can purchase it, should it become available

  No.231305   Report                

Azuma just tweeted that both the monthly and daily calendar will not be available next year.

  No.231306   Report                
1448299029887.png (97 kb, 548x225)

I, for one, was very much looking forward to it. Now I've gotta make do with a Maru calendar.

1375594397491.png (668 kb, 767x1200)
684391 No.225188   [Reply]   Report  

Didn't know if the new Ichigo Mashimaro was up yet, so I scanned it myself. Cleaned it up the best I could.

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  No.231198   Report                

Ok, this is one of those flashback things where it's supposed to be confusing at first, but then it makes sense once the rest of the story is told, right? Or has Barasui finally lost it? Or maybe I've finally lost it?

  No.231199   Report                

Barasui should just retire. He's really taking up space that could go to another young up and coming mangaka who isn't just slumming it. I don't care if he really is dying or whatever excuse anyone else is going to come up with. This shit is lazy and embarrassing.

  No.231200   Report                

thanx for the new chapter, even if it makes NO sense but Mui is Miu and she appears to be really insane lately. Hopefully she will totally go off the rails, hehe.

  No.231226   Report                
1444660388488.jpg (222 kb, 1044x1500)

Those are some pretty hot opinions you have there.

Ralen, are any of the ばら日記 chapters up on Share? Perfect Dark has nothing, not even the 大阪万博ばらまんが大王 scans. From this site http://www37.atwiki.jp/mashimaro_wiki/pages/80.html it would appear Barasui has done a few chapters of his diary manga. Wish I could go back in time when series like Ichigo Mashimaro, Yotusbato, and Hidamari Sketch were getting a steady stream of chapters. Feels bad when your favourite series begins to peter out to various degrees.

  No.231227   Report                

I didn't realize that was a series. I checked Share, but didn't get any results searching for ばら日記.

  No.231284   Report                

What chapter are we on nowadays?

  No.231285   Report                

Is there a batch anywhere for chapters after volume 7 (chapter 71+)?

  No.231286   Report                

Madokami has everything.

  No.231302   Report                

bo new IM, no new Yots? what are these guyz doing, fwapping on 2chan 24 hours a day?

  No.231303   Report                

No new chapters of either in October. Volume 13 of Yotsuba&! comes out November 27th.

No updates on the Dengeki Daioh website for this month's issue yet.

1382701920760.jpg (52 kb, 1024x768)
53153 No.226374   [Reply]   Report  

There was some news today I thought would be of interest to /azu/.
In Nagasaki Prefecture's Tsushima City a man called to a wildlife health center, asking them to treat his sick Tsushima Cat. The center sent someone around who treated the cat, but it passed away nine hours later. It was a female, 15-16 years old, and appears to have died of old age. As Tsushima Cats are wild animals and protected by law as a Natural Monument, it is a crime to keep one privately (and has almost never happened), and the man was questioned about it. He said he found the cat as a kitten injured on a road 15 years ago, had it treated at a vet and took it in. Because he had no ill-intent he is not to be prosecuted. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20131024/k10015531141000.html

Now, anyone on /azu/ should be thinking one thing at this point, and you wouldn't be the only ones. On Twitter, a search for the headline + 榊 brings up a bunch of tweets, the key theme of which is リアル榊さん, Real Sakaki-san (others included Yamamaya, Yamapikarya, and the observation that 15 years ago is about right for the scene in Azumanga). http://realtime.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=%E7%B5%B6%E6%BB%85%E5%8D%B1%E6%83%A7%E3%81%AE%E7%8C%AB%E3%80%80%E6%A6%8A&ei=UTF-8

The Tsushima Cat is a close genetic relative of the Iriomote Cat and looks similar too.

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  No.230698   Report                

Tell your friend "hey, the internet likes your art"
I dig the style. Does your friend draw lewds?


  No.230707   Report                

>>230698 He makes lewds but he's gay, so i doubt he'd do a female character, but i can ask.

  No.230709   Report                


>He makes lewds but he's gay

Well, he can get married now. Maybe he could draw straight lewds in celebration?

  No.230732   Report                
1435785032251.png (376 kb, 450x650)
  No.230733   Report                
1435785054403.jpg (62 kb, 450x819)
  No.231239   Report                
1445621893516.jpg (1012 kb, 1600x2263)

Not sure how I feel about the bagginess of her clothes here.

  No.231242   Report                

^I know I like the bagginess on her chest.

vc: lall

  No.231280   Report                
1446885828578.jpg (415 kb, 2472x3210)


  No.231300   Report                
1447923992246.png (802 kb, 970x1215)
  No.231301   Report                

such a shot and the panties are not visible at elast a littrle bit???

1384133740627.jpg (37 kb, 500x800)
37545 No.226908   [Reply]   Report  

japanese tsunami happened because fuuka went swimming

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  No.230223   Report                

^Same here. Only thing that would make that better would be if her thighs swallowed her shorts a bit, too.
Not sure what that's called, though...
Jelly donut bottom?

  No.231039   Report                

Why Fuuka Thread is in the last page. This is travesty!

  No.231050   Report                
1441004139252.png (131 kb, 500x365)

Japan restarted their nuclear reactors because Fuuka provided her legs as dampening rods.

  No.231113   Report                
1441546342067.jpg (371 kb, 1135x1606)
  No.231157   Report                
1443048869283.png (224 kb, 1191x1191)
  No.231228   Report                
1445141487167.gif (378 kb, 474x579)

Fuuka wants you to move on.

  No.231229   Report                
1445141598635.png (251 kb, 677x738)

Artwork only. Drew it this evening

  No.231232   Report                
1445378399977.jpg (122 kb, 720x480)

Move on? She...doesn't wanna be we me anymore...?

  No.231233   Report                
1445387459476.png (14 kb, 584x440)

>>231232 no worriees, she can be we me in de street and feed Dedede sweet honeey getting heebee jeebees from a creepy bee moviee on TeeVee

vc: li

  No.231299   Report                
1447903812472.jpg (150 kb, 564x651)

From "Try! Try! Try!"

1322005344280.jpg (141 kb, 589x816)
143964 No.218046   [Reply]   Report  

Where did the old CO thread go ...

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  No.231055   Report                
1441082628719.gif (27 kb, 700x489)
  No.231110   Report                
1441494180988.jpg (474 kb, 573x1860)
  No.231112   Report                

A challenger appears...

  No.231195   Report                
1443579908359.png (182 kb, 1000x800)


  No.231196   Report                
1443579939022.jpg (334 kb, 900x663)
  No.231201   Report                

>>231195 source?

  No.231202   Report                

This guy on pixiv:

  No.231223   Report                
1444622392017.jpg (1569 kb, 1500x1200)
  No.231281   Report                
1446995328085.jpg (239 kb, 782x1100)

Not sure who these characters are.

  No.231298   Report                
1447627126115.png (307 kb, 452x452)

As Eggman was making audio responses while taking over Sonic's Twitter account, some guy got him to inadvertently acknowledge Azumanga with just his username.

1447572009985.jpg (172 kb, 681x947)
176260 No.231292   [Reply]   Report  

likely not in order

  No.231293   Report                
1447572135757.jpg (180 kb, 681x947)


  No.231294   Report                
1447572151017.jpg (191 kb, 681x947)


  No.231295   Report                
1447572179971.jpg (194 kb, 681x947)


  No.231296   Report                
1447572198008.jpg (180 kb, 681x947)


  No.231297   Report                
1447572281529.jpg (124 kb, 681x947)


1385095389374.png (195 kb, 600x863)
199693 No.226983   [Reply]   Report  

I think my chapter spamming killed the old Osaka thread...

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  No.231158   Report                


If I'm reading that right, I think she's complaining that her having an iPhone is an anachronism. Which is hilarious.

I don't know what Yomi is saying in reply though.

  No.231159   Report                

I think she might be saying that an iPhone itself is an anachronism (like future technology). And Yomi's saying it's just normal.

  No.231160   Report                
1443217039417.jpg (1732 kb, 3728x1528)

Here's an interesting item I found on Mandarake a while back and just got in. From what I can gather, it's unlicensed as there is no copyright to Azuma/Yotsuba Studio/etc. Not to mention that the proportions are a bit off (legs for days), making me think it's just a base body reuse.

All the same, it is really interesting. It's pretty large, at about maybe 10" tall. She has neck, shoulder and waist swivels. The head can barely rotate though, as her hair it nearly digging into her collarbones. Shame the legs are totally fixed, I would have liked to have sat her down.

The clothes are nice and decently accurate. It has this weird series of metal clasp things that I'm not a fan of though. Also, a threadbare part of her collar likes to pop up around her neck, but I can tuck it back under with a small object.

The face sculpt is quite nice. I'm almost tempted to see if the head would come off and fit another doll, so I could do a body-swap to get more articulation.

Overall, a really fun thing for only $25 shipped. I'll grab a picture later when I add it to "the shrine" shelf.

  No.231161   Report                

isn't she supposed to have nipples? i remember see pictures of this figure and thought this was from this line of dolls.vi even remember this sexy as hell one taken of osaka topless by the window

  No.231162   Report                

T-that's lewd, anon.

(yes, she has them sculpted)

  No.231163   Report                

I used browse YJA searching for Azu related stuff and I would see this figure every so often selling anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks. $25 is a damn steal.
I do like the fabric on her, too. It's a little raggy, but it adds to the charm. It's like a custom tailored design just for Osaka. I would hate to ruin it, though, so if I had this figure I'd just take it off when I massage my moist cock on her tits.

  No.231164   Report                
1443248531927.jpg (128 kb, 400x400)

This thread is getting too lewd!

  No.231167   Report                
1443372975325.jpg (84 kb, 500x900)
  No.231270   Report                
1446695878467.jpg (2093 kb, 1100x1750)

Psychedelic, man.

  No.231291   Report                
1447360793897.gif (609 kb, 355x318)

1443029560491.jpg (168 kb, 1600x1200)
171686 No.231155   [Reply]   Report  

Going through my image archive, posting yotsuba walls.

  No.231156   Report                
1443029661574.jpg (310 kb, 1600x1200)


  No.231275   Report                
1446863069749.jpg (420 kb, 1920x1200)


  No.231276   Report                
1446863155158.jpg (211 kb, 2400x1200)

variant of >>231275

  No.231277   Report                

I thought those were gallows at first.

  No.231287   Report                


That would be a pretty bleak ending to the series. Turns out Koiwai adopted Yotsuba to save her from execution in her home country, but you can't escape the extradition treaty forever.

  No.231288   Report                
1447256693331.jpg (416 kb, 1600x1200)

You can't outrun your own conscience, man.

  No.231289   Report                
1447278123756.jpg (162 kb, 1024x768)


  No.231290   Report                
1447278269900.png (237 kb, 1600x1200)

more knifesuba (yotsuknife?)

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